White Coolies

White Coolies An account of the true story which inspired the film Paradise Road It is October From the doorway of this small three roomed cottage which houses thirty two of us we look out beyond to a steami

  • Title: White Coolies
  • Author: Betty Jeffrey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Paperback
  • An account of the true story which inspired the film Paradise Road It is October 1942 From the doorway of this small three roomed cottage, which houses thirty two of us, we look out beyond to a steaming jungle in Sumatra In 1942 a group of sixty five Australian Army nursing sisters was evacuated from Malaya a few days before the fall of Singpaore Two days later their sAn account of the true story which inspired the film Paradise Road It is October 1942 From the doorway of this small three roomed cottage, which houses thirty two of us, we look out beyond to a steaming jungle in Sumatra In 1942 a group of sixty five Australian Army nursing sisters was evacuated from Malaya a few days before the fall of Singpaore Two days later their ship was bombed and sunk by the Japanese Of the fifty three survivors who scrambled ashore, twenty one were murdered and the remaining thirty two taken prisoner White Coolies is the engrossing record kept by one of the sisters, Betty Jeffrey, during the than three gruelling years of imprisonment that followed It is an amazing story of survival amid deprivation and the harshest of conditions The women s ingenious and entertaining attempts to make their lot tolerable, and their comradeship as they suffered so much anguish, display their incredible endurance and strength in the face of adversity.

    White Coolies by Betty Jeffrey White Coolies has ratings and reviews Jennifer JC S said This is a story of women who fought in the last war In , a few days before the Betty Jeffrey Agnes Betty Jeffrey, OAM May September was a writer who wrote about her Second World War nursing experiences in the book White Coolies. White Coolies AbeBooks White Coolie by Hastain, Robert and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks. White Coolies Bolinda Classics Betty Buy White Coolies Bolinda Classics Unabridged by Betty Jeffery, Betty Jeffrey, Beverley Dunn ISBN from s White Coolies Race Horse Profile RACING All the stats, form and information about race horse White Coolies available at RACING The first destination for Australian Horse Racing. for the rest of our lives Home The Australian War for the rest of our lives Betty Jeffrey, White coolies a graphic record of survival in World War Two, Angus Robertson, North Ryde, NSW, White Coolies Betty Jeffrey On February th , sixty five Australian Army Nursing sisters were hurriedly evacuated from blazing Singapore Two days later, their ship was bombed and sunk by WhiteCoolies Internet Archive Though most of my OTR collection revolves around those from the U.S I have a few from S Africa and Australia but never had a chance to listen to this series. White Coolies Bolinda Classics White Coolies is a must read for WWII history buffs This book is a hidden gem, I am very glad I researched and purchased it The manner in which it is written Coolie The word coolie also spelled koelie, kuli, the captain is transporting a group of coolies in the South China Sea White Coolies by Betty Jeffrey

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    One thought on “White Coolies

    1. Jennifer (JC-S)

      ‘This is a story of women who fought in the last war.’In 1942, a few days before the fall of Singapore, a group of sixty-five Australian Army nursing sisters was evacuated from Malaya. They were evacuated on the SS Vyner Brooke. Two days later, on 14 February 1942, the SS Vyner Brooke was bombed by the Japanese and sank. Fifty-three survivors made it ashore. Twenty-one survivors were shot and killed by the Japanese at Radji Beach on 16 February 1942. The other thirty-two were taken prisoner. [...]

    2. Coralie

      This was a book given to me by my MotherHer friend (Sister ) P.B.(Blanche) Hempstead was a White Coolie and died as a POW. She is mentioned in the book.This book is a remarkable story of cruelty, courage, perseverance, and strength of spirit. In spite of all the difficulty, deprivation and terrible conditions, there is also humour in the story, which is only to be expected from we Australians. Sixty-five Australian Army nurses were hastily evacuated from Malaya in 1942, prior to the fall of Sing [...]

