La maison en pain d'épices

La maison en pain d pices La Su de est frapp e par une s rie de meurtres barbares Seul point commun entre les victimes leur ge ans A premi re vue ces personnes ne se connaissaient pas mais mieux y regarder leurs chemins

La Su de est frapp e par une s rie de meurtres barbares Seul point commun entre les victimes, leur ge 44 ans A premi re vue ces personnes ne se connaissaient pas, mais mieux y regarder, leurs chemins se sont bel et bien crois s, il y a longtemps, dans la petite ville de Katrineholm A l poque, tous fr quentaient la m me cole Et le souffre douleur de la classe s aLa Su de est frapp e par une s rie de meurtres barbares Seul point commun entre les victimes, leur ge 44 ans A premi re vue ces personnes ne se connaissaient pas, mais mieux y regarder, leurs chemins se sont bel et bien crois s, il y a longtemps, dans la petite ville de Katrineholm A l poque, tous fr quentaient la m me cole Et le souffre douleur de la classe s appelait Thomas Karlsson Aujourd hui, Thomas est un homme effac , asocial, aigri et toujours en vie Autant dire le coupable id al Surtout qu il a t aper u r dant pr s du domicile des victimes Thomas l avoue, il nourrit encore de la rancune, beaucoup de rancune m me, l encontre de ses anciens tortionnaires Seulement ce n est pas lui qui les a tu s, il le jure Ils l ont pourtant rou de coups, humili , insult , tyrannis Ils ont bris sa vie Alors si ce n est pas lui, qui Qui avait un meilleur mobile pour les assassiner Un roman tortueux, malicieux, d une grande intensit , sur les d rives de l enfance et de ses espi gleries Le tout servi par une plume noire, aff t e comme une lame

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    Carin Gerhardsen
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One thought on “La maison en pain d'épices

  1. Naomi Blackburn

    Good lord, this book is the epitome of why I LOVE Nordic Noir. This book was fantastic. It was twisted and engrossing with its' scenes and character development. I loved how deep and dark the author went in describing the characters, particularly the killer. Lovers of author Karin Fossum will adore this author. My only complaintis is the author's only book translated to English. This is one of my pet peeves of the Nordic Noir genre and this book was a classic example of why.

  2. Harry

    Book ReviewI'm giving this 3 stars (as opposed to 4 or 5 stars), but only because of two words in the entire novel that I feel are deliberate trickery by the author. It would be a disgrace to reveal to potential readers to what two words I'm referring, but I condsider having written them, a major error on the author's part. And so I'm giving this a lesser rating that I would have otherwise.I consider this book the beginnings of an author who has yet to mature in certain areas, while showing imme [...]

  3. March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room

    Bullying among children and adolescents has probably been occurring for centuries; certainly we’ve all read enough about its occurrence in British public schools throughout the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, and we’re familiar with the practice of hazing in many colleges and universities. We know about the injuries and occasional fatalities. But what do we know about the survivors of childhood bullying? The very young, pre-school age, who are daily subjected to not just the taunts, but actu [...]

  4. Rachel Hall

    The Gingerbread Girl is the first in a planned series of thrillers set in the Stockholm district of Hammarby and introduces DCI Conny Sjöberg and the officers that work under his command in the Violent Crimes Unit. The series has gained some renown as it is the work of the editing and publishing team behind Steig Larsson's The Millennium Trilogy, and with an intriguing premise investigating a series of sadistic killings which have broken out across the country I had high expectations. When elde [...]

  5. Chris

    So okay, everyone loves this but me. So take this review with a grain of salt or something.Considering the amount of violence in this book and how much of the violence is against women, it really wasn't for me. Honestly, if former students are being killed how come only one male student and the rest female? And the cops who have things together are all men, the female police officer has a problem. I guess it was nice seeing a male police officer in a happy relationship but the unequalness of eve [...]

  6. Bruce Hatton

    The blurb on the front cover describes this book as "fast-paced and addictive". I found it anything but. A sluggish police procedural with a cast of drab central characters. The murder of four 44-year-olds in and around Stockholm is somehow linked to some horrific cases of abuse in a preschool in the late 1960s. At first, we, the readers are lead to believe we know who the perpetrator is and it is just a matter of the police discovering his identity too. There is something of a twist towards the [...]

