Nådens omkrets

N dens omkrets I gj r en ung omreisende fransiskanermunk et kort opphold i Bergen f r han drar nordover Med seg fra byen tar han et utvalg kniver og et ubehandlet skinn Nesten fem hundre r senere dukker det op

  • Title: Nådens omkrets
  • Author: Jørgen Brekke
  • ISBN: 9788252576924
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I 1528 gj r en ung, omreisende fransiskanermunk et kort opphold i Bergen f r han drar nordover Med seg fra byen tar han et utvalg kniver og et ubehandlet skinn.Nesten fem hundre r senere dukker det opp et fl dd lik p et museum i Richmond, Virginia, og ett til i et bokhvelv i Trondheim Begge disse hendelsene ser ut til ha tilknytning til en gammel, forunderlig tekst sI 1528 gj r en ung, omreisende fransiskanermunk et kort opphold i Bergen f r han drar nordover Med seg fra byen tar han et utvalg kniver og et ubehandlet skinn.Nesten fem hundre r senere dukker det opp et fl dd lik p et museum i Richmond, Virginia, og ett til i et bokhvelv i Trondheim Begge disse hendelsene ser ut til ha tilknytning til en gammel, forunderlig tekst skrevet p pergament.Den f rste romanen om den amerikanske drapsetterforskeren Felicia Stone og den kreftopererte, norske politimannen Odd Singsaker er en fortelling om disseksjon, gamle b ker, blodige drap og s r som trenger tid for gro.

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      379 Jørgen Brekke
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    One thought on “Nådens omkrets

    1. Amalia Gavea

      There must be a reason (or many) the Nordic thriller sub-genre is not only popular but considered among the best examples in Mystery literature by the critics. The complicated characters, the minimalistic, yet layered, writing, the plots that often span decades, even centuries, merging History into Mystery, and the eerie atmosphere of the long wintery darkness are elements that make the Nordic thrillers so engaging. And all these are features of Where Evil Lies by Jørgen Brekke.I'd classify thi [...]

    2. Patrice Hoffman

      Where Monsters Dwell by Jorgen Brekke is slated as being the most anticipated Norwegian crime fiction debut in years and is now being released in English. I must admit that this novel was quite good and I can see why it is on the short list for lovers of crime novels. A brutal murder has taken place in The Edgar Allen Poe museum in Richmond, Virginia. It's not long before that murder is linked to another gruesome murder in Trondheim, Norway in the Gunnerus Library. These murders bring together F [...]

    3. Sandy

      Stieg Larsson did more than just give us the great Millenium series. He opened the door for translations of other Scandinavian authors like Jo Nesbo, Jussi Adler-Olsen & now Jorgen Brekke. This is not for the faint of heart but it's a fast paced thriller that will keep you turning the pages. Who knew human skin could be so versatile.It begins by telling the story of mendicant monk in 1528 Norway. In chapters alternating with the present, we learn of his life & how his actions contribute [...]

    4. Lea

      NOTE: THE SPOILER ALERT ISN'T SHOWING UP WHEN I LOOK AT THIS REVIEW, SO BE WARNED -- THERE ARE SPOILERS!!I'm really surprised by all the 4+ star reviews. I don't read a lot of mysteries -- maybe the genre is so lacking in good stories that this one, somehow, seems to fill the void? Seems unlikely, but . . . The story in a nutshell:Two gruesome murders, one in Virginia in the U.S the other in Norway. Two detectives working the case, one a man recovering from brain surgery, the other a woman fight [...]

    5. Benoit Lelièvre

      It's not the writing that's the problem with WHERE MONSTERS DWELL. It's often compelling. Arresting sometimes, even. It's not the characters' nature either. Some of them are tired clichés, but others are layered and original and make up for paper thin ones.Let's start with the confusing timelinesIt's a pet peeve of mine when a novel uses historical setting to blow some air into its scope. There are maybe 30, 40 pages set in the 1500's and these pages have very little use in the storyline. What [...]

    6. Jaksen

      Wonderfully-crafted, complex murder mystery set in present-day Richmond, Virginia and Trondheim, Norway. (There's also another piece set in 1500's Norway.)This book has multiple layers to it - two MC's; two locations in modern times, and one in the 1500's. (It is clearly stated where, what and when things are happening, though, so no confusion there.) The story involves the horrific, skin-flaying murders of two people - one in Virginia; one in Norway - which happen at about the same time and see [...]

    7. Mike (the Paladin)

      This one was very, very close. I considered going 5 stars on it and am still considering changing the rating.What we have here is a mystery/thriller with murders on both sides of the Atlantic. The two detectives begin to put this together as they try to figure out what ties together two gruesome murders (or more) in two countries.And how a rare book, possibly bound in human flesh and Edgar Allen Poe tie into this.I thought the book was well written and almost enthralling at times (and remember I [...]

