El quimérico inquilino

El quim rico inquilino Roland Topor fue un personaje polifac tico e inclasificable dotado de un perturbador y macabro sentido del humor Sus influencias surrealistas le llevaron a fundar en junto con Fernand

  • Title: El quimérico inquilino
  • Author: Roland Topor Juan Luis González Caballero
  • ISBN: 9788477026426
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Paperback
  • Roland Topor 1938 1997 fue un personaje polifac tico e inclasificable, dotado de un perturbador y macabro sentido del humor Sus influencias surrealistas le llevaron a fundar en 1962, junto con Fernando Arrabal y Alejandro Jodorowsky, el ya legendario Grupo P nico.El quim rico inquilino es la primera novela de Topor, un relato s rdido e inquietante que Roman Polansky lleRoland Topor 1938 1997 fue un personaje polifac tico e inclasificable, dotado de un perturbador y macabro sentido del humor Sus influencias surrealistas le llevaron a fundar en 1962, junto con Fernando Arrabal y Alejandro Jodorowsky, el ya legendario Grupo P nico.El quim rico inquilino es la primera novela de Topor, un relato s rdido e inquietante que Roman Polansky llev al cine y protagoniz con bastante acierto Es la historia de la progresiva autodestrucci n psicol gica y f sica de su protagonista al quedar atrapado en la espiral de la locura y sus terrores Trelkovsky, un joven parisino correcto y discreto, alquila un apartamento que ha quedado libre en la calle Pyr n es Poco a poco, las relaciones con los vecinos y su obsesi n por la tr gica desaparici n de la antigua inquilina, le van sumergiendo en una pesadilla llena de extra as visiones, una grotesca trampa que adquiere las precisas dimensiones de un agobiante apartamento El final inesperado constituye una obra maestra del tercer acto , un desenlace en el que el autor sugiere la terrible idea de la historia circular, del eterno retorno del tormento Sobre El quim rico inquilino, el prestigioso escritor y guionista John Collier dijo lo siguiente Una historia de terror realmente actual, tan estrechamente enrollada sobre s misma, tan fr a, sigilosa y mortal como una serpiente en la cama.

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      428 Roland Topor Juan Luis González Caballero
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    One thought on “El quimérico inquilino

    1. Helen Ροζουλί Εωσφόρος Vernus Portitor Arcanus Ταμετούρο Αμούν Arnum

      "Συγκάτοικοι είμαστε όλοι στην τρέλακι εγώ δεν έχω για νοίκιφορούσε μαύρο νυφικό η περσινή μας η κοπέλακι ο λόγος αυτός τής ανήκει. Ο λόγος σαπίζει καταναλώνεταιστο λόγο αυτό κουβέντα δε γίνεταικαι να που ο Οιδίπποδας τυφλώνεταικαι να η Σαλώμη τα πέπλα της γδύνεταιΝίκη, νί [...]

    2. BillKerwin

      Although Topor falls a little short of the existential horror of Kafka and Bruno Schulz, he surpasses them both in misanthrope and menace without ever departing-except for what are probably Trelkovsky's hallucinations--from realistic fiction. It is as good as the movie, and in my opinion that is high praise indeed. (Note: the book concludes with a bonus of four short pieces. "A Fairy Story" is particularly nasty, and not to be missed.)

    3. Ahmad Sharabiani

      Le locataire chimérique = The Tenant, Roland ToporThe Tenant (French: Le Locataire chimérique) is a novel by Roland Topor, a French illustrator, painter, writer and filmmaker. Originally published in France in 1964, The Tenant is the story of a Parisian of Polish descent, an exploration of alienation and identity, asking questions about how we define ourselves. A film was made after the book by Roman Polanski in 1976.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و سوم ماه فوریه سا [...]

    4. Forrest

      Roland's The Tenant is a sort of ragged Mobius Strip of a tale whose structural boundaries are loosely marked by Joyce's Finnegan's Wake and the Twilight Zone. At its heart, the work reflects the difficulty of coping with social pressures brought on by modernity and the situation of living in close quarters with others in an urban environment. Trelkovsky, the main focus of the novel, moves from his studio apartment to another apartment, which was once occupied by a Simone Choule, but had been va [...]

    5. KamRun

      اگر کتابی که می خوانیم با ضربه ای سنگین به جمجمه‌مان بیدارمان نکند، چرا باید آن را بخوانیم؟ که شادمان کند؟ ما می توانیم بدون این کتاب ها هم شاد باشیم. چیزی که ما احتیاج داریم کتاب‌هایی ست که مثل واقعه ای وحشتناک بر ما نازل شوند. مثل زخم مرگ کسی که بیشتر از خودمان دوستش داریم یا [...]

    6. Maciek

      The Tenant is Roland Topor's classic surreal novel of alienation, sexual frustration and downward spiral into insanity in a run down Parisian apartment complex on the rue des Pyrénées. Originally published in 1964, the novel has been adapted into film in 1976 by Roman Polanski - who also played the main character. I saw the film adaptation several years ago, but only now read the book - the film follows the novel closely, with only a few minor differences. The Tenant tells the story of a man k [...]