  7. Ebba

    I was first in doubt if I really liked it, but as I continued reading, the book had me completely hooked. This novel is very deceiving and rather unexpected. Probably my initial reluctance was because the book was not what I expected, in fact it turns out I am talking about this book with everyone I meet so my impression of it really changed over time and it is still lingering in me after it’s finished. The story works on different time levels and jumps between 2006 and 1968. It’s a story ab [...]

  8. Rebecca

    Apparently I'm going to be the only one to say this, but, daaang, I felt ambivalent about these characters. This wasn't such a cut & dried, good vs. evil book for me. Not in the least am I condoning murder, thank you very much, but I did feel a measure of empathy for the kids who were bullied and, at the same time, I felt sorry for the murdered gent who managed to turn his life around after his own wretched childhood while at the same time despising his sorry soul for what he did and feeling [...]

  9. Diane S ☔

    Have to say I was very impressed by this book, it definitely had everything I expect from Nordic Noir. It was gritty, dark and very well written and I loved the plot line. I wonder if those children who bully or just join in to not be different ever stop to think of how they would feel if it was them. Have to say when I was growing up, there really wasn't alot of bullying, fights yes but after the fight everything was fine again. This could definitely be a novel that would make one think twice. [...]

  10. Claes Ericson

    I really loved The Gingerbread House! I haven't felt that way since I read The Millennium Trilogy. But another dimension was the fact the apparently the very disturbing bullying scenes from pre-school are self-experienced by Carin Gerhardsen. I couldn't put the book down, and recommend to anyone interested in Scandinavian crime!The Gingerbread House

  11. Vesela

    Книгата ми хареса! Точно това очаквах и точно такова нещо ми се четеше. Като оценка е между 3 и 4 звезди, да кажем 3,75 :) Харесва ми как пише писателката - лек, приятен стил, интригата бързо върви. С удоволствие бих прочела и други нейни книги, ако бъдат издадени.

  12. Tien

    The scene opens with a peaceful and majestic scene. Then disturbed by an outpouring of children and you can just feel the boisterousness and then it suddenly quietened down to a couple of stragglers. All of these in the first few paragraphs. I was totally impressed by how well the atmosphere was conveyed.A chance encounter, a blast from the past, led Thomas Karlsson to follow this happy looking man whom he knew to be a terrible bully in his early life. The next day, he was found murdered, head b [...]

  13. Kelly

    If you like thrillers, mystery and being completely surprised at the end of the story, I think you will love The Gingerbread House by Carin Gerhardsen. Gerhardsen skillfully crafted a thriller with a bizarre lot,a dark & dreary setting, with interesting and likable characters and managed to carry over the suspense when her book Pepparkakshuset (in Swedish) was skillfully translated by Paul Norlen into English.This is the first book I’ve read by this author and I really enjoyed it. Gerhards [...]

  14. Eccentrika

    Ambientato in una grigia e fredda Svezia dove l'ingiustizia e la disuguaglianza sembra essere all'ordine del giorno, "La casa di pan di zenzero" è un thriller dai contenuti forti e controversi, che appassiona, stupisce e fa riflettere. Tratta tematiche attuali e pone spesso interrogativi ai quali è difficile dare una risposta. La presunta innocenza dell'infanzia ha qualche fondamento o è soltanto un mito da sfatare? Possono le azioni degli altri condizionarci a tal punto da rovinarci completa [...]

  15. Lynda Kelly

    This is my first read of this author and if not for spelling a character's name 2 different ways I'd have given it 5*. Even then I was torn but for me, to get your own characters' names mispelled is a massive transgression and somebody out there (aside from myself) really should have noticed it.I loved an expression used rather than be hugged by a dirty kid-"Just hug with your face". Another one that made me laugh aloud was "Only Jesus thinks that children are good". I LOVE that one !I only spot [...]

  16. Linda Strong

    Were you ever bullied when you were a child? Teased by other children because you looked different or dressed differently? Were you picked on because you were shy? This is the story of a young boy who was teased, tormented, taunted and terrified when he was 6 years old and in preschool. He was beaten on a daily basis, tied up and put in the middle of the street. He had his clothes ripped, torn and sometimes even removed and hidden. To him, the other children are monsters. Fast forward he is now [...]