    8. Roy

      I was underwhelmed. Perhaps something was lost in the translation but the writing in this book didn't strike me as good enough to make it past form rejection letters from agents/publishers. Yet this didn't stop it from being published and apparently becoming an international best seller. How that happened is a much bigger mystery to me than the one solved between the front and back covers.

    9. Sharon Mensing

      Early in WHERE MONSTERS DWELL, a character who collects mystery books discusses their plot narrative. She refers to a “rule of three,” according to which the first third of a mystery introduces the perpetrator, the second third endeavors to divert attention from the murderer, and the final third brings the murderer back into focus. Jorgen Brekke follows this narrative structure in the complex plot of WHERE MONSTERS DWELL as he weaves threads from a murder at the Edgar Allen Poe Museum in Ri [...]

    10. Ken Fredette

      Jørgen Brekke's book Where Monsters Dwell was a super story about a couple of murders that were in the US and Norway. Felicia Stone and Odd Singsaker both become involved in both murders. It's a quick paced story that becomes clearer as the book progresses, as do the affairs both people have.

    11. Naomi Blackburn

      I could never quite warm up to this book. It wasn't poorly written, but I felt that the storyline just kept jumping from locations/periods of time that it would make it difficult to follow. There were also aspects to the storyline that felt that they "just didn't fit" or that I couldn't figure out how/why they figured into the storyline, except to give a "shock" moment. I must admit that this is an author whose books I would give another chance to.

    12. Jon Recluse

      This was an ARC from NetGalley.Two brutal murders in libraries an ocean apart begins a manhunt that goes from Virginia to Norway, connected to an ancient book from the early days of anatomical study.An engaging debut novel, blending serial killer thriller and historical mystery. The author moves between locations and timelines smoothly, offering up a wealth of historical fact without bogging down the pace.3.5 stars.

    13. Katy

      Book Info: Genre: Mystery/ThrillerReading Level: AdultRecommended for: Fans of mysteries that are not easily solved, thriller/suspense novels, Scandinavian fictionBook Available: February 11, 2014 in hardcover and Kindle format Trigger Warnings: murder, torture, sexual assault, drug abuse, overdose, attempted suicideAnimal Abuse: little boy throws cat into river to test the “cats always land feet down” hypothesis; he did not mean to harm the cat, but the cat was swept away in the current and [...]

    14. Richard Gazala

      Jørgen Brekke adds his interesting and grisly police procedural "Where Monsters Dwell" to the wave of Scandinavian thrillers that have intrigued readers since the explosive popularity of Stieg Larrson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," and its two "Millennium" sequels. In this novel, disturbing copycat murders at museums in Richmond, Virginia and Trondheim, Norway spur investigations that do not long remain bifurcated by the Atlantic. After exhausting her leads in the States, Virginian detect [...]

    15. Ed

      A very ambitious mystery about duplicate murders in Richmond Virginia and Trondheim Norway with a historical connection to a serial killer in 16th century Norway. Billed as an international bestseller, I was intrigued by it's unusually original plot summary. After a lengthy set up, the payoff was worth the wait by it's excellent translation, good, solid characters, dialogue and a surprise ending that hit me like a sledgehammer. Harry Hole even makes a cameo mention during a meeting by Trondheim [...]

    16. Elisa

      Brekke is a new Scandinavian author to add to my list. The story is very well written, suspenseful, not easy to figure out. The characters are likable and smart (even if going to arrest serial killers unarmed is, as I've said before, probably not the best idea). The dialogs are snappy and the historical aspect of the novel is interesting. I especially enjoyed the discussions about crime novels, literary detectives, and classic whodunits that bring down the fourth wall a little. Here is a fiction [...]

    17. Chuck

      Whoa! Intricately plotted, with a diabolically grisly plot and complex, likable charactersI could not stop reading this thriller. The protagonist, Norwegian detective Odd Singsaker, is recovering from an operation for a tumor that nearly killed him and is still doing strange things with his memory. The present case may be mixed up with one he can't quite remember, and there's a strange southern woman from the States whose case may be connected, too. The complexity enhances the story rather than [...]

    18. Barbara ★

      I liked the mystery perpetrated in two countries and the way everything tied together. Though this was really a book with three separate plots converging not just two. I found the jumping between time - 1528 to 2010 and back again - to be rather distracting. Though I did enjoy seeing things from the boys perspective back in 1528.The only thing that really annoyed me was the gratuitous sex of which there was no rational explanation for. To me it was simply for shock value and a waste of time and [...]

    19. *Andrejcick*

      My favorite part of this book is the last chapter, which makes you reevaluate everything you just read. Great characters and story.