    7. Nickolas the Kid

      Προσωπικά το βιβλίο μου άρεσε πολύ και βέβαια εκτίμησα για ακόμη μια φορά το σκηνοθετικό ταλέντο του Πολάνσκι, που μετέφερε με μεγάλη μαεστρία στον κινηματογράφο αυτό το σκοτεινό διήγημα!Μου άρεσε πάρα πολύ η ατμόσφαιρα του βιβλίου. Κάτι μεταξύ σουρεαλισμού και υπερφυσικ [...]

    8. Vit Babenco

      The Tenant is somewhere between The Trial and The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and it is full of Kafkian anxieties and fears.Instead of the sinister bureaucratic machine, there are wicked landlord and neighbours. And paranoia is capable to change anybody into anything.“‘I wonder what someone who could read my mind would think, if he were walking beside me now.’This was a question he often asked himself. Occasionally, he would even play at making up problems for the unknown mind reader to s [...]

    9. Chris_P

      Not a week ago a movie buff told me one of her favorite films is Polanski's The Tenant which I was only vaguely aware of and certainly ignorant of the book which it's based on. Yesterday, I coincidentally noticed another friend here on GR was reading the book and a quick glance at the plot was enough to get me interested. And this is pretty much the only reason I'm still a member here.Now, I'm a big fan of surrealistic, mind-bending, psychological thrillers, so The Tenant hit home. It's as surre [...]

    10. Sara Kamjou

      داستان از جایی شروع می‌شه که مردی به نام ترلوفسکی که به دنبال محلی برای زندگی می‌گرده، به آپارتمانی برمی‌خوره که به نظر می‌رسه شرایط خوبی داره ولی صاحب قبلی آپارتمان خودکشی کرده و تو بیمارستانهروایت داستان به نظر خطی میاد اما سیالی خیره‌کننده و فوق‌العاده‌ای داره که خوا [...]

    11. knig

      Lets kick off with tenants here, in the plural. Not just any tenants, but those unfortunates in early twentieth century Europe. I’ve seen them three times in a row now: in Nadas’ ‘Book of Memories’, in Agayev’s ‘Romance with Cocaine’, and third time lucky: here again.Imagine the horror: you go home, and as we all know a man’s home is his castle, his domain, his kingdom. A place to decompress and just But here: or rather back there: oh no,no,no. You drop and smash a plate on the f [...]

    12. Greg

      I want to write a review, but I think anything I say will give something away that shouldn't be given away. Read this book, maybe ignore the introduction which I will review and say is terrible. The author of it knows little about books and shit about anything outside of angst. If he ever happens to come across this then I just have to say, go kill yourself, right now. Go do it, the fact that you're still living makes everything you say in your introduction sound trite and immature (do you wanna [...]

    13. Lou

      What an intriguing tale of sorts, a man a new tenant quite normal at first seems to descend into another world and takes what he sees and hears around his new surroundings and develops a paranoia and blows the matter out of proportion in his psyche, or does he? Is it maybe just the evil new neighbors?My first from this French writer great writing he plays with your thoughts and leaves you scratching your head and also laughing after the story is over. This will remain for a while in your thought [...]

    14. Δημήτρης

      Δεν έχω δει την ταινία του Polanski και χαίρομαι γι' αυτό καθώς συνειδητά πέρα από τα σχόλια που το πρότειναν δεν είχα διαβάσει καμία κριτική. Δεν ήξερα τι να περιμένω. Έπεσα σε ένα κλειστοφοβικό αριστούργημα με βαθείς συμβολισμούς και πολύ δυνατά πλοκάμια που δεν σε άφηναν να φ [...]

    15. Το Άσχημο Ρύζι Καρολίνα

      Ήταν καλό. Έχω ζήσει σε σπίτι που συνέβαιναν αλλόκοτα πράγματα. Και όντως δύο είναι ο μεγάλες απελπισίες του ενοίκου: 1)Πώς να φύγω και πού να πάω χωρίς λεφτά. 2)Πώς να καταφέρω να μην τρελαθώ. Ευτυχώς στη δική μου περίπτωση φύγαμε ζωντανοί.

    16. Nate D

      Identity, paranoia, madness, and the problems of living with neighbors. Both the ones who actually live nextdoor, and in the larger societal sense, perhaps. It's better to go in blind for this strange little horror story to work its very disquieting spell, so I'll leave it at that.Roland Topor, besides forming the Panic Movement in Paris with psychedelic cult directors Jodorosky and Arrabel, besides doing all the designs for sci-fi animation classic Fantastic Planet, besides generating endless f [...]

    17. Sara

      بعضی کتاب ها شما رو به سمت خود جذب می کنن،نیازی نیست که شما تلاشی برای ارتباط برقرار کردن با این دسته از کتاب ها داشته باشید،کتاب این کار رو به بهترین شکل انجام میده،شما رو شیفته ی خودش میکنه،طوری که تا تمومش نکنید نمیتونید کتاب رو زمین بذارید،هر کلمه و جمله و سطر،شما رو به انت [...]

