Male Brain (Mengungkap Misteri Otak Laki-Laki)

Male Brain Mengungkap Misteri Otak Laki Laki Setelah menghentak media dan dunia dengan fakta baru mengenai otak perempuan The Female Brain kini Louann Brizendine kembali menguak temuan temuan terkini tentang otak laki laki Keunggulan Membongka

  • Title: Male Brain (Mengungkap Misteri Otak Laki-Laki)
  • Author: Louann Brizendine
  • ISBN: 9786028801119
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Paperback
  • Setelah menghentak media dan dunia dengan fakta baru mengenai otak perempuan The Female Brain , kini Louann Brizendine kembali menguak temuan temuan terkini tentang otak laki laki.Keunggulan Membongkar rahasia di balik misteri otak laki laki berdasarkan penelitian dan temuan terbaru selama 25 tahun oleh penulis Melanjutkan kesuksesan buku laris Female Brain KontrovSetelah menghentak media dan dunia dengan fakta baru mengenai otak perempuan The Female Brain , kini Louann Brizendine kembali menguak temuan temuan terkini tentang otak laki laki.Keunggulan Membongkar rahasia di balik misteri otak laki laki berdasarkan penelitian dan temuan terbaru selama 25 tahun oleh penulis Melanjutkan kesuksesan buku laris Female Brain Kontroversial dan mencerahkan Tampilan ekslusif dan harganya terjangkau.

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      261 Louann Brizendine
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    One thought on “Male Brain (Mengungkap Misteri Otak Laki-Laki)

    1. David

      While this book started out slow, it got better as the author went through the stages of male brain development. And I learned something from this book. In the section on middle-aged married life, a couple went for marriage counseling. The wife recently got a promotion to a higher-paid, higher-stress position. She ranted at her husband about the problems she was having at work. When the husband tried to logically solve her problems, the wife claimed that he wasn't even listening to her. She want [...]

    2. Patrick

      Sometimes half the truth is worse than a lie.JDN 2456343 EDT 15:53A review of The Male Brain by Louann Brizendine. As soon as I saw that the birthday gift I had opened was a book called The Male Brain, I was worried it would distort science in the service of gender stereotypes.It turned out to not be quite as bad as I feared, but it does have a lot of the flaws I expected. One of the most ubiquitous is a tendency that seems subtle at first, but turns out to be quite insidious in its effect: This [...]

    3. Frahmani110

      بعد از خوندن این کتاب فهمیدم تمام رفتارهای آقایون اطرافم، که بعضا تصور میکردم از عمد بعضی رفتارها رو برای آزار دادن دیگران یا از روی بیتفاوتی انجام میدهند، فقط بخاطر مداربندی متفاوت مغزشون هستبا خوندن این کتاب میتونید از پشت عینکی مردانه، به دنیا نگاه کنید و درک کنید که چقدر [...]

    4. Angela

      This audio book enlightened me and made me wish I'd read it before I got married or even once I started dating. I've heard parts of "Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus," but I like this book better because it deals with the scientific, biological differences rather than gender stereotypes. I thought the study based in Utah about men's blood pressure actually going down from warm touch was interesting. It helped me to understand why sex is such a need for men. They are hardwired to need it j [...]

    5. Spencer

      I can believe that men are hardwired to look at bazooms. But I dont buy her biological determinism. You can make a strong case for it in most of the animal kingdom but it seems such a small motive in humans. If its all about spreading your DNA, what about the lack of DNA spreading among queers? kiddie twiddlers? anyone who uses contraception? the celibate? the infertile? aged women? attraction to women who dont show obvious signs of supposed fertility? That thinking drives me nuts. Perhaps she w [...]

    6. Andrew

      Not quite as eye-opening or as comprehensive as the author's previous book ("The Female Brain"). Some notes:- At 7 months, boys can detect anger from their mother's face; at 12 months they have the ability to ignore that.- Boys often squirm while learning and doing calculations. In one study, girls did calculations better if they physically moved while doing calculations. - Male prairie voles are monogamous, but not montane voles. Is there a monogamy gene?- Men know if they're sexually attracted [...]

    7. Jonathan Karmel

      I highly recommend this book. In the epilogue, the author states that she believes this book "can provide men with a sense of relief at finally being understood." I did feel that way after reading this book. It was great to read a book about male behavior that was entirely positive (philosophically), as opposed to what I find to be much more common these days: a bunch of normative claims that men and boys should be different from how they actually are.This book is extremely well-written. There's [...]

