Jung: A Biography

Jung A Biography This authoritative biography reveals the untold truth about Jung s secret work for the Allies during World War II his controversial affair with one of his patients and the contents of his private pa

  • Title: Jung: A Biography
  • Author: Deirdre Bair
  • ISBN: 9780316159388
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • This authoritative biography reveals the untold truth about Jung s secret work for the Allies during World War II, his controversial affair with one of his patients, and the contents of his private papers, as well as never before published photos.

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      288 Deirdre Bair
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    One thought on “Jung: A Biography

    1. Aaron Wolfson

      A wonderfully thorough and balanced portrait of an immensely complex man. Walt Whitman, with your contradictions and multitudes: Jung is the proof of your pudding. And Deirdre Bair serves that pudding up as a scrumptious and filling dish.My one major concern with the book is that it doesn't delve as deeply into Jung's psychology as I'd have liked. Perhaps I've been spoiled by recently reading James Gleick's meticulous scientific treatment of Richard Feynman's life (Genius: The Life and Science o [...]

    2. Ladiibbug

      BiographyWhat a big disappointment. I spent lots of time researching to find the best book about Jung, by the most qualified biographer/writer. Despite the author's sterling credentials, and a wasted week of reading the 640 pages (the rest being notes and an index), for the most part, I still don't have a clue about:1. Jung's thought processes about "the collective unconscious", how he arrived at his conclusions about introvert/extrovert types, what he thought about an individual's unconscious m [...]

    3. Clif

      I got through it.A good biography offers insight into the times as well as the subject. This account leaves the man isolated from events. World War 1 passes almost without notice and World War 2 comes and goes without much disturbance beyond problems with the mail and rationing while living a life in isolation in Switzerland. All the while this association or that is being formed around Jung, the leadership of each bickering about the purpose of the group and all hoping to find favor with Jung.I [...]

    4. C.W. Smith

      I didn't finish Bair's biography of Jung. My surrender should say nothing about the quality of Bair's research; it's a doozy. I got as far as 300-ish pages before the breadth of names, concepts, and aside biographies (context to help the reader understand Jung's environment) convinced me I'd have to devote more time to finish the book. I'm eager to move on to other texts, so Bair and I will have to part company prematurely. I "did" get far enough in to see Jung through middle-age. (I would have [...]

    5. John

      A thoroughly researched and for the most part well written biography. Bair did tend to go too heavily into the machination of the Psychoanalytical Clubs. Her in-depth delving into the politics of the writing and publications of Jung's "so called autobiography" did veer off into the realm of the mind-numbing. Otherwise a very worthwhile read.

    6. Elizabeth

      This is a fascinating look at a complicated man. Deidre Bair has managed to show him as a flawed man whose curiosity helped him create psychology as we know it. His relationships are fraught with difficulty. He is inconsistent and hates criticism. He is constantly searching for the connection between our interior world and the exterior world of both mythology and dreams.The description of getting "Memories, Dreams, Reflections" published will resonate with anyone who has worked in publishing. Th [...]

    7. Jamie

      Bair gives a great exhaustive history of Jung's life, but as a psych-minded person, I wish she would have done more on going into the theories which Jung created and how his personal life lead to the development of the collective unconscious, archetypes, etc. She goes into more detail on Jung's interest in alchemy but mainly as it created and destroyed some of his close relationships. Learning more about Jung and all of his nuances as a very private man who couldn't help but self-promote relentl [...]

    8. Erin

      If you want to study Jung, I highly recommend this book. It's written by a biographer (not a Jungian) so it's accessible to any reader. I also found it an aid to helping me understand Jung's own writing since it contextualizes and grounds him in world history.

    9. Lewis

      This book is fraught with numerous errors in scholarship.Many of these error have been noted in Chapter IV of "Jung Stripped Bare-By His Biographers Even" by Sonu Shamdasani.A few of the errors cited in Footnotes by Shamdasani are:22. Bair noted that Jung asked Cary Baynes to write his biography in the 1930s, without citing a source (Bair, 2003, p. 585) There is no mention in their correspondence of this.51. This copy of the protocols was donated by Helen Wolff to Princeton University Press, who [...]

    10. Zeb

      Between the Smith person in here and me we have read the whole book, as I skipped some chapters in the first half, and then again at the very end as I got too tired of the exhaustive telling of the Zangengeburt/breach birth of the "so called Autobiography", thus labelled by Jung, of " Dreams, reflections" I can only admire Deidre Blair for wading through all this material and the endless on-goings between all parties concerned. And then rendering it all into a quite readable biography! Conside [...]

    11. Klaus Metzger

      Deidre Bair hat über einen Zeitraum von 8 Jahren das Leben des Psychologen C.G. Jung erforscht, der sich mit Sigmund Freud zerstritten hat und mit seiner Lehre nicht nur Freunde fand. Über Jahre hat mich das Phänomen der "Synchronizität" fasziniert, das C.G. Jung erstmals beschrieben hat. F. David Peat hat darüber ein erstklassiges Buch verfasst.

    12. Jann

      It was wonderful to read a comprehensive, objective biography of this amazing man, who was a pioneer in connecting man's pursuit of self-actualization with the spiritual (even though he was afraid of being criticized as "non-scientific" and disguised his beliefs in somewhat ambiguous terminology). I now want to re-read "Memories, Dreams, & Reflections", his autobiography, with more information about his personality.

    13. Somya

      This book is SO dense and there are so many details that really do not help to paint an overall picture of Jung's core ideas. The only type of person who could sit through reading the entire thing would already have to know alot about Jung to begin with. I really like Deirdre Bair's other biographies, so it pains me that this book left very little impact on me, even though I am really taken with Carl Jung in general.

    14. Lucia

      Jung was an amazing person. This particular biography was very academic, and therefore, a little hard to for me to enjoy as just an uninformed fan of Jung. Although it took me a month, I made it through the whole book and it certainly was informative, historically, socially, academically, on top of learning about Jung's life. I want to get analyzed by a Jungian now!

    15. Roberta McDonnell

      Interesting and detailed review of Jung's life and relationships and to a certain extent his theories and work. If you want a more in depth understanding of Jung's thinking, his own books and those by Marie Louise Von Franz are a little more enlightening. That said, this book, being a biography, was fascinating reading and quite moving, especially the final chapters. Definitely worth reading.

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