Crushed Velvet

Crushed Velvet Diane Vallere has stitched up an engaging new series Sofie Kelly New York Times bestselling author of the Magical Cats MysteriesFabric shop owner Polyester Monroe is back in business this time gettin

  • Title: Crushed Velvet
  • Author: Diane Vallere
  • ISBN: 9780425270585
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Paperback
  • Diane Vallere has stitched up an engaging new series Sofie Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of the Magical Cats MysteriesFabric shop owner Polyester Monroe is back in business this time getting wrapped up in a diabolical but crafty case of murder.With opening day of Material Girl approaching, Poly is stocking up on lush fabrics, colorful notions, and best of all Diane Vallere has stitched up an engaging new series Sofie Kelly, New York Times bestselling author of the Magical Cats MysteriesFabric shop owner Polyester Monroe is back in business this time getting wrapped up in a diabolical but crafty case of murder.With opening day of Material Girl approaching, Poly is stocking up on lush fabrics, colorful notions, and best of all, a proprietary weave of velvet But upon delivery, it s not quite the blend she expected, being ninety percent silk and ten percent corpse Crushed under a dozen bolts of fabric is Phil Girard His wife, Genevieve, local tea shop owner and close friend of Poly, is the prime suspect.Granted, Phil may not have been the perfect husband, but surely Genevieve had no reason to kill him There s just the small matter of Genevieve s own incriminating confession I m afraid I killed my husband Now, as Material Girl s grand opening looms, Poly is torn between a friendship pulling apart at the seams and finding a smooth killer with a velvet touch INCLUDES A CRAFT PROJECT

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      327 Diane Vallere
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    One thought on “Crushed Velvet

    1. Lisa Ks Book Review

      If I had material like CRUSHED VELVET to read all the time, I could zip through books faster than running my nylons or snagging my cotton blends. I am such a fan of the Material Witness Mystery series. Book one, SUEDE TO REST was a great first installment, but it doesn’t compare to the wonderfully textured read that is CRUSHED VELVET.I hardly put this book down from the moment I opened it until sadly, it was over, with no more to read. I simply didn’t want it to end. Between the wonderful wr [...]

    2. ❂ Jennifer

      3.5 stars. Better than the first book in the series (which wasn't bad either). I like the characters and the writing enough to read the next book.Slightly wordier review: jennoklikes/post/126314

    3. Barb

      I had the great good fortune to receive a free copy of CRUSHED VELVET in exchange for a fair and honest review.This second offering in the Material Witness Mystery series is even better than the first, if possible. Diane Vallere has an obvious wealth of knowledge about fabrics, and she's no slouch at creating a riveting cozy mystery, too. Crushed Velvet takes place in a small town about 45 minutes from LA. Poly (short of Polyester) Monroe inherited the family fabric business which had been close [...]

    4. Mark Baker

      Polyester Monroe is just a week away from reopening the fabric shop she inherited from her great uncle. She’s ordered a special blend of velvet and hired her friend Genevieve’s husband, Phil, to pick it up for her. But when the velvet arrives, it’s not Phil behind the wheel. In fact, he’s dead under the velvet. Worse yet, Genevieve thinks she had something to do with his death. Now Poly will have to add solving a murder to her last minute to do list.I enjoyed the first in the series, and [...]

    5. K.A. Davis

      CRUSHED VELVET by Diane Vallere is the story of Poly (Polyester) Monroe, who has returned San Ladrón after inheriting her aunt and uncle’s fabric store. The store has been shuttered for ten years after her aunt was brutally murdered, but Poly decides to reopen it and showcase her own unique fabric for the grand opening. She hires her best friend’s husband, Phil, to pick the fabric up for her but when the delivery truck arrives Phil isn’t driving…instead he’s found dead in the back, hi [...]

    6. April Schilling

      I really enjoyed this book. I'd not read the one before it, Suede to Rest, but I easily picked up the story and fell in love with Polyester Monroe and her friends. Poly has inherited her aunt and uncle's fabric store and is looking to make a go of it. She's got wonderful plans and the grand opening is in a week. All is going well,except for the sign installation, when her special order of velvet comes with a surprise. Under it, is her friend Genevieve's husband. Dead husband. Now Poly needs to h [...]