    8. Lacey Louwagie

      A lot of what I said for The Female Brain holds true for this one, too. Incredibly readable and consistently fascinating. There were times when I wanted Louann to go into more depth, but I read some of the notes in the back, which helped a bit with my thirst for more info. And this book gave me some insight into working with adolescent boys that I was hoping to get (and didn't) at a workshop last month, so I was glad to have that gap filled in. Also like The Female Brain, the sweeping generaliza [...]

    9. Perri

      I liked this as much, if not more, than the Female Brain, since it helped clear up some confusion;) Both books easy reads and even lacking scientific rigor, I think everyone could learn something by reading.

    10. Rusul Basher

      I love the way Dr. Louann Brizendine chose to present this book. It’s like a novel and a scientific book combined together.If I were a male I would ask every women in my life to read it because it makes LOTS of sense and explains the “robotic behavior” that many men are accused of lol Highly recommend along with Brizendine’s other book, “female brain”.

    11. Summer

      The author of The Female Brain writes the other side, The Male Brain. Lots of people commented to her during the writing of this book, "that'll be a short book!" It is also said that "there won't be much to tell." She does a wonderful job of proving all those critics wrong. I like how in her research and counseling she tries to bridge the gap of understanding with males vs. females and gives them hope and knowledge about what does really make the other sex tick. This was her aim. She mentioned a [...]

    12. Amber Spencer

      Very interesting read. I really didn't want to put it down. There are a few parts where the author describes scenes along with what's happening in the brain it reads really intensely and a little graphic. I wouldn't recommend this for someone not married. However, with a husband and two little boys, learning about how the male brain works from infancy to old age was very fascinating. I think it'll help me be a better mother (as long as I can remember certain things!) and definately a better wife [...]

    13. Rachel

      I found the book very eye opening and enlightening, it was even more fun to read it with my husband, Nick! The book was great in explaining the many hormones that "rule" the male brain and the different stages a man's brain goes through. It was fascinating to learn how much the brain changes throughout a lifetime and how it is constantly changing, growing and learning through a persons entire life.What I did not enjoy about the book was that it felt like an incomplete sentence. There was great a [...]

    14. Princessjay

      Very easy to read, but based on very shaky grounds. A thin layer of scientific-sounding terms laid over an age old idea of sexual/gender essentialism.Mentions that much of our behavior/beliefs/tendencies are affected by society and culture; mentions that men and women are more similar than different--then throws these out the window as she proceeds to detail all the ways men are fundamentally a different creature from women.While there are surely some biological/neurological differences between [...]

    15. Maria Ella

      "I believe that learning about the male brain can help men and women feel more intimacy, compassion, and appreciation for each other."And it really helps you - on how to deal with adventurous boys, of hormonal-driven teens, of sexually-driven young men and or compassionate-yet-problem-solver dads. It was a series of visits to the writer, and as she puts along her sentiments and her anecdotes, and her researches, she was able to narrate the genetics and the chemicals and all those scientific blah [...]

    16. AnnARegina Enyedi

      Why am I not allowed to give 6 or more stars??? This is BY FAR THE BEST book I've read on the topic. And now I'm closer to fully understanding men. :D

    17. Gizem

      Erkeklerin beyninde olup bitenleri anlarsam empati yapabilirim diye düşünüp kitabın sonunda hepsinden nefret ettim. Bir terslik var. :p

    18. Mark

      I like this *more* than the female brain. Seems odd, since I've GOT one (brain that is) and presumptively would have less to learn. However, I feel Brizendine's a better author than she was while writing the other, and cuts loose a little more, so it's more fun to read. There is more of a case study approach, which can feel padded with fluff to me, in books of this sort. (I'm thinking of any number of baby / child rearing pop-psy manuals.) But not this time. Perhaps because it's short and, a bit [...]

    19. Tamra

      O.K. I'd really give it 2 1/2 stars but that's all. It was o.k. There was some informative info but for the most part most of it was pretty obvious. But here's what I didn't like, 1/2 the book are all her notes and reference. And here's what I HATED about the book. She wrote as if men are men and they can't help it. They have no self control. They have to cheat. They have to fight. They have to be selfish. No mention that perhaps men can control themselves. Maybe they can use mind over matter an [...]

