Heartbreaker Rule number one never settle down J B Hammock treated his women well but with a no strings detachment they gladly accepted Until sweet Tellie Maddox began hovering around caring about him And when T

  • Title: Heartbreaker
  • Author: Diana Palmer
  • ISBN: 9780373302154
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Rule number one never settle down J B Hammock treated his women well, but with a no strings detachment they gladly accepted Until sweet Tellie Maddox began hovering around, caring about him And when Tellie lost her memory, she believed she was J.B s friend Even he couldn t be so heartless as to push Tellie aside, and so he played his roleuntil friendship turnedRule number one never settle down J B Hammock treated his women well, but with a no strings detachment they gladly accepted Until sweet Tellie Maddox began hovering around, caring about him And when Tellie lost her memory, she believed she was J.B s friend Even he couldn t be so heartless as to push Tellie aside, and so he played his roleuntil friendship turned into something deeper than a heartbreaker like J.B had ever intended Then Tellie s memory returned.

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    One thought on “Heartbreaker

    1. Chantal ❤️

      I really did not expect to like this one as much as I did but even if he did all those rotten things and treated her like crap, it made some weird kind of sense to me because how else was he going to behave when he wanted her so badly!Totally realistic given his personality. He respected her and did not push her into a physical relationship. I totally loved that. This is one of DP better book for me.

    2. Booklover

      It started out good but the H spoiled the book for me,it was intense emotional and full of angst which i enjoyed but H was very very cruel and i just cannot forgive him:(These issues were brought out by Alexis-Morgan Roark,these are same things that i have problem over-looking it so i am copy-pasting here* If he was so darned IN LOVE with Tellie then WHY THE HEL& did he KEEP SEEING Bella AFTER Tellie's accident?* If he was so congnizant of the fact that she was "unawakened" then why did he F [...]

    3. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)

      JB is another meanie from Diana Palmer's stable of heroes. I thought this was a good book otherwise, but JB is definitely near the top of the list for Diana Palmer jerks.I find I spend a lot of time defending why I love this author so much. Why do I love her books so much? Very emotional, angsty and involving. What can I say? I think she tells a good story. She makes me laugh and sometimes makes me cry, but her stories always touch me and I don't end a book feeling unmoved, even if the storyline [...]

    4. Julz

      4.5 stars rounded upWell, Palmer was full of the WTFery with this one! I'm still buzzing from the high. This "hero" was one of biggest d*cks I've read about in a spell. Though, I kinda liked the description of him as big, tall, with big ears and big feet. Don't ask me why but I did love my mental image of himd damn glad I don't have someone like him in my life (other than the filthy rich part ;D). But this dude was down-right cruel to our little Mary Sue. Called her names, said mean things to he [...]

    5. Alexis-Morgan Roark

      Updated review from 14 August 2011: I dropped it down to two stars on account of because: * If he was so darned IN LOVE with Tellie then WHY THE HEL& did he KEEP SEEING Bella AFTER Tellie's accident? * If he was so congnizant of the fact that she was "unawakened" then why did he FREAK THE HE* out each and every FREAKING time they were intimate and basically scare her with her budding sexuality? He could have done some serious damage to her (Fine! He could have done MORE damage!) emotionally. [...]

    6. KatieV

      I disliked this for different reasons than others perhaps. I went in knowing that the hero was going to be a prize d-bag (he was). That's partially why I read it, that and the amnesia trope. Cheesy and overdone yes, but I enjoy it. It's weird. I've always played it rather safe in my personal love life. I have a good instinct as to who will be a safe bet and who will likely cause trouble of varying sorts. I'm not saying I've never had to deal with jerky behavior, but NEVER to such an extent as yo [...]

    7. Lynsey A

      J.B. was an extra special jerk. Wow, was he an asshat to Tellie in the beginning. He did get better after he finally admitted he did want to be with her but too little too late. Really, I didn't feel much for either character. I thought Tellie had too little pride when it came to J.B. No connection to either character and I was glad when the book ended. Although, the ending was quite cute with the "proposal" and the baby but it just didn't work for me. Oh, and I have quite the pet peeve in all o [...]

    8. Jacqueline

      I don't mind a asshatty hero as long as he's got some basis to stand on and he redeems himself at the end. This hero just seemed to be a spoiled 14 year old boy. His actions were totally irrational and not what a grown and emotionally adult person would do. The heroine was a lovelorn wimp. No real redeeming features. I marginally liked the other man and suspect he might have his own book. I'm not going to look for it though because I'm sure he would turn out to be an irredeemable ass in his own [...]