    7. Sabine

      Once again Diane Vallere pulled me right into the story and made me forget about the world around me. Absolutely love all the characters. It felt like coming home and I can barely wait for her next mystery

    8. Linda

      3.5 Stars. Another good entry in the series with Poly settling into her new home in San Ladron and helping to clear her friend Genevieve of murder while getting her store ready to open. It's fun listening to Poly talk about fabric and how it can be used.

    9. Liz

      Polyester Monroe is a week away from opening her shop Material Girl and is expecting a special order of her own velvet. Along with the velvet delivery, is the body of Phil Girard, the man who was to deliver her velvet. Poly is convinced that Phil's wife Genevieve had nothing to do with his murder. All evidence points to Genevieve, who even stated she was afraid she killed her husband.Charlie, Vaughn, and Poly all discuss saving Genevieve, but Charlie and Vaughn both have secrets that they haven' [...]

    10. Deborah Almada

      I just found a new author to love, I was fortunate to receive a copy of Diane Vallere's new book Crushed Velvet for a fair and honest review, I had never seen anything by this author before but I was intrigued by the whole fabric store, starting over concept. I fell in love with the main character Poly (Polyester really)she wants to take the fabric store left to her by her Aunt and Uncle and make something of it. She seems to feel a sense of the history of the business and the town and she wants [...]

    11. Kristine (A Cozy Booknook)

      Diane Vallere is one of my very favorite authors! She writes books that are layered with subtle nuances that keep the reader engaged and wanting more.Polyester Monroe is about to re-open her fabrick store, Material Girl. Poly is getting everything ready and even ordered a specail weave of velvet to be carried in her store only. Things hit a snag when Phil Gerard, husband of Poly's friend Genevieve, is found crushed under all the velvet. Genevieve is the prime suspect when she says "she may have [...]

    12. Christy

      Who knew a person could giggle their way through a cozy mystery murder? Crushed Velvet did that for me! Author Diane Vallere has created a wonderful cast of characters living in a small town that makes the reader fell like they are part of the town. With curmudgeonly neighbors, whimsical business names (the hardware store called Get Hammered cracked me up!), and the do anything to help your friends attitude made this a charming read. Polyester Monroe inherited a fabric store from her aunt and un [...]

    13. Jenna

      Sewing, creating something crafty with fabric, is something I've always wanted to learn. I can do the basics - sewing on a button or fixing a tear or hem - but not much beyond that. Reading about Poly and her talents in Crushed Velvet was a true treat.Just a few days before her fabric story, Material Girl, is going to open, the body of Phil Girard, husband of Poly's friend Genevive, is found buried underneath rolls of custom velvet in the back of a delivery truck. Crushed Velvet is the story of [...]

    14. Michelle

      I was given a copy of this book for an honest review.This is the first book that I have read by Diane Vallere. I found it humorous, fun, with lots of twist and turns. Even though it is the second in theseries, I picked all the major players up quickly and did not feel like I was reading book #2.The owner of Material Girl is Polyester Monroe, yes, that is her name, but her friends call her "Poly". Poly has inherited a material shop from relatives and is feverishly trying to get it up and running [...]

    15. Sara Grotz

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I loved Crushed Velvet. It was the first book I had read from author Diane Vallere and I enjoyed it so much halfway through the book I went to the bookstore and bought Suede to Rest, the first novel in the series.       Polyester inherited a fabric store from her aunt and uncle. While she is trying to get the store opened she makes a gruesome discovery under her bolts of custom made velvet. Phil Girard, a local shop ow [...]

    16. Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews

      This may only be the 2nd book but it reads like it has been around forever! i love Polyester (Poly) and while she may be newish to the town, she has managed to gather up a few good friends and this time one of them is in trouble.So let's just say I was totally surprised at who was killed. Not that it was a major character, just a surprise. And the killer?! an even bigger surprise. I wanted to suspect a few other people but it just didn't fit. While I didn't guess the killer, I did guess one aspe [...]

    17. Kelly

      Just when you think you have it all sewn up POW! ~another needle is broken & you have to look at the pattern again! Diane Vallere is a Seamstress Extraordinaire in the 'Keep them Guessing' department. She uses vivid detail and vibrant bits of nostalgia to weave the backdrop of this cozy mystery. I really couldn't put it down- I can't wait to read her other Material Witness Mystery books!Crushed Velvet has Polyester Monroe (Poly) opening up her fabric store Material Girl in San Ladron. The us [...]