    18. Katerina Paisoglou

      Με αρκετη δοση μαυρης κωμωδιας, ο συγγραφεας μας περιγραφει τις περιπετειες του νεου ενοικου ενος διαμερισματος στο Παρισι μετα την αυτοκτονια της προηγουμενης ενοικιαστριας, συντομο και καλογραμμενο το βιβλιο αυτο (εγω δεν εχω χρονο για διαβασμα αυτον τον καιρο) , αν και [...]

    19. Axolotl

      I think those who appreciate Aickman, the more absurd Kafkaesque side of Ligotti as demonstrated in Teatro Grottesco and Camus's The Stranger will find a lot to like--I know I did. The 1966 translation I read was very fluid and natural. The style like the story itself begins unassumingly enough and gradually ends up where it does, with you--the reader--wondering: how did I (and Trelkovsky) end up here? Nice open-ended ending---is it purely psychological horror or something (even) more sinister? [...]

    20. Ema

      The Tenant or The Chimerical Lodger is still vivid in my mind - the book made quite a powerful impression on me. Although the beginning was rather slow, with depictions of mundane activities which seemed redundant, the strange happenings were not long overdue and from that moment on I couldn't put the book down. It's mesmerizing, it's intense, it's much more than a horror story. The main character's gradual slip into insanity is skilfully orchestrated by Roland Topor, although it is a little bit [...]

    21. Mahsa

      آپارتمان در این کتاب تنها نماد اجتماع سرکوبگری که انسان را به ورطه‌ای می‌کشاند که از "خود" به در شده و به صورت تلویحی تبدیل به "دیگری" می‌شود نیست. آپارتمان می تواند نماد "مذهب" باشد یا نمادی از "خانواده". در مقیاسی دیگر آپارتمان سمبولی از ذهن خود انسان است. انسان‌ها در بسیاری ا [...]

    22. Nancy Oakes

      A stunner: dark, very well written, and it made my head spin almost all the way through.I have made a long post at myreading journal; otherwise - below is just a summary:In this book: alienation within the context of a repressive society; the attempts at imposed conformity and the persecution of the outsider -- extremely disturbing, but in the reading world, I love this stuff. Combine that with an eventual loss of self/identity under the auspices of those who want to define exactly who and what [...]

    23. Bill

      really great, extremely bizarre novel about a man slowly going mador is he? you'll have to make up your own mindere are 4 very good short stories at the end of the book, followed by some of the author's surrealistic drawingsis book was made into a movie by roman polanski, which i'll have to find and watchst be a weird movie. as i often do, i have to thank karen, not only for telling me about this book's existence but actually sending me a copy.

    24. Adriana

      Locatarul himeric (sau cel mai probabil rezultat al unei intalniri dintre Kafka si David Lynch)Cartea asta se citeste dintr-o suflare. Pentru ca e scurta. Pentru ca scriitura ei e foarte cursiva. Dar, mai ales, pentru ca nu-ti da voie sa respiri prea des. Esti intr-un roller-coaster. Cobori din ce in ce mai repede. Ai vrea sa strigi, dar nu ai aer. Incerci sa inchizi ochii, pentru ca multe scene sunt gretoase, dar nu iti permiti sa pierzi nimic. Si ajungi la final si constati ca n-ai inteles nim [...]

    25. Ben Loory

      all these years, the tenant has been one of my favorite movies, and until a few years ago i never even knew it was based on a book. then i found out (thanks, danielle!) but for some reason i just assumed that it wasn't very good because obviously roman polanski had just used it as a template and then made all the good stuff up on the set, like all genius directors do as everyone knows! but then i accidentally read it and now i feel kind of bad, because it's perfect and brilliant, and also really [...]

    26. MJ Nicholls

      An effective horror tale from the ‘Groupe Panique’ polymath. For an amusing summary and sassy shtick, see this tenant. For a personal account in loving lower case, see this tenant. For more on Topor, see thistenant. For a long review in Persian, see this tenant. For 100 reasons to kill yourself right now, see the author. For a review by a man called William Van, see this future corpse. For a review by an extremely popular GR member, see thismad blinking eye twitching inside a bandaged head. [...]

    27. Staring·Girl

      Review edited: 11/21/2016 "He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."

    28. Oscar

      Grotesca, truculenta, sórdida, inquietante, surrealista, esperpéntica, desquiciante, son algunos de los adjetivos que se me ocurren para calificar esta extraña historia del franco-polaco Roland Topor. ’El quimérico inquilino’ es una obra que te sumerge en la deformidad psicológica de su protagonista, Trelkovski, introduciendo grandes dosis de humor negro, algo que se va palpando a medida que avanza la historia.Estructurada en tres actos ’El quimérico inquilino’ (Le locataire chimer [...]

    29. Ben Winch

      I haven't had much luck with French writers lately. Queneau, Vian, Topor - sometimes I'd just as soon exchange them all for a couple of books by Jean Giono, so different in tone to these zero-gravity fantasies, or for those pre-surrealists like Nerval and Gautier who really seemed to be trailblazing, not just opening up side-trails to dead ends and minor attractions. Roland Topor may be a great artist, but The Tenant, to me, is strictly sideline - something for the master to doodle in the margin [...]

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