The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord The year is A D And times are very dark England is lawless for the most part and the people live in fear Rising to power during this time is the vicious and brutal knight Ajax de Velt His mission

The year is 1180 A.D And times are very dark England is lawless for the most part and the people live in fear Rising to power during this time is the vicious and brutal knight Ajax de Velt His mission is to conquer a large stretch of the Scots and Welsh border, commandeering wealth and property along the way He wants to be the most feared and powerful warlord in alThe year is 1180 A.D.And times are very dark England is lawless for the most part and the people live in fear Rising to power during this time is the vicious and brutal knight Ajax de Velt His mission is to conquer a large stretch of the Scots and Welsh border, commandeering wealth and property along the way He wants to be the most feared and powerful warlord in all of England, Wales and Scotland, and he is well on his way.The last in a long line of dark and brutal warriors, Ajax is the most ruthless and ambitious knight in the Isles even the heartiest warriors fear the man for his cold blooded tactics More than that, his bloodlust, as well as his sheer skill with a blade, is legendary But as Ajax and his army conquer the latest castle in his plans to secure the borders, he unexpectedly meets his match in a spitfire of a woman named Kellington Coleby.Beautiful, intelligent and feisty, Lady Kellington refuses to surrender to the man as handsome as he is brutal.The warlord and the maiden go head to head in this unforgettable story of love, battle, devotion, fear and adventure.

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One thought on “The Dark Lord

  1. KatieV

    I'm calling this one at 30%. Don't think I want to continue, but I won't rate since I DNF'd. Also, full disclosure - my impression may have been skewed by the narrator who made the hero sound exactly like 'The Kurgan' from the original 1980's Highlander movie. I thought Clancy Brown did a great job making that villainous character creepy as hell, but he wasn't what I'd call sexy. YMMVDespite the unfortunate narration, at first I was excited. I thought I was finally getting a historical with some [...]

  2. Shari Kay

    Setting this aside for nowI'm.d. It started out so darke H is brutal, unfeeling warrior. I cried along with kellington at all he had wrought when he capture the keep. How was this author ever going to make him redeemable enough that I'd believe in the HEA? By making him a gooey marshmallow, PW'd, EMO. May come back later.

  3. Niki

    I can't figure out why, but I actually liked this book. Like many free books on Kindle, The Dark Lord is seriously in need of an editor, but this never bothers me as much as it does other people, just so long as it is still readable. I think what kept me interested in the story was the hero, Jax de Velt. I liked the way he changed throughout the story, and learned to be more empathetic. Other than that, it seemed like the author did her research of the time period well. I guess the best way to d [...]

  4. BlackTulip

    Reviewed By BlackTulip for Booked UpAfter Ajax de Velt’s undeniable and bloody success in the Welsh Marches, he leaves his trusted generals in command of six strategic castles and continues his relentless, destructive but so profitable conquest entering Northumberland en route for the Scottish border.The barbarians who burst in Pelinom's keep aren't knights in shining armors. No, their armors are filthy and splashed with the blood of a whole garrison that has just been slaughtered. They are de [...]

  5. Misfit

    Between the "plate armor" the hero wears, and at least two mentions of the heroine's "pantalets", I'm afraid I'm going to yield at 6% and move on. If I ever want to go back to anachronistic medievals, I'll just pick up Garwood for a reread. Life's too short.

  6. Deniz

    I really liked this book, it was very well written , great medieval romance.I highly recommend it and give it 5 big stars

  7. Sissy's Romance Book Review

    I have been loving Kathryn Le Veque books and been doing somewhat of a marathon read because her books are so good! This book did hit snag for me in the 'really love' department. I thought the hero, Ajax de Velt " The Dark Lord" was a little to dark. His crimes were on women and children and disrespecting dead bodies left from their wars. I found it somewhat hard to get over but I did continue to read the book. His character did grow and a few funny parts but I did feel that Kellington Coleby fo [...]

  8. TJ

    4.5/5.0 If one enjoys a rich love story that doesn't shrink from the nasty realities that inhabit the medieval era, this one is superb. There is just enough fairytale to soften the harshness and allow the reader to believe. Those sticklers for editing might take exception but for those of us that can overlook a few misspellings, this one is sigh worthy for sure!

  9. Linda Mullins

    One of my all time favs. From my favorite author. Ms Le Veque always writes books that transport me to another time and place.

  10. Diamond Reynolds

    Loved this. Bad guy, good girl. Great adventure and very realistic. At times gory but I loved it.

  11. Hafiza

    Another free Kindle download.He- strong, brutal KnightShe- sweet and beautiful conquered damsel.Great fun.Just downloaded several more of this Author's Medieval romances which are free as well.

  12. Eric Townsend

    The Dark Lord was a trip back in time for me to when I read about and adored ancient history, including the knights of old, though typically those weren’t so focused on romance. Le Veque paints a beautiful and realistic picture of what times were like during the time of Henry II’s reign and how differently politics and wars were handled then. Though there isn’t much detail given on the landscape, which is a shame given that the area the book focuses on is Scotland and surrounding nations, [...]