    3. John

      My edition is from 1957 and has a very politically incorrect cover.It is the story of a group of Australian Army Nursing Sisters and others who were captured by th Japanese in WW2 and held on Sumatra. Terrible conditions and many of them died but it was amazing the things they did to maintain the resemblance of a normal life.

    4. Helen-Louise

      Amazing how Miss Jeffrey could keep her spirits up the way she did. I suppose she only wrote in her diary when she could keep that "stiff upper lip." I read this book comparing the experiences of these Australian Army Nurse Corps nurses with the experiences of the American military nurses who were POWs at Santo Tomas in the Philippines. Both groups had it rough, the women in each group came home weighing less than 100 pounds, both were treated as civilian internees, not military POWs. Apparently [...]

    5. Bronwyn Mcloughlin

      This is a raw story, reflecting the bitterness and animosity of captives for their captors through the long years of WWII after the fall of Singapore. Two cultures with little understanding and much misunderstanding forced into an uncompromising situation - each despising the other. There are times of joy and happiness in the little joys of pow life - fresh chooks in a stew, an uplifting choir performance, a birthday celebration. But the deprivations, illness, torture, starvation and inhumanity [...]

    6. Helen

      I lucked into television last night and saw a movie called Paradise Road which at the time I thought was very similar to one of my favourite books as a teenager called "White Coolies". No doubt the names is no longer politically correct! The movie was very good but I am not sure that it followed the book exactly. Specifically, I cannot remember the forming of the choir. This book has travelled with me through thick and thin in life and currently lives on my bookshelf along with my other cherishe [...]

    7. Annalie

      I expected this to be a depressing book but found it very uplifting to read about these amazingly brave, creative and resilient women.Wish I had discovered this book twenty years ago! I would have loved to meet the author or one of the other Australian nurses she wrote about. Sadly the last lady died in 2007.

    8. MelbourneSharonB

      This was an excellent read. I felt so connected to these women, the writing style of the book made me feel that I could feel what they were feeling. The fact that it was a true story made it even more powerful to me.

    9. Leah Anderson

      Really good read! Worth a read to know what the nurses captured in the war went through. In just one camp-about 60 went in and and only about 23 came out. Young ones too didn't make it. It was told by a nurse with a diary sewn in her pillow- amazing!

    10. Ange

      I haven't read this for many years, but I read it numerous times as a teenager. White Coolies is absolutely compelling reading.

    11. Toni

      This is an extremely factual account of what happened to an amazing group of women in WW 11. It was recorded as a diary and hidden for almost four years - hence it is quite to the point and may seem lacking in emotion, but written exactly as it happened. I usually read novels to escape - this is a true story and no escape - but made me realise that my problems that seem over whelming at times are absolutely nothing. The book should really be mandatory reading for all, so much to learn from it. T [...]

    12. Brooke Lee

      I really, really enjoyed this book. In the last few years I've read quite a few books about WWII and really enjoyed all of them because of the different aspects of WWII they highlighted and White Coolies is no exception. This was an aspect I knew nothing about I was so amazed by the courage and kindness and perseverance of all of the people in these internment camps in some of the Pacific Islands. I loved how matter of factly Betty Jeffrey writes about her experience. I really love how she reads [...]

    13. Yael

      I am surprised by the high marks this book received. The events described were difficult and sad. But I did not see any personal growth or great insight from the author's experiences. I was offended by the language she used to describe her captors, and was bored by the long minuscule descriptions of life as a POW. I am not diminishing her experiences or her determination to survive, but I feel the writing was a disappointment.

    14. Beky-Mae

      Its inspiring woman like Betty Jeffery or Vivian Bullwinkle that make me feel honored to be perusing a career as a nurse! Betty Jeffery has the positive Australian spirit that would of been so dearly needed in the POW camps . Lest we forget all of the Men , Woman and Children who have died as a result of Wars past , present and future !

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