Wildlight You spend your whole time on an island looking out to sea Perhaps what you are facing is yourself Sixteen year old Stephanie West has been dragged from Sydney to remote Maatsuyker Island off the coast

  • Title: Wildlight
  • Author: Robyn Mundy
  • ISBN: 9781743537909
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback
  • You spend your whole time on an island looking out to sea Perhaps what you are facing is yourself.Sixteen year old Stephanie West has been dragged from Sydney to remote Maatsuyker Island off the coast of Tasmania by her parents, hoping to recapture a childhood idyll and come to terms with their grief over the death of Steph s twin brother Cut off from friends and the comYou spend your whole time on an island looking out to sea Perhaps what you are facing is yourself.Sixteen year old Stephanie West has been dragged from Sydney to remote Maatsuyker Island off the coast of Tasmania by her parents, hoping to recapture a childhood idyll and come to terms with their grief over the death of Steph s twin brother Cut off from friends and the comforts of home, exiled to a lonely fortress and a lighthouse that bears the brunt of savage storms, the months ahead look to be filled with ghosts of the past.Steph s saviour is Tom Forrest, a 19 year old deckhand aboard a crayfishing boat When the weather allows, Tom visits the island, and he and Steph soon form an attraction But Tom must conceal at all costs the illegal fishing he takes part in, orchestrated by his tyrannical brother And he dare not dwell on his fear of the sea or his deep worn premonition that the ocean will one day take him.Wildlight is an exquisite, vividly detailed exploration of the wayward journey of adolescence, and how the intense experience of a place can change the course of even the most well planned lifeAISE FOR WILDLIGHT There is much to admire in Wildlight the skilful unravelling of the overriding mystery and the spectacular location given life Mundy offers compelling answers to the dramatic tension she creates, even if she leaves us curious about why The Australian Wildlight could easily be devoured in a weekend and leaves one with a longing to escape the city and explore Australia s natural wilderness It is a beautifully crafted story about love, human personas, remembering the past, and finding peace NSW Writers Centre

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    One thought on “Wildlight

    1. Carolyn

      I enjoyed this tale of a family spending six months on an island as caretakers of a lighthouse and weather station. Sixteen year old Stephanie is less than happy to be there, especially during her last year at school with final exams looming and no phone reception to talk to her friends. Her mother thinks it will help them all get over the death of Stephanie's twin brother and is keen to spend time on the island where her own parents were once lighthouse keepers.In some ways this is a coming of [...]

    2. RitaSkeeter

      I loved the setting. I thought the author captured Tasmania really well; very rare for me to say that.I liked Stephanie and Tom as characters. I also thought the supporting cast were strong, even when I didn't 'like' them per se.Despite the above, I didn't particularly care for the book. It felt a bit slow and ponderous for my particular taste, and I'm not loving the ending.Not the right book for me.

    3. Anna Davidson

      Loved this book set in my home state. The description of Maatsuyker Island and the south west coast was stunning. The complexities of the characters and their relationships were heartbreaking but beautifully portrayed. A beautiful read.

    4. Elaine

      I enjoyed this book for the snippets and descriptions of Tasmania I could get but I was slightly disappointed in the story. I would have liked to have had the relationship between Tom and Stephanie a little more fleshed out. I felt that it was skimmed over but not explored in depth. This was sixteen year old Stephanie's first love, surely the author could have devoted a bit more to that relationship. I did enjoy how the drama of what occurred unfolded and found that part of the story really capt [...]

    5. Rachel McEleney Freebury

      Where do I begin? What a joy to read. Wild Light caught me in a wave of words and held me in its swirl until I finished. I got caught up in the beauty of the landscape and longed to go there even though I hate the cold. Robyn's evocative images captured the raw beauty of Steph's island home. I was enthralled from start to finish and thoroughly enjoyed the novel.

    6. Amber Myott

      I think this a beautifully written book and I particularly loved the insight into the rugedness and industry in Tasmania . However I felt this book read more like a young adult novel ( 15-19) .

    7. Sue

      Wildlight was an awesome read. Mundy’s writing style is easy flowing and very evocative. Perfect descriptions of Tasmania’s natural beauty abound on almost every page. It’s so easy to feel like you are actually there with the characters, especially when the story is located in Tasmania’s South West (which is most of the book).It is very clear from reading this book that the author has firsthand knowledge and experience of not only the settings for this story but of being a caretaker of a [...]

    8. Jess Xu

      Made it to page 165 and then skimmed the rest of the way Somewhat overwritten - you are uncomfortably aware of the author's turns of phrase, etc. and I personally found it distracting. The author's characters also don't fully resonate, and the plot is full of literary fiction cliches. Two stars instead of one because I think the premise was interesting, and the first quarter/third was reasonably compelling, but it failed to meet its promise.

    9. Marg

      Loved this book! Interest maintained by the varied narratives of Mundy's characters. Coastal settings seem to provide constant change as does the sea itself.

    10. marlin1

      Enjoyed this, beautiful description of time and place but the ending has left me strangely unsatisfied, I just wish for a little bit more. It was nearly there.

