Requiem for the East

Requiem for the East A novel spanning the history of Russia through the tumultuous th century from the only writer ever to have won both the Prix Goncourt and the Prix Medicis

A novel spanning the history of Russia through the tumultuous 20th century, from the only writer ever to have won both the Prix Goncourt and the Prix Medicis.

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    Andreï Makine Geoffrey Strachan
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One thought on “Requiem for the East

  1. Friederike Knabe

    With Requiem for a Lost Empire Andreï Makine has created a panoramic novel of eight decades of Soviet/Russian history starting in 1917. It is a story of extraordinary emotional intensity. For anybody like me with interest in the Russian "condition humaine", this was a must read. While written as fiction, it depicts realities and truths of lives lived during Soviet times and since. Makine, born and brought up in Russia, emigrated to France in 1987 and writes his novels in French. He has found an [...]

  2. Jonfaith

    One could note that I was reading this at the airport when my wife arrived here in the heartland. That wouldn't be true. i was holding the novel. My incessant glaring at the pages didn't yeild any comprehension. i kept staring at the pages. Reading did ensue a few days later and I think I concluded the tome in a federal office. It is a fine example of the sidelong glance, fleeting details which sear into the brain well after the plot, as it were, has faded into the fog.

  3. Isidora

    Makine skriver alltid vackert, även om "små saker" men här har han ett stort tema. Det är så fint, sättet han skriver om det ryska folket. Och så är romanen spännande, något som jag inte tyckt att hans andra böcker var.

  4. Sheila rood

    What a good read so far.Not a fast paced,action packed thriller.Tends towards moving at the speed of real life. Some may find it tedious. I found it has piqued my interest in reading more Russian literature.

  5. Emily ~ Emmeline's Books

    Requiem for the East was a short and sweet Russia tale. Working its way through the history books, Requiem for the East certainly delivers to the reader, with strong characters who developed alongside the story. The book didn't require the action nor the fast-paced story of a war-time novel, rather the story was carried on the views of the protagonists. Reading a book from 1st person POV is something I enjoy. I find there is something truly unique about seeing the world from another persons pers [...]

  6. Amandalynn

    I read this sometime over the school year last year. I liked the details of living in Russia and remember there was a lot of detail to span over the time frame of the bookfunny that 3 of the books I am writing a review for tonight happen to be about Russia. I love its history for sure.

  7. Shelley Motz

    Haunting, tragic. Eighty years of Russian history seen through the eyes of an orphaned army- doctor-turned-KGB-agent, his father and his paternal grandfather.

  8. Bruce

    p.65: By this point in the novel Makine has established neither any sense of place (each “scene” being some nondescript and generic war-torn location with nothing distinctive to identify it or make it interesting) nor any significant characterizations, his characters being simply lightly-sketched character fragments, not fleshed out nor engaging to the reader. This may be true to the story he is trying to tell, but it fails to interest the reader or offer any compelling desire or reason to c [...]

  9. Michelle

    I found this book in a hostel in Beijing, started reading it, and became so enthralled that when I left I had to take it with me. I later gave it away to a French guy I met in Ulan-Ude. Written by a Soviet expat who settled in France, it is a multi-generational story spanning the entire life of the USSR - the Russian civil war, two world wars, Stalinism, The Cold War and the country's eventual break-up. The main character and narrator is a Soviet spy who, with his partner, travels between Wester [...]

  10. Ted Prokash

    This book is beautifully written, terrifying, and sad. It has all the poetry inherent in the devastating sweep of 20th century Russian history. It also contains - inevitably, for an American reading Soviet history - both an indictment of and an alienated pang of admiration for western culture. The only thing that disagreed with me was a sense of disjointedness introduced by the juxtaposition of the narrator's spy-thriller present and the earthy, prosaic feel of his Slavic forbearers' tale. Ultim [...]

  11. Elaine

    Extremely beautiful and painful passages on all kinds of war, WWI, WWII, and the "little" hot wars that made up the Cold WAr. And some deeply insightful writing. Did I find the mute rescued women puzzling next to the vibrancy of the male characters? Yes, especially since the non-passive women -- "you" and "Sasha" remaicn enigmas -- I kept expecting Sasha's story to be told. But this is thought provoking and intriguing more than irksome in wrting of this level. It's not a 5, only because teh depi [...]