    20. Lynn

      Absolutely riveting. With two gruesome murders, I thought it would be too gory, but I was so caught up in the mystery that the method of killing was secondary for me. The ending was complex and exciting; the final entry with the 16th century monk was excellent. DeAnne -- thanks for the recommendation.

    21. Bonnie Brody

      If you are a fan of Thomas Harris (Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, etc.), you will love this book. The novel is about two murders that take place almost simultaneously, one in Richmond, Virginia and the other in Trondheim, Norway. Both victims are involved in library work and have been been studying The Book of Johannes from the 1500's. Interestingly, Brekke's novel is written with two narratives; one is from the contemporary era and the other is from the 1500's. Both victims have been flayed an [...]

    22. Liz Barnsley

      Coming February 2014 from St Martins PressThank you to the author and publisher for the review copy via netgalleyA murder at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia, bears a close resemblance to one in Trondheim, Norway. The corpse of the museum curator in Virginia is found flayed in his office by the cleaning staff; the corpse of an archivist at the library in Norway, is found inside a locked vault used to store delicate and rare books.My latest foray into the world of Scandinavian Cri [...]

    23. Becky

      Efrahim Bond seemed an unlikely candidate for murder and yet for one killer he's a prime target. His body is found skinned and on display in the garden at the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, Virginia. Meanwhile, across the globe another flayed body is found in a locked vault at the Gunnerus Library in Trondheim, Norway. In each case the police involved believe they're dealing with an isolated crime, so it comes as a surprise when Richmond detective Felicia Stone finds a reference to the Gunn [...]

    24. Daniel Rudge

      A compelling debut from Jorgen Brekke. Since I lived in Richmond, this book caught my eye and I'm sure glad it did. How delicious is it to have a macabre murder in the Edgar Allen Poe Museum? Or, at least for me, a similar murder in a library? This book actually has three main characters, two of which are modern day detectives and the third a sixteenth century priest who might be a serial murderer. The sixteenth century character is a man who is telling his life story throughout this book. It be [...]

    25. Donna Thompson

      I'm not sure what happened in Norway that suddenly started producing all these wonderful, talented mystery and suspense authors, but whatever it was, I hope it keeps happening.Jorgen Brekke is another one to put on your list of absolute "must-reads." Although it's rather strange to say that a book as vivid, creepy, scary and graphic as "Where Monsters Dwell" was a delight to read, that's absolutely what this reading experience was.Interspersed with a rich, historical background story, nothing de [...]

    26. The Pfaeffle Journal (Diane)

      Where Monsters Dwell is a strong debut novel from Norwegian author Jorgen Brekke. Alternating between the sixteenth century and present day. Berrke weaves a story of the practice of medieval anatomy with the present day fascination with a rare book The Book of Johannes, which appears to be written by a medieval serial murder. In the present two murders occurs, one at the Edgar Allan Poe museum and one at a famous library in Trondheim, Norway. A connection between the two murders is made and Amer [...]

    27. Erin

      ARC for review. A solid 3.5 murder mystery. The setting alternates between 16th century Europe and modern day Norway with a brief stop in Richmond Virginia, and while this adds rich aspects to the story, it requires the talented author to spread himself a bit thin - if a writer intends to have this much going on, and covered adequately, he/she would need 700 pages, but Brekke wisely decides that his mystery, while interesting, doesn't warrant that much coverage. The story also focuses on a numbe [...]

    28. Ray Palen

      The International Bestseller by Jorgen Brekke by joins the ranks of historical thrillers based in both speculation and symbols. A curator is found murdered in horrible fashion at the Edgar Allan Poe museum in Richmond, Virgina. This murder bears eerie resemblance to another one that was committed in Trondheim, Norway.Norwegian detective Felicia Stone is on the case and learns of the connection between the two murders. As her investigation intensifies she turns up details about an ancient text ca [...]

    29. Jennifer

      Where Monsters Dwell by Jørgen Brekke is the first of the Odd Singsaker mysteries and is brilliant. Two very similar and grisly murders occur in Richmond, Virginia and Trondheim, Norway which are both linked to a 16th century book. Richmond homicide detective Felicia Stone and Trondheim police inspector Odd Singsaker join forces to unravel the mystery of these grisly murders. Where Monsters Dwell is an exceptional debut, filled with gruesome historical facts, flayed bodies, and a rather unique [...]

    30. Ari

      Quite good in the present genre of "violent serial killers who make macabre murders". Fresfreshing was also the Norvegian approach.As easy to read as e.g. Tess Gerritsen's crime fiction. Not suberb, but better than most.Kääntäjä oli tehnyt huolimatonta työtä. Teksti oli täynnä virheitä; usein vaikutti siltä kuin lause olisi ensin käännetty yhdellä tavalla ja sen jälkeen muutettu eri muotoon ja unohdettu korjata kaikki sanat vastaamaan uutta lauserakennetta.Myös ilmaisu "Pitää pa [...]

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