Fear For Me

Fear For Me She s the obsession two men share one wants her love the other wants her life A shared passion for justice first brought Baton Rouge district attorney Lauren Chandler and US marshal Anthony Ross toge

She s the obsession two men share one wants her love, the other wants her life.A shared passion for justice first brought Baton Rouge district attorney Lauren Chandler and US marshal Anthony Ross together when each played their part in bringing down the infamous Bayou Butcher The sparks flying between the two made it clear they weren t just a legal dream team Then desirShe s the obsession two men share one wants her love, the other wants her life.A shared passion for justice first brought Baton Rouge district attorney Lauren Chandler and US marshal Anthony Ross together when each played their part in bringing down the infamous Bayou Butcher The sparks flying between the two made it clear they weren t just a legal dream team Then desire had to make way for duty, and what they had was done But it would never be over.Five years later, it s none other than the Butcher who gets things started again, when his shocking jailbreak reunites the lawyer and the lawman and reignites their love But this time, the pair is in danger of being permanently parted by a killer with revenge on his mind, and Lauren on the top of his list As a new wave of terror sweeps through the streets and swamps of Baton Rouge, one man will pit his boundless passion against another s relentless hate, for the life of the woman who obsesses them both.Series A Novel of the Bayou Butcher

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One thought on “Fear For Me

  1. Alex ♈

    I wouldn’t say this book was boring, but it was definitely less entertaining than average from Cynthia Eden. I finished only to find out who was the ‘partner’ of the serial killer. The whole story was a bit flat, IMO of course.Ugh! 2nd chance… Ugh! Couldn’t stand the hero. He was a side character in previous book and he didn’t show his best & strong side then; and in this story he was just meh.Both not celibate during separating, but he more than her. Since when does CE have such [...]

  2. Duchess Nicole

    "The way I feel about you - it's not easy and light. It's dark and dangerous."Cynthia Eden is baaaaackd she totally knocked it out of the park with this stellar Romantic Suspense. I'd say it was heavy on the suspense, and it wasbut it was also heavy on the romance, heavy on intensity, heavy on awesome. :DMY SYNOPSIS:In this story, a sadistic serial killer escapes from prison with one goal in mind: to bring down the woman who caged him for five years, District Attorney Lauren Chandler. And not on [...]

  3. Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾

    4.5 Spine Tingling Suspensful Stars He waned her to see him exactly as he was. Far from good. Far from perfect. With a darkness inside that would always burn.There is one thing I know for sure I'm going to get whenever I pick up a book by Cynthia Eden; spine-tingling suspense and chilling action filled with twists and turns, with a super steamy romance thrown flawlessly into the mix.I have been a huge fan of Eden's since her Deadly series, and this book is the perfect example of why. My favorite [...]

  4. Shawna

    4-4.5 stars – Romantic Suspense/ThrillerMs. Eden can really pen some goosebumps inducing suspense, alphalicious heroes, strong heroines, and seriously creeptastic uber villains!

  5. ᴥ Irena ᴥ

    Fear For Me is a very good romantic suspense story with a serial killer on the loose and a second chance love story. Anthony Ross is a great character, something you can see in Die For Me: A Novel of the Valentine Killer. I was afraid Lauren was going to be one of those characters the way she acted in the beginning, but that's not the case. Fortunately, the annoyance in the beginning stayed there. The suspense part is very good and it's the focus of the story. You might guess some things right a [...]

  6. Sheryl

    Seriously, EVERY romantic suspense book I have read by Cynthia Eden, I have NEVER guessed the villain!!! And THAT is what keeps me reading till the very end OH and OF COURSE lets not forget her HAWT, HUGELY ALPHA heroes *SWOON* what can I say except, this woman ROCKS in the RS genre!!!!

  7. Jamie

    Cynthia Eden did it again! Kept me guessing until the very end I had all kinds of suspects on my list but NEVER saw it coming. Cynthia weaves a tale that just sucks you in. Gripping suspense and some smokin' sexy times too. Loved every minute of this from beginning to end. A MUST read for those that love romantic suspense.

  8. Jo

    “The way I feel about you - it’s wild and it’s dark. I want you with me all the time. I want your body, your heart. I want you to need me as much as I need you.”District Attorney Lauren Chandler and Marshal Anthony Ross met five years ago during the Bayou Butcher trial. The chemistry between them was off the charts, but when the trial was over, Anthony left. Now it’s five years later and the Bayou Butcher has escaped, and he’s gone back to exact his revenge on the people who tried to [...]