  12. Calzean

    A sad story of Russia’s last 100 years, the brutality of the regimes and the hope that keeps people going.Three generations are covered. The unnamed grandson, who is also the narrator, is a doctor but turns to spying on arms dealers during the Cold War in various African and Middle East conflicts. He is looking for his wife who went missing on a mission. He reflects on his grandfather who deserted the Red army. His father somehow survives WWII even though at one point he finds himself as part [...]

  13. Dennis

    In the beginning of this book, it was hard for me to get a grasp on what it was about but as it developed and the various pieces and players fell into their places in the narrative and time, I began to feel the melancholy of a peasant Russia where everyone wants to be let alone but no one is. Who do you serve? Who can you believe in? Tsars, revolutions, Nazis, communists, post-communist capitalists and political chameleons all take a turn abusing generations of Russians while navigating the turn [...]

  14. Niko

    This book (translated in Slovene as "Requiem for the east")was one of those that made me finish my everyday errands as quickly as possible. Like "French testament", it dragged me into the story and just couldn't wait to take it in hands again. Behind all the wars and inimaginable sufferings described in book, there's a touching love story that deals with denials, craving, regret and endless search for the loved one. Deep thoughts reflect Makine's unique capability of perpetual quationing his own [...]

  15. Johanna

    A beautiful, very moving book, to be compared with Le Carré 's best, but from a different perspective. Historybook, spy novel , love story and literature in one, a page turner. And a very good reminder that Europe was not liberated by the Americans alone, and that shortcuts in history lessons lead to confusion and wrong ideas

  16. Meriam Mabrouk

    Superb. Sensational. Gripping. Everything that a novel should be. It transports the reader into three generations, with different struggles, injustices, wars and losses, and yet, all share the same hope. The work is told in tones of nostalgia, as the narrator addresses his loved one. It truly felt like being physically taken back to parts of Russian history.

  17. Ernie

    I had heard so many great things about Andrei Makine; however, I was not as impressed as the comments I had heard. I thought it was a good story, but it was just another story in my opinion. I wasn't all that invested in the book, but it was interesting and a good way to pass the time. It was also a nice break from much more dense novels. :)

  18. Cheryl Brown

    A beautifully elegant book that reminds us why war is so hideous and that shares with us the secrets of a life of secrecy.Pages 210-219 are chillingly accurate and perceptive while the descriptions of the Russian front show us scenes that are unnervingly horrific.Wonderful sentences. That said it took me a while to read this book as i had to mull over each chapter before proceeding.

  19. Heather

    The first Makine novel I ever read -- which led me to read *all* his books. I've discovered about myself that I love poets who choose to write prose. If you find beauty in a carefully chosen word or in the unique construction of sentences, perhaps you'll also like Makine; but if you take pleasure in melancholy and all things Soviet, then you will love Makine.

  20. Alix

    Surprisingly good read for a $0.99 kindle book. About spys, but not a spy thriller. It moved quickly and the interweaving of story lines and time jumps were interesting. Very sad, but I liked it. I would recommend it.

  21. Andrea

    over de psychologie van het zijn van een kgb agent net na de val van het ijzeren gordijn. Wat is de toekomst, waarom worden keuzes gemaakt. Voor wie (het systeem of het individu?) zijn de keuzes relevant?

  22. Emma

    I like this author. This book is about war. Generations of Russian men who fought in various wars for their country, only to be punished and discarded by their country. It is also a love story. The female spy like the lost empire, elusive and always on the male spy's mind.

  23. Dinesh Raghavendra

    A very well written book about these two cold war era spies and its also a historical novel which traces the history of the narrator's family from the World War days and beyond. I liked it quite a bit.

  24. Francois

    Chroniques d'une Russie maltraitée au début du XXième siècle à travers les yeux d'un médecin. Livre réussi.

  25. Adina

    This may be the most boring book that I have ever read. I would not recommend it for anything other than post-secondary academic study.

  26. Manderson

    This book is poetically written, and somehow manages to combine atrocity and sensuality in its descriptions of the impact of extended warfare on human lives.

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