    18. Monica

      Love this book, this is the first book I have read from Diane Vallere. I had A great fortune Ito receive a free copy of CRUSHED VELVET, in exchange for a fair and honest reviewPoly has inherited her aunt and uncle fabric store, Poly wants to make a go of the store that she loves and grew up in. Poly getting ready to open the Material Girl, she is waiting for her special blend of velvet to arrive , her best Genevieve husband Phil , is a delivery guy, and is willing to pick the fabric up for Poly. [...]

    19. Laura

      Great Book!This is a great book; this is the second book in the A Material Witness Mystery series by Diane Vallere. Polyester (Poly) Monroe inherited a fabric shop from her aunt and uncle. Poly is trying to stock the shop with fabrics, colorful notions and a special weave of velvet. When the fabrics arrive she finds Phil Girard dead under the fabric. Phil was married to Poly’s friend Genevieve. When Genevieve is considered to be the prime suspect of Phil’s murder, it is up to Poly to find th [...]

    20. Pamela Mitchell

      This is a charming, fast-paced mystery with murder, intrigue, humor, twists, turns, witty dialogue, and had me glued to the book from beginning to end. I loved the zany, small-town vibe of San Ladron, California, and could thoroughly relate to the characters. I especially enjoyed the chemistry between Polyester (Poly) Monroe and Vaughn McMichael and wonder if there is romance in their future. Even though this is the second book in A Material Witness Series, it is the first book I have read by Di [...]

    21. Grey853

      When a friend's husband is murdered and her friend becomes the prime suspect, Poly has to find the real killer. Why? Because the sheriff is a dunce, that's why. While I really like Poly and I love how generous she is, I wish the main cop had a little more going on than wearing a badge. It's like he fixates on one person and doesn't bother to look at any other options. I much prefer it when all the characters in a book have more dimension than that.And while I love how loyal Poly is to her friend [...]

    22. Vicky Marie

      3.5 starsI'm liking this series, but it's just that Poly's interactions with Sheriff Clark are horrible. I hate when cozy mystery writers write the detective/cop/sheriff as a mean person when in reality they're doing their job. Is Clark truly a jerk because he's following what the evidence is pointing him to? Short answer is NO. I know Poly wants to protect her friend, but she shouldn't shame Clark for his work. I hope she becomes more humble in her sleuthing in future books.

    23. Jackie Rogers

      This is a quirky mystery by Diane Vallere. The main character is Polyester Monroe.The name should tell you,quirky. Poly is opening a fabric shop named Material Girl. Befre she can open said shop a murder occurs and is the husband of a friend. Of course, the spouse is always first suspect. THis sends Polyester on the hunt for the killer. Is quick moving and interesting with twists. Is a fun read

    24. Melodie

      I think I might have liked the first in this series a bit better than this one, but this was enjoyable, too. I like the characters and the locale. I'll be on hand for the next one.

    25. Jeannie and Louis Rigod

      The Material Girl fabric store is getting ready for it's opening night. The store is just waiting for the final delivery of a special blend of velvet to arrive. Owner Polyester Monroe is so excited, that is, until the delivery truck arrives. Not only is Poly's fabric inside, but, a body surrounded by tea and croissants.As Poly's fabric is whisked away by police, she turns to comfort the widow, and finds her vanished. Poly decides to renovate the tea room to ease the pain of the widow and finds e [...]

    26. Lynn

      Simply Marvelous! I swear there is something special about this book. It has the usual twists and turns you expect in a good cozy but it leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy too.


      openbooksociety/article/crBrought to you by OBS Reviewer Jeanie‘Poly’ Polyester Monroe is ready to open her own fabric store, Material Girl, in the store she inherited from her aunt and uncle, formerly known as Land of a Thousand Fabrics. ‘Crushed Velvet’ is the 2nd of the ‘Material Witness Mystery’ series, and it can be read as a stand-alone. To get the complete story of her fight for the store and the ten-year old mystery surrounding it, one might go back and read ‘Suede to Rest [...]

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