Brinwood In Brinwood few come out alive The community of this town is forced to survive under the control of harsh religious fanatics Traitors are murdered and displayed as a warning to keep their subordinate

  • Title: Brinwood
  • Author: R.K. Gold
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In Brinwood, few come out alive The community of this town is forced to survive under the control of harsh religious fanatics Traitors are murdered and displayed as a warning to keep their subordinates brainwashed Casper was living outside of Brinwood as an exile, told never to return, but when he received word that has family was in danger, he snuck through the borderIn Brinwood, few come out alive The community of this town is forced to survive under the control of harsh religious fanatics Traitors are murdered and displayed as a warning to keep their subordinates brainwashed Casper was living outside of Brinwood as an exile, told never to return, but when he received word that has family was in danger, he snuck through the border in hopes to save them Will he be able to escape the cold grip of their leadership

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    One thought on “Brinwood

    1. R.K. Gold

      Like with my review of Lost in the Clouds, if readers believe me rating my own book to be unethical I will remove the stars. The reason I am writing a review here is that I want to talk about what it is I love about this novella.I originally came up with the idea while talking with my publisher at the time (Weasel Press) and they loved the idea of a short about a small town cult. What I remember most about this text is that I wrote the rough draft in two days. I remember it vividly because I was [...]

    2. Alice Cai

      3.5*I liked it. Especially the ending. (view spoiler)[Also the irony in Casper refusing to leave until Macy was saved and Macy refusing to leave into the mom was saved was nice. Milly was the best character. (hide spoiler)]

    3. Anne Scott

      Good Guys Don't Always WinOther reviewers have already covered the creepy aspects of Brinwood, a small, dying town ruled by a fanatical cult, and the fast pace of the read. So rather than be repetitive, I’d like to talk about the heart of what I feel makes this story worth reading—the characters. A writer can take any given situation and spin it six ways to Sunday, but without the depth of emotion, the story falls flat. Readers want to be invested in the characters. It’s the author’s job [...]

    4. Cathy Donnelly

      The author packed such a lot into this story. It was fast-paced and violent but I was thrown into the action from the start and then carried along with it. The characters were mainly weird and unlikeable but they kept surprising me, leaving me wondering what they would do next. The ending was a surprise but perfect for the story. It had all the elements of a great tale and I wasn’t bored for one second of it. Everything you can ask for as a reader.

    5. Elizabeth

      This book pressed the boundaries of eeriness. It was completely unsettling in a baffling sort of way. From the wicked characters, to the intensity of the plot, to the completely surprising ending, this book was filled with inventiveness and depth. It has the propensity to hook the reader and effortlessly pull them into the story. I know that I was captivated from the first page. It was seriously smooth sailing all the way through. This book tells the story of Casper Delirium’s daring journey t [...]

    6. Eric Lahti

      Cults are like all other religions: they want power. The thin line between cult and religion is based on the amount of power they have in relation to the other religions out there. Get enough power and you can be called a bona fide religion, otherwise you're just a crazy-ass cultist.The idea behind Brinwood is what happens when one of those little cults that exists in pretty much any town in America actually succeeds in digging its roots in deep enough that it takes over. Usually the other cults [...]

    7. Shay

      This was a quick read. (I took so long because I never read one book at a time.) That ending was fantastic! I liked that it was fast paced and full of action sequences. The trickle of information you are able to gather from the beginning is enough to entice you into the tale. The action scenes were well written. The characters were engaging. And Brinwood was truly a terror. After hearing of the death of his brother, Casper decides it's time to return from his exile to Brinwood to rescue his sist [...]

    8. Max Power

      Super quick read, largely enhanced and encouraged by the stylish pacing of the author. Knocked this one out in a day and a half. Wouldn’t be my normal cup of tea and had my doubts at the start but once I got into the story, I realised I was over half way through in my first sitting. Rough, tough, original story line, with plenty of tension throughout. I Loved the characters and the author creates a great atmosphere to suit the menace of the cult throughout. I was expecting to be let down at th [...]

    9. Christina McMullen

      This is a well written,if not utterly creepy tale of how pervasive a cult can be when they hit the right notes. Absolutely terrifying. Well done

    10. Mike Billington

      Brinwood is a scary place.Run by religious fanatics, its rules are harsh and deviating from them even slightly can mean death.So why is Casper going back there after seven long years in exile?The reason is simple: He wants to rescue his sister Macy after learning that his brother Roger has been murdered by the cult that runs Brinwood. He'd also like to rescue his mother but he considers that unlikely: She chose to stay behind when he was exiled and will probably not leave with him and his sister [...]

    11. Geshna

      Good writing. The author keeps the reader intrigued as to what is to happen next. Quite a unique story-line. Brinwood is a fictional town. It had as religious leader Dorm alongside his son Jackson and grand-daughter Milly. Fear, hatred and lunacy reigned in this small town which was previously the miner's haven. Driven by greed for power, the oppressing religious leader Dorm preached hatred and exterminated anyone who opposed the doctrine of the cult. The people of Brinwood were mostly blinded b [...]

    12. Angela Lockwood

      When Casper hears of his brother’s death, he is determined to return to Brinwood to save his mother and sister. He was banned from Brinwood by a religious cult that has taken over this town, and he knows his return will put him in mortal danger.This is a great post- apocalyptic novella. It is only 77 pages but as I picked this up on a free download I didn’t mind it being short, it has everything it needs; a beginning, a cracking ending and plenty of action in the middle. It was well written [...]

    13. Bethany

      Brinwood is not a town I would want to live in. The leaders are dark and cruel. It's a creepy place with creepy people and the nice guys are in for it.This was an interesting story about how far someone would go to save their family. Would you risk your life? Casper would. He'd been exiled from Brinwood, but that wouldn't stop him from getting to his mother and sister. Nothing would.It was an easy, intriguing, action packed read that I was able to finish in a day.

    14. Larry Jr.

      I bought this book this evening and read it on a flight from Houston to Boston. I finished it in a couple of hours. I liked the fast pace of the book. I particularly enjoyed the characters of Macy and Milly. Both were strong females and I thought they were very well written. The story shows how frightening a cult can be and although this isn't in the wheelhouse of the stuff I usually read, I enjoyed the story and characters.

    15. Esther Lou

      Loved how much character development was squeezed into such a short read. I felt the violence-to-plot-development ratio was pretty far from what I normally enjoy, but the development of the villains into quirky, manipulative psychopaths and fantastic back and forth dialogue segments with the protagonist made up for how grossed out I was by the more graphically violent paragraphs.

    16. Adam Goldfarb

      This book was awesome. Plain and simple. I was gripped by the story the moment I began reading because it put me on edge immediately. The town of Brinwood is a nightmare that we all fear when thinking of religious fanatics in power and seeing the events unfold was so satisfying and a little heartbreaking.The characters were all so rich and each one had a twist I didn't see coming that was surprising and welcomed. No spoilers but Milly is a completely enthralling character that I wasn't sure whet [...]

    17. Christie

      What I loved: R.K. Gold's sophomore novella is even better than the first. I finished Brinwood in one single sitting and loved it.The story is fast-paced, full of action and will leave you wanting more!Gold writes a deliciously descriptive story with colorful language and wicked characters. There are just enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat.The ending is, well I won't spoil anything, but it's fantastic. Gold is the master of creating alternate worlds to lose yourself in [...]

    18. Jeffrey Goldfarb

      Really enjoy the authors interesting plot and characters whom I really care about. Highly recommended!

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