    11. Lynette

      Robyn Mundy’s seamless prose doesn’t hit a single discordant note throughout this story of coming of age and regret. When teenage Stephanie West is pulled into her mother’s dream of returning to her childhood home on Maatsuyker Island, it’s a wrench from Steph’s life in Sydney during her final year at high school. The island and its basic, lighthouse-keeper house holds little charm for Steph until she meets a young fisherman Tom and until the mutton birds swarm in like giants oil slick [...]

    12. Michelle

      This is one long piece of descriptive writing. Robyn's use of imagery to describe the changing ocean and life on an island, lighthouse or boat is powerful and beautiful. However, at times I found it's overuse slowed the story and I just wanted to move on. Some thoughtful and prudent editing, I believe was needed. The second half of the book flowed and ebbed along nicely and I just had to keep reading. Unfortunately, I found the ending frustrating- I don't necessarily need a happy ending but so m [...]

    13. Jeff Macpherson

      Made me want to live on a far-flung island with a lighthouse and walk the south coast track in Tasmania

    14. Liz

      What a lovely book. The descriptions of the Tasmanian islands & the southern ocean are so beautiful, I want to go spend six months on one of them right now. The way she describes the smell of salt and teatree, the salt scrim on the windows, the gales and storms is very evocative, you can almost catch a drift of it in the air. The only criticism I have is the ending was very unsatisfying.Stephanie is dragged to lonely Maatsuykar island off the southern coast of Tasmania, by her parents after [...]

    15. Jenny

      I did enjoy this book . The descriptive passages of the island and ocean we beautiful and evoked an atmosphere very very well. I thought the characters were less well drawn. That may have been because at times I felt I was reading a good young adult novel. I've given it 4 stars as the writing is so good, whether you view it as an adult or YA novel. I look forward to Robyn Mundy's next book.

    16. Marlish

      Unfortunately for now, time doesn’t permit me to write a much longer review, but suffice to that —Wildlight— by Robyn Mundy is a beautifully written and well-researched , powerful story set on an island off the South coast of Tasmanian. I loved this fine novel and look forward to reading more by this great author.

    17. David

      Robyn Mundy has truly captured the mood in this novel about family emotional challenges and evolving young aspirations and love. The author beautifully expresses her understanding of the sea and the wilderness in this story of the journey taken by a family retreating to the past in an effort to move forward. Highly recommended.

    18. Madeleine Naqvi

      Maatsuyker Island is like a stage in the round and the characters who are brave enough to enter are changed by the experience of its remoteness, harshness and beauty. A wonderful story, beautifully written; I loved it.

    19. Robin Bower

      This is a beautifully written book that blends memory, loss and history against a backdrop of the opportunity of youth. The setting is depicted with such authenticity that you can almost feel the icy wind grabbing at your jacket.

    20. Tania

      The descriptive nature of this novel in describing the coast and harsh weather conditions was amazing - you could really visualise it - I wanted to keep reading whenever I could - but then felt it was left unfinished

    21. Rhonda

      Very evocative of the Tasmanian settings. Good sense of family relationships, especially when affected by grief. Like a couple of other reviewers, I thought "young adult" novel in the early stages, but it matured as it went on.

    22. Louise

      Awesome book great for Australian literature loved the fact that I knew all the places in the book being a Tasmania

    23. TheCosyDragon

      This review has been crossposted from my blog at The Cosy Dragon . Please head there for more in-depth reviews by me, which appear on a timely schedule.Stephanie has been exiled to an Island for the final year of her high school in her parents’ quest to recapture peace. Her time is split between her school work, her art and taking weather readings of the lighthouse. When Tom shows up, Stephanie’s days take an interesting turn and it seems like she’s found her first love.I always wanted mor [...]

    24. Lisa

      Just recently I read an indignant opinion piece by a young person who was sick of being told to put down her phone and engage in real life. I scanned the usual predictable commentary, pro and con. None of it was very illuminating.Robyn Mundy, author of this engaging novel Wildlight has tackled the issue with more insight. She has placed her sixteen-year-old protagonist on a remote island off the southern coast of Tasmania, with parents who failed to be upfront with her about the lack of coverage [...]

    25. Renee

      Tim Winton-esque Australian literature with beautiful descriptions of the Tasmanian wilderness and the crayfishing industry. Loved the dialogue between the fishermen, very real. Unfortunately the rest of the book moves too slowly, and it's hard to see any real chemistry between the two main characters. The mysteries were built up to be amazing, but the payoff wasn't that exciting - what happened to Stephanie's brother was tragic, but not really a jaw-dropping revelation; the mystery of what happ [...]

    26. Maya

      Again, I'm slightly prejudiced because Robyn is a good friend, but I have to say . . . I had to rush to the finish line on this one because I just had to find out what was going to happen with these well-developed and affecting characters. Any book that gives me chills at the last lines and leaves me wanting more gets five stars.

    27. Fiona H

      The ending was not what I thought it would be, but I guess I can extrapolate forward for myself! Enjoyed both the story and the setting on Maatsuyker island. The authors own experience there paid dividends.

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