Introducing C.B. Greenfield

Introducing C B Greenfield An excellent debut in which Maggie and C B investigate a hit and run accident involving a child

An excellent debut in which Maggie and C.B investigate a hit and run accident involving a child.

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    Lucille Kallen
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One thought on “Introducing C.B. Greenfield

  1. Paul Raymer

    It depends on why you read a book. To be entertained. To be taken on a journey with the author and the characters. To watch a craftsman weave the words and the plot.This is not a major work and the story line is light. But the words are memorable. For example:"It was not a bad morning, chilly but clear and sunny. The sky looked newly washed after the rain and wore its small, puffy white clouds with an air of having just dressed up for a party. It was the kind of morning that transmuted the myste [...]

  2. Peggy

    Lucille Kallen was the lone woman on the writing team for Sid Caesar's 'Your Show of Shows' (1950-1954) and only turned to fiction when the show was canceled. As far as I can tell she only wrote the 5 mysteries in the C.B. Greenfield series. She passed away from cancer in 1999 at the age of 76.The story is set in fictional Sloan's Ford NY. The Sloan's Ford Reporter is run by C.B. (Charlie) Greenfield, a retired NBC staff writer, from the downstairs floor of his old home. I enjoyed the opening in [...]

  3. Bev

    Well, I pretty much read the C. B. Greenfield books by Lucile Kallen backwards--or mixed-up--or something. I started with The Tanglewood Murder, meandered my way to A Little Madness (the last book in the series), and have now finished up with Introducing C. B. Greenfield. In which, guess what? Kallen introduces us to Charles Benjamin Greenfield, editor and owner of the Sloan's Ford Reporter, and his star reporter and side-kick Maggie Rome. When Peter Kittle, the newspaper's only delivery boy, is [...]

  4. Michael Mallory

    This was a real disappointment. Author Lucille Kallen was once a writer for Sid Caesar, but had this book been a TV script, Caesar would have rewritten it before rejecting it. There is no particular story here, just a lot of running around in a small town, with stereotypes instead of characters, including an eccentric newspaper editor who is one-half of the sleuth team, but who is so obnoxious he should be the victim; the narrator, the other half of the sleuth team, a woman who is slavishly devo [...]

  5. Bonnie

    Read about this as being a "forgotten mystery classic" from the seventies and it was compared to one of my favorite series-Nero Wolfe. Where I have found Nero Wolfe sort of "timeless", this book seemed very 70's and I really didn't like any of the characters very much. The "Nero Wolfe" is the editor of a small town newspaper who is crazy about music and his "Archie" is a married 40 something female reporter. There are only a few titles in this series-the author was a writer for Your Show of Show [...]

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