  9. Mei

    Fantastic!!! Simply Cynthia Eden's fantastic suspense!! I love how this woman writes! She's able to make you feel everything her characters feel and that's the best a writer can do! Brava!!!The story pacing is masterfully fast without leaving out anything important. With a few brief descriptions she makes you think you're right there with the protagonists. The swamp comes alive and the fear creeps. You can immagine being there and feeling somebody watches you with evel intent! WOW!!!I don't know [...]

  10. Kira Simion

    First thing's first: I havenotread the first book. I didn't really need to since everything was clear and easy to understand.Okay-dokey (is that okay? Did I spell it right?)Anyways. I'll be trying to write a SHORT review for every book I read from now on. I love short, sweet, and simple when it comes to reviews. (by me at least.) other people are much better at the length when it comes to them but, not I!So the main character(s) are enjoyable though let's be honest, I never was able to relate ab [...]

  11. Ann

    Mixed feelings on this one. The romance between Anthony, a US Marshall, and Lauren, the DA, was odd, emotionless for the first part of the bk and a bit on the dark side. HA! For a time I was wondering if the author was really gonna pull a “who done it” on Lauren and have the strangely obsessed Anthony do her in. So as far as the romance is concerned – this was a fail for me. I never connected with that relationship at all. There was more emotion from the FBI profiler than the cold heroine. [...]

  12. Yesenia Gonzalez

    Back at it again the suspenseful romance keeps you on edge. We meet US Marshal Anthony Ross in the first series now we see him protect the one girl he let go. Anthony and attorney Lauren worked together to put away the famous killer "the Butcher" now he escaped and determined to hunt down Lauren and get his revenge. The perfect team works together before he kills again while still struggling with the emotions that haven't left each other all this time. I liked Anthony I thought he might have lik [...]

  13. Teri

    3.5 starsI liked this, not as much as some of Eden's others. The last 25% had me just going round and round accusing the same three people. I like it when I'm not 100% sure who dunnit. The romantic aspect didn't work as well for me in this one, but still worth the read

  14. Shauni

    I am developing a serious love/hate relationship with Cynthia Eden Love intense, romantic suspense books, hate having to wait for more of course I am not sure if I love or hate the fact that she keeps me totally on the edge of my seat the entire freaking book! Fear for Me is book two in what I am calling her For Me Series and again I am going to have to go back and find book one. This woman can seriously write suspense!!Lauren Chandler made her career when she prosecuted and convicted the Bayou [...]

  15. Anne OK

    There's just nothing like a good solid and dark romantic suspense book for me. I love reading all the different genres of romance but RS has always captured my heart and soul. And Cynthia Eden's stories are among some of my favorites. This one kept me glued to the chair and caught up in a whirlwind of murder and suspense from the beginning. At various points throughout the story, I suspected several of the front and center characters -- even the eventual guilty party. Still yet, I was never cert [...]

  16. D.R.

    After several Eden novellas, I was ready for a longer, meatier book. I got it in Fear for Me.The suspense in the book is great. I was kept guessing about who dunnit for most of the book. I love that. LOVE. There’s nothing I hate more than knowing who did it WAY before everyone in the book knows, or worse, figuring it out even when I wasn’t supposed to. If that happens, it colors the rest of the book for me.Now for the love story. I wanted to like Lauren and Anthony. And separately, I did. I [...]

  17. Victoria

    Love could be twisted for some…And love could be dark and dangerous and perfect for others.Five years ago, Lauren and Anthony worked together to bring down Jon Walker, the Bayou Butcher, a serial killer that murdered women in the Baton Rouge area of LA. Anthony was a US Marshall and helped apprehend the killer. Lauren worked in the Districts Attorney’s office and prosecuted the caseDuring that time, Lauren and Anthony had a passionate affair that ended when Anthony left town. Fear for Me pic [...]

  18. Bube

    A few months ago when I read the book Die For Me by Cynthia Eden,the author announced that will write book about US marshal Anthony Ross who we meet in that book and when finnaly this book got synopsis,after reading,I was excited that we will have another book in this series,after impatiently waiting for many months,the book is finnaly here and when I saw that I was approved ARC,I was literally jumping up and down :DMany times I have written what I think about books by Cynthia Eden,now I want to [...]

