When She Was Bad

When She Was Bad Lily deVries suffers from dissociative identity disorder which means that her mind has fragmented into different personalities One of those personalities is Lilith the violent psychopath When Lilith

  • Title: When She Was Bad
  • Author: Jonathan Nasaw
  • ISBN: 9781847390400
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lily deVries suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which means that her mind has fragmented into different personalities One of those personalities is Lilith, the violent psychopath When Lilith meets Max, a fellow sufferer, it s up to ex FBI Agent Pender to track them down and prevent a carnage beyond imagining.

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      486 Jonathan Nasaw
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    One thought on “When She Was Bad

    1. Amy

      When She Was Bad" examines the terrifying relationship between two hot young lovers who also happen to be coldblooded killers."Multiples in love: imagine the possibilities," said one of the twisted couple's earlier victims. Lily DeVries and Ulysses Maxwell have quite a few things in common. Both were horrifically abused as children, then diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and eventually incarcerated in the same Oregon mental institution. There, they fell into the hands of the well-mea [...]

    2. Stephanie

      This is the fourth book in the EL Pender series but a sequel to The Girls He Adored which is why I jumped. "Max" has spent the last two years in a high security insane asylum being treated for DID under the care of a Dr. whose idea of treatment is questionable. In comes Lily (and Lilith)e has suffered the same horrible abuse as a child and now as a result, also suffers from DID. Could it be a match made in multiple personalty/psychopathic heaven!?I finished this book in a day. It was awesome! Na [...]

    3. Cindy

      Nasaw is back to his (good) old tricks with this one. Great look into the world of multiple personalities. Ulysses is back in this one.

    4. Eva

      Unlike anything I have read. I didn't realize it was part of a small series, I am reading them over from the beginning. Definitely a different kind of thriller.

    5. Pisces51

      REVIEWWhen She Was Bad was my first introduction to the works of Jonathan Nasaw. This novel was listed in "SERIAL KILLER NOVELS: TEN OF THE BEST" on Crime Fiction Lover. It was in fact the second selection that I chose to read from the ten novels listed, the first being Where Serpents Lie by T. Jefferson Parker. I investigated this choice prior to purchase, since Jonathan Nasaw was a "new author" to me. The first thing I learned was that there is doggone near a cult following associated with his [...]

    6. Kristi

      So many smart and experienced people making incredibly stupid decisions? Come on. And letting Lily completely off the hook? College and therapy "as-needed?" Makes zero sense. The characters seemed anachronistic and not fleshed out enough. Missed many opportunities, in my opinion, to give them more depth and complexities. As it stands, not buying it. Decent plot, Irritating read.

    7. Crubano410comcast.comnone

      Read it all the way to the end. Good story idea, grossly written. Too descriptive of murders and needless sex details for me. Won't read this author again!

    8. Manda

      Let me say This was my first Jonathan Nasaw book. I was wandering through the library, looking for something different and new. Needless to say, I was missing a little of the story, as this is the sequel to The Girls He Adored but it worked well enough as a stand alone.Everything starts simply enough-- We're introduced to Lily DeVries, your typical 17 year old girl. Apart from the brutal abuse that she suffered as a child, which in turn caused her to develop Dissociative Identity Disorder or Mul [...]

    9. Levian

      Lyssy and Lily were both diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder. Lyssy was sent to the mental institution where Dr. Al took a whole new approach of electrocution to subside the multiple personality in his patients. a few years had passed since Lyssy's other personality surfaced, Dr. Al was eager to announce his successful approach. but at the same time, Lily was sent into the institution by psychiatrist Irene and FBI agent Pender. Irene was Lyssy's last victim in The Girls He Adored (2001) [...]

    10. Victoria

      Oh, I enjoyed this book quite a bit! It was a very fast read, and it made for a rather happy ending for everyone involved - which was nice, since though it’s the fourth installment in the E. L. Pender series, it actually functions as a direct sequel to the first book in the series, The Girls He Adored. Nearly all of the characters reappear here. Though, I was a little disappointed for Max's fate - he was a pretty charming (and very disturbing) killer in the first book also, the end of this one [...]

    11. Jenn

      Those who know me know I absolutely LURVE the sick stuff. For me, Nasaw was always one of the good guys at sloshing out the sick stuff. This onet so much.An interesting tale of Max the psycho killer coming back to take care of the psychologist lady. (See, I can't even remember her name!) It was neat that they brought in a new playmate for Lyssy/Max. Not sure I liked the DID theme though, as I always think of Sybil and wonder why they needed to change the name of multiple personality disorder.Any [...]

    12. Darcia Helle

      Ulysses and Lilly, two people suffering with multiple personality disorder, fall in love. This story starts there and goes full tilt until the very end. One personality is a serial killer, another a hard-edged biker babe unafraid to kill. Then there's the sweet, naive man-child and the trusting, hopeful young woman. Personalities fight for dominance and the good and bad guy are all wrapped up in one package. Nasaw is an excellent writer. He tackles a fascinating subject with sizzling suspense th [...]