  13. DemetraP

    This was a did not finish book for me. The hero killed babies. And left rotting enemies up on a spike and made the heroine walk through them.Then we had to watch the heroine's best friend mourn her husband and baby. Did not finish. Maybe the other books don't have such a dark hero.(I made a pun)

  14. BigComfyChairBookReviews

    Love this story. This book is pretty dark and will not appeal to everyone. I recommend reading some of the 1-2star reviews, there are more on amazon, so you know what you are getting into. I loved the darkness and the drama. Ajax is very dark hero who has done some pretty unforgivable things. But, love can be blind sometimes like in Lady Kellington’s case, and it can make Ajax a better man. I like that the author wasn't afraid to make the heroine, what some might call, superficial and weak. I [...]

  15. Amber

    It was pretty good but I was ready to tear my hair out at the end of the book for the sheer number of times the phrase "dual colored eyes" or "dual colored orbs" was used. I get it. He has two different colored eyes. I don't need to be reminded every time he uses them.

  16. cariedaway

    I am finding myself liking the story, to a degree. It is interesting to see a man who's whole existence is death and destruction change. It poses interesting questions. Is it possible for a person so callused to taking human life to change? Is one woman really powerful enough to change a man that much? After so much damaged done, can he have forgiveness and be allowed to live out his life as if he has done nothing? From the heroine's side I believe this is a good example of Stockholm syndrome. W [...]

  17. Eileen Dandashi

    Audiobook Review:Ajax de Velt, the darkest of knights had no heart – not because he had a choice, for he did not. His heart lay buried within his mother’s unmarked grave. Brought up by a demanding, hard father he learned all his cruel and merciless methods of warfare from him. The biggest lesson was give no quarter—leave no one living, NO ONE. He was a man driven with ambition to claim as many castles he could, all with the same unwavering drive. He was a colossal warrior, his reputation p [...]

  18. Zoe

    Half stars GoodReads, please!I wanted to give this book 3.5 stars, because I liked the book. It was an easy read, quick and angst-less. I was commited to the story until the last page. A much better experience with Kathryn Le Veque this time around. (I got stuck with another book from her 4 months ago and I still have not gone back to it.) Now onto why ONLY 3.5 stars: characterization.1. I have never come across such a hero. I almost did not want to forgive him becausehe is a warlord!! maybe it [...]

  19. Liloshadow (ReNee)

    Ultimate Tale of a Monster Turned Loving Knight"The world judges me by the decisions I make, never does it see the options I had to choose from." This quote describes the hero Jax perfectly I think.Im not going to lie there a lot of things to dislike about the hero Jax in this story. He is a man that shows NO MERCY. Woman, children, innocents one is spared. The first few chapters made me slightly nauseous and teary eyed. But I pushed through because having read this author before I knew it wou [...]

  20. Kirstin

    I read the blurb from this book and was extremely excited. It was the type of thing I've been looking for. Jax, in my opinion is one of my favorite hero's from the books I've read so far. However, Kellington, disappointed me greatly. Her naivety was fine at first then began to get increasingly annoying until I was ready to put the book down. I get it she was sheltered, she'd never seen war and been through hardships but she acted like everyone was kind and that even cruel, merciless people had a [...]

  21. Cora

    I love a good medevil story and this story filled the bill and more. If you have opportunity, purchase the audio version. The narrator adds a delicious level of masculine tension to the story. Kellington is saved from torture after the castle is overtaken by a roguish brute. But every man has a soft side and Kellington finds her way into his. But not everyone is comfortable with the relationship building between them. Anymore would be full of spoilers but I can't stress enough how much this stor [...]

  22. Linda

    Dark and deeply movingThis book is not for the faint at heart. There is enough violence and sorrow here that I truly felt tears well up in my eyes as I read. Ajax is a horrible dark knight and his cruelty fits the time. But he has a need that even he didn't know he craved till he saw "a little corner of heaven". Keeps you very involved and reaching for more.

  23. Jo Ann

    Another great read from Ms Le Veque. Hit all my hot buttons: multiple POV's, strong heroine, dark and broody hero, lots of action and adventure, and great supporting characters. Can't wait to read more in this series - especially Atreus and Tor.

  24. Patricia

    As always Kathryn has written a novel that is both powerful and so romantic! This one is not to be missed!

  25. Zel Polev

    This hurts my brain so I'm not continuing it. I've finished half of the book and I just didn't have a feeling that it would be worth it to finish. I wasn't really invested in the characters. They came across as lacking in depth. They felt like cardboard cutouts of romance characters and I felt I would be happier putting this one away rather than finishing. I feel like I wasted hours reading this so I'm going to eat up the losses and prevent any more. One of the cringier lines for me was Kellingt [...]

  26. Mudpie

    3.5* gladly rounded up to 4*Let me get it out if the way that the book looked as if it was rushed off to be published without editing or proofreading much, like a young English student submitting his composition for a test. Lots of typos/missing words like 'to' or 'of'; poor grammar like 'to frightened' just to name some issues. However these mistakes do not take away the meaning and understanding of the story thank goodness.As this is my first Kathryn Le Veque book I'm fascinated by her gruesom [...]

  27. IrishAmber

    Dark Lord DeliciousThe story was good. The Hero was beautifully dangerous. I did not like the female lead! EVERY time she opened up her annoying, naive mouth she was literally cutting off the man's balls. Do this for me, do that for me, and I'll never ask for anything again. Ten minutes later. same scenario, ugh! He was surrounded by heartless killers. (she repeatedly stated) So what made her think it was safe to undermine him in front of said killers every chance she got? She did not care for h [...]

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