  19. Sofia T. (♥ Dimitri Belikov)

    “The way I feel about you—it’s wild and it’s dark. I want you with me all the time. I want your body, your heart. I want you to need me as much as I need you.” Once upon a time Lauren and Anthony worked together to bring down the Bayou Butcher. Lauren prosecuted the case while Anthony helped catch the killer. But all they while, they had an affair which ended by Anthony leaving town. Fear for Me: A Novel of the Bayou Butcher starts five years later when the Bayou Butcher escapes from p [...]

  20. Laylaw

    5 Heart Stopping- action packed- thrilling stars!Wow- I love Cynthia Eden books. They are always non-stop, and I find myself thumbing through the pages (or the screen) to read the next page because it is always so intense. Lauren Chandler has put away the Bayou Butcher. He was convicted and sentenced to life for killing 7 women and he is there to stay and rot in prison, or so Lauren thought. The Book starts out with Jon Walker (the Bayou Butcher) escaping from Prison- and he does it by any means [...]

  21. Cindy ~ SnS Reviews

    “Love could be twisted for some” and “love could be dark and dangerous and perfect for others.” In this dark and twisted tale of a killer called the Bayou Butcher who wields a knife with no remorse we follow the trail of bodies along with some familiar faces from the previous book. Five years ago ADA Lauren Chandler and US Marshal Anthony put the Bayou Butcher behind bars for life. At the time Anthony also walked away from Lauren after getting scared that their romance was bordering on o [...]

  22. Jennifer☠Pher☠

    OH MY GOD!!! I got an ARC! I am so freaking excited to start this one! Yeahhhhhh!!!!**ARC courtesy of the author via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**Cynthia Eden can write Romantic Suspense like no other. I love her books!! When I saw this one floating around my feed I NEEDED to read this book! My favorite book setting is the South, especially Louisiana and when I saw this was about a serial killer; set in the Bayou, called the Bayou Butcher I knew it was for me and that I would lov [...]

  23. Kelly at

    Review will be posted atbooks-n-kisses MBER OF HEARTS: 4 1/2REVIEW: 5 years. 5 years he has waited. 5 years he has planned and today is the day that he will finally get his revenge on those who put him here. This was a disturbingly good story. I have often said that the mind of a suspense author is a very scary place to be. Cynthia Eden has proven that again with Fear For Me. If you have read Die For Me: A Novel of the Valentine Killer, you will see a few familiar names in Fear For Me. But if yo [...]

  24. Ann Lorz

    I was so looking forward to this story. If you read Die For Me you met Anthony Ross. There was something about him in that story that made me want his and here it is. Fear For Me is about Anthony and Lauren Chandler. Both know each other from a earlier relationship. With a serial killer on the lose and after Lauren, Anthony rushes to her side. These two will go on a wild ride, learn more about each other then they knew before. It's a must read. I received this ARC for a honest review.

  25. Darcy

    Like the first book this one had some interesting twists. I thought I had guessed the killer, turns out my first 2 guesses weren't right. The killer chase was much more interesting than the romance in the book, I thought it was meh. Sure Lauren and Tony had history, some chemistry, but each one of them were cold with their feelings. With that being said, I was happy with how things ended for them.

  26. Saly

    Rating 3.5 starsThis was in many ways a typical Cynthia Eden, hero/heroine were involved five years ago, she asked him to stay, he left because of hang ups about his past. He returns to her life because she has been threatened, he is all alpha and jealous about her ex. The book was entertaining and short.

  27. Lee

    The intrigue and mystery kept me turning pages. While there is romance and steam, the truly engaging part of this book is the masterful way Cynthia Eden captures your attention with the hunt for a killer that is some of the very best suspense I've ever read.

  28. Anita

    **Series Review originally posted at Ani's Book Abyss | For Me trilogyAudio books narrated by Emily BeresfordBook #1: Die for Me | | Rating:  3.0 StarsBook #2: Fear for Me | | Rating:  3.5 StarsBook #3: Scream for Me | | Rating:  2.5 StarsSeries Rating:  3.0 StarsFrankly, I didn't really have much to say about the first For Me book when I read it for the first time two years prior, and I still don't really have much to say about it.  Neither was there much to say about the other two boo [...]

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