    20. Morgan Blackledge

      I can see that a lot of people, some of whom I have high regard for did not particularly care for this book. I have to break with the pack on this one as come out as a fan.I completely understand the criticism. Especially some of the reviews that took issue with the fact that the book offers a narrow, cartoonish stereotype of heterosexual male behavior.I get it. I totally do. And I agree. But I have to admit, I laughed out loud a bunch of times while listening to this thing (I have the audio ver [...]

    21. Cheryl

      I wanted to find something eye-opening or enlightening in this book. Instead, what I found was a narrow view of the stereotypical man told through anecdotes that read like a cheesy romance novel. I was disappointed by the cliche ideas and examples of the MAN, as well as the implicit notion that a man (or any human) is not always responsible for his actions because OMG THE HORMONES ARE ATTACKING! At one point, the author explicitly stated that a man couldn't help looking at a woman's breasts; sor [...]

    22. Kater Cheek

      I enjoyed this book. It isn't groundbreaking, in that a lot of what it says comes as no surprise to women (fact: young men really do think about sex 24 x 7) but it's easy to read and has illustrative anecdotes. The most illuminating parts were the ones that described baby boys and teenage boys. I'd recommend it especially to those who have sons they don't understand.Redit:I just re-read this book, five years later, having completely forgotten that I ever read it. I guess it's rather illustrative [...]

    23. Juliet

      So I've just started & if you think I quoted the female brain, you'll be hearing about the male brain. Toddler boys are wired to run around. Did you know that teen boys find their mother's smell to be disgusting?So while I listened to this book, I think it would be better in read visually rather than listened to. I may actually borrow a paper version from the library to reinforce what I learned. Lots going on today, so I feel my brain cannot recall all of the good information in this book. M [...]

    24. Sonia

      Claro, conciso y entretenido. La mayor pega que le puedo poner es que es muy cortito, se queda en 163 páginas si no cuentas las notas y la bibliografía, con lo que la autora ilustra lo que explica con ejemplos muy clásicos, y en ocasiones parece que se decanta por el determinismo biológico, pero creo que porque son los que más claramente se van a entender en un libro divulgativo que pretende llegar a toda clase de público.

    25. Brandy

      I read this book to try to better understand my dad, my husband, my largely male coworkers and to a lesser extent my son. The book was awful. It didn't help and I wish I hadn't read it. If men are truly this weak willed and hormone ruled, I want to switch teams and join the lesbians. Insulting to every intelligent, self controlled male I know.

    26. Noé Ajo caamaño

      Una obra dedicada al cerebro masculino y sus rasgos diferenciales. Como obra divulgativa no entra en criticismos profundos, pero ayuda a comprender un poco mejor, que los hombres, al margen de las diferencias individuales, y contra las esperanzas o deseos de muchos, son eso: hombres.

    27. Joakim

      A short and sweet introduction to hormones that makes a man. Also how combination of hormones influence the male brain throughout different stages of development.

    28. Erik

      Good god this book is slow. "Billy likes Jane, but Jane's female brain is cautious about Billy." This is all you seem to get in The Male Brain. I quit reading at almost exactly 50% through the book because it was so mind-numbingly shallow. Completely void of any in-depth analysis or even a continual theme, staying with this book for more than 20 minutes at a time is a chore. While touching upon a lot of subjects the author fails to explore any in sufficient scientific detail, leaving even a lowl [...]

    29. Alice

      I'm tempted to give this 4 stars because I really enjoyed the topic, but after returning to this book post-graduate program, I have to give it three stars. It's a really lovely and approachable introduction to neurological gender difference, it was one of the first books I read in high school that sparked my interest. But I thought it lacked depth where I would have liked to see it. While I recognize that this was an introduction, Brizendine says a few times that her purpose is for us to defy th [...]

    30. Lenneal Mckudu

      Dr. Brizendine's "Female Brain" is far more compelling, perhaps because she herself is a woman and may therefore provide a more compelling exploration about her own sex; let's face -- who can explore an experience better than one who has actually been having it?Most of her examples suffered from a tedious and narrow perspective from a high middle class traditionally attractive white man. I've read (and will still read) plenty of books both fiction and non-fiction that don't have happy endings, o [...]

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