  17. Heidi Mann

    This might be a 5-star rating by the time I finish. It's a very engaging book! I like some of the nuances that flow from it having been written in Swedish and translated into English. Every once in a while there's a slight error in translation -- nothing so garish as to confuse the meaning, just fun little instances of not being quite on target with an idiom of a grammatical convention -- not so many as to become annoying, though. Written from various characters' perspectives in a way that usher [...]

  18. Christina

    An English language translation from the Swedish, this mystery novel is a tight thriller. Conny Sjoberg is a police detective who is working on the case of a 44-year old man found murdered in the kitchen of a seemingly unrelated woman. Is there really a connection? When other 44-year old victims turn up murdered as well, the police must race to find a pattern and the killer.This mystery easily kept my attention throughout. It seemed to be well translated with no language issues. It kept me guess [...]

  19. Esmeralda

    This book is supposed to be the beginning of a crime series and I certainly want to read more. I haven't read any other Scandinavian crime fiction books and I guess this was a good place to start.In this book the author explores the effects of bullying on young children. This theme is certainly relevant after tragedies like the Columbine massacre. The bullying occurs in preschool and the teacher does not want to get involved. One of the bullied children winds up being a serial killer, seeking re [...]

  20. Carolina

    Jag är inte alls mycket för deckare - har aldrig varit. Men denna var riktigt spännande. Just att man inte visste vem som var mördaren hur man än luskade förrän mot precis slutet var riktigt kul. Denna gillade jag massor trots att den var rätt hemsk emellanåt. Får se om jag fortsätter med nästa del i serien.

  21. Ulla

    Nästan ända till slutet tyckte jag att den här boken var helt fantastisk och jag ville ge den 5 stjärnor. Men slutet var litet för abrupt och jag kände mig litet besviken!

  22. Elizabeth

    4.5 starsTotally addicting, fast-paced crime novel, read it in less than 24 hours. I had some issues with a couple of violent scenes but overall I loved it and I can't wait to read the next one!

  23. Jpucino

    I read this on my Kindle; I thought this was a great story! I was a little disappointed at the sort of abrupt ending, but maybe I was just wishing there was more. I recommend this book for sure!

  24. loopyloulaura

    I have not experienced Scandinavian crime fiction before despite the popularity of TV shows and books in recent years. I bought this book months ago as part of a special offer and finally got around to reading it: I’m annoyed I waited!A man is killed at the home of an elderly woman who finds his body on her return from hospital. The plot centres around a group of children who bullied another. Now it is time for revenge…In an additional sub plot, one for the police officers on the case believ [...]

  25. Hekate

    Tai buvo pirmasis mano perskaitytas detektyvas Kadangi knygų skaitymą, kaip pomėgį, atradau visai neseniai, tad ir knygų mano bagaže nėra daug. Neturiu su kuo palyginti, tad duodu šiai knygai 4 žvaigždutes.Veiksmas buvo, istorija gera. Labai patiko, kad pasakojama buvo iš kelių asmenų pusės, tad buvo neįmanoma nuobodžiauti skaitant knygą. Žiauriai nustebino knygos pabaiga, tai buvo didžiulė staigmena. Net perverčiau dar sykį žudiko dienoraščius, kad prisiminti, kokiu asm [...]

  26. Valerie

    The book opens in the 60s with some horrific schoolyard bullying by 6 year olds which their teacher blatantly ignores. The children see this as tacit permission to continue torturing 2 of their less fortunate classmates. Fast forward 40 years to 2006. We meet the now docile and completely shut down Timothy and the first victim. By the end of this chapter we know the who, the how and they why and I have guessed the storyline. I guessed right.The first killing happens in an empty house, and an eld [...]

  27. Kamilla

    I must revise my previous review - but not by much. After struggling with this book for 4 days, I had to put it down at nearly the half way mark. Nothing made sense, nothing connected to anything, the characters weren't interesting, not even likeable. I skipped sentences. Paragraphs, even pages, just to move it along. I simply couldn't care less for any of it. So I gave up, and put it down - there are other more fun books around, I didn't want to waste any more of my time on a crappy one. Then a [...]

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