    13. Karen

      I didn't realize that this book was part of a series, which explained some of the holes left in it. All in all, as this is not my normal genre (I gleaned this one from the $5 Barnes & Noble Bargain Bookshelf), I was surprised how it captured my interest. The multiple personalities angle to the book really kept it interesting and made it more than just a book about serial killing. I really enjoyed it and am going to go back and read more in the series particularly, "The Girls He Adored" as th [...]

    14. Lori J

      This book is a very short read, I managed to finish it in about a day, and that was a work day, too. The plot was very interesting, if not a bit cliched in parts. I enjoyed the descriptive narrative, and also enjoyed the fact that it wasn't as relentless as the prequel. I found that it spluttered and sort of crawled it's way to a finish, however. I wouldn't read this again, but I appreciate what the author was trying to put out. Also, E.L Pender's segments were once again boring, and just seemed [...]

    15. lia

      i picked this book for two reasons: 1. the cover was all covered in blood 2. it talked about DID and i love thrillers that have psychiatry and mental disorders into them. i thought it would help me out too as an aspiring author was fun to read but not as exciting and thrilling as i thought it would be. some parts were not interesting enough but that's just my opinion. either way, despite the occasional uninterest, i liked the story overall. i actually wanna read his other books and i think they' [...]

    16. Ashlee Foster

      I was honestly shocked when I looked at other's reviews of this book. Most I was were 4-5 stars and when I saw that my jaw literally dropped. This is one of the, dumbest, for lack of a better and more mature word, book I have ever bothered reading. The book has no plot other than escape, kill, escape, kill on and so forth. It's ridiculous to say this book even has merit. I know we are each entitled to our own opinions, but my god - 5 stars??? Are you kidding me?

    17. Kay

      Jonathan Nasaw is one of the most underrated writers that I read. His stories always captivate me and are of the ‘don’t want to put this one down’ variety. It’s difficult to find his books and it took me 2 years to locate a copy of this one. After searching the library, bookstore, used bookstores in 2 states I finally broke down and bought it off Ebay. It did not disappoint!I have read all his psycho books but did not read any of his earlier vampire books.

    18. Nikki

      Multiple personality disorder is both fascinating and frightening. This book had two main characters suffering from the condition, which made it all the more interesting. I couldn't help but feel sorrow, knowing that their condition was a result of seriously traumatic events they had endured as children. Very well written, I may have to look into reading more from this author.

    19. Lori

      I liked this book a lot at first. The premise seemed interesting enough and I liked the author's style. As the book went on, I felt like the story was rushed along and I didn't care about the characters. Making myself finish this book was a struggle. The constant shift between the many alters grew tired rather quickly.

    20. Genaphur

      I love Jonathan Nasaw and I can't remember what it was that made me put this book down for awhile but sometimes when I split a book I'm reading into two different reading times I end up losing something out of it. So I might have rated this book higher if I had read it all at once but I'm just glad I got around to finishing it instead of forgetting all about it.

    21. Jennifer

      I enjoyed reading this book and found it interesting to follow the different personalities of the two main characters. How interesting that they could actually fake their other personalities, very clever. I did not know until reading the other reviews that there was a book about Max before this one, but I will pick it up!

    22. Nancy

      My mom had this from the library and because I forgot my book when I went home to visit, I picked this up. Really liked the premise, but at times it was a little more than I could stand kind of over the top. The best part, though, was that it taught me a TON of new words, like "saturnine". Kind of a Sybil for modern times.

    23. Lyra

      I'm a bit uncomfortable with a 5 star review but I have no choice. This was a twisted story of two serial killers with multiple personalities. Excellent writing took a horrific tale of abuse and lots of sick violence and made this a page turner with heart.

    24. Tabitha

      I only have a couple of chapters left in this book to read. Overall, it's a pretty good read just a little slow at some parts. Great story/crime plot though, I enjoyed learning more about disassociate identity disorder.

    25. Amandahomsher

      this was an okay book, it was a quick read, the only problem I had with this book is sometimes they are not clear at first which of the characters "personalities" they are talking from. I found myself wondering a few times who it was and in some cases the only way to find out is to keep reading.

    26. Shannon

      I enjoyed reading the second part of Max's story, but for whatever reason this was just not a page turner for me. I couldn't put the first one down and this one seemed to lag for me. It is still an interesting read though.

    27. Linda Rowe

      Good bookJonathan manages to write a good follow up adventure without repeating too much from previous books but enough to know what happened previously, even if you haven't read them.

    28. Heather

      I liked the idea of this book and I got it mostly because of the DID content. It was good, but I think it fell short in actually discussing the characters' mental problems. There was so much more that could have been done.

    29. Toby

      I loved it. The perfect combination of a character drama and suspense thriller. The characters and alters were integral in the telling of the dark story. Plus even though it's fiction, I learned a lot about D.I.D.

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