    9. Janie

      Okay, lemme cry first before I write this reviewOkay, so right off the bat, my first impression of our hero JB was that he was a JERK , and throughout the first few chapters he become an even bigger jerk. Oh poor poor Tellie. I don't know how many times I've cried for you! JB put Tellie through so much and he didn't grovel enough. Heck I wanted to slap him throughout the whole book! He was always hot and cold throughout the whole book, with the exception of the last chapter. Make up your God dam [...]

    10. Dee

      I am really in turmoil with rating this one. I loved the angst it was amazing and can see why Diana Palmer is the master. When you read a Harlequin angst the Hero is usually a jerk which I can deal with and in a weird way I suppose I like. What I really struggled with is the Heroine.I understand her behaviour and naivety when she was in her teenage years but still naive and quite frankly as stupid when she was 22!I am not berating her for being a virgin because there are some out there but not h [...]

    11. Rie_dominique

      jujur aja, setengah dari buku Diana Palmer mengusung tema yang sama (dengan jalan cerita yang praktis hampir sama). istilahnya same script different cast-lahtapi kenapa oh kenapa tiap dia ngeluarin buku aku selalu berada diurutan terdepan untuk beli???walaupun tiap habis baca pasti ngomel sendiri, ini kan hampir sama dengan cerita si itu dengan si itu, atau si itu dengan si itu. hmmm ga ngerti deh.dahal tipe cowoknya juga tipe yang rasanya pengen ditabok deh saking ga sensitifnya. terus tipe cew [...]

    12. Desiree M ~*~*~ LiveReadCollect

      1 star. Why did I pick this up? I've already read two other Diane Palmer books and hated them why would I think this would be any different. The three stories I've read by DP I can't remember completely what happened in each book because something similar happens in every book I've read. Hero's are a-holes, and heroine's are doormats or idiots. Add a little danger and a nice guy friend and you've got a DP novel. I admittedly haven't read this book in about 4 years but I only just realized that t [...]

    13. Christine

      This book reminded me of the brainless arm candy the "hero" was dating throughout most of the story. Just not as superficially pretty. It's more like that woman suddenly developed a horrible rash and her hair fell out, but she still tried to be seductive. Basically, the guy was a jerk and the girl didn't have a life outside °f her attraction for him. But I can handle stereotypes falling in love (more or less). They do that very often in romance. The trouble came when Darren suddenly became Dary [...]

    14. Hopefulpuffin

      It's DP. It's Long Tall Texans. You know the plot. This one doesn't have drug runners or law enforcement. Thank the lord.JB is definitely one of the most vile heroes DP has written. I don't think he ever really got his comeuppance. There was nowhere near enough groveling. Here's something that irks me. Why must DP describe something from pop culture but not actually name it. She does this ALL THE TIME and it's annoying as all get out. Here it's the movie Serenity. Why can't she just say they wen [...]

    15. drowningmermaid

      Why is it that romance novels feel the need to glorify assholes? Srsly, anyone who acted like this in real life would not set the heart to beating faster-- unless it was due to the speed at which any sane woman would run from this dumbass.Why is it that they so proudly espouse the lie that 1) anyone you are physically attracted to must be THE ONE 2) that there IS a THE ONE 3) all one need do to secure the psychologically damaging and potentially life-threatening affections of said belligerent as [...]

    16. Margo

      This "hero" ties with the "hero" of Fearless as the Worst Diana Palmer alpha male of all time. His behavior was so cruel and sadistic that he was akin to someone who repeatedly tortures kittens in his spare time.I am overwhelmed with the idea of writing a (is it fanfiction?) follow up where she pushes him down a well, or gaslights him until he needs to be institutionalized. AWFUL.

    17. shms

      A douchebag H to top DP's particular brand of douchebag Hs'. I, like others, give a fair bit of leeway to the H in DP's romances becuase she does the angst and the lurve pretty well and I know what to expect when I pick up a DP novelI was mistaken. In this case, all the reasons in the world wouldn't make up for the way the H was cruel to the h over so many years. He just came across as petty, small minded and mean. The h, she was pretty likeable with a back bone but she STILL didn't hold out for [...]

    18. Christel

      This is not a Historical Romance. This is a Contemporary romance. JB is a Playboy, with a capital P. All he likes are the leggy blondes that have the brains of a gnat. Tellie has been abused and has no family. Abused as a foster child, she was taken in by JB's sister Marge. The only thing I do not like about this book is the way JB treats Tellie. He actually treats her like dirt but there is a reason for his treatment. But Tellie has a car accident that changes everything because she has a case [...]

    19. Michelle

      Okay, I think it's time for Diana Palmer to quit writing. I grew up reading her, she was never a great writer but something about her stories made that fact easy to overlook. But that's just not possible anymore. This is the silliest story with the most horrible "hero" I have encountered in roughly 20 years of reading romance fiction. I spent two hours of my life reading this, I should contact Ms. Palmer and ask for that time back.

    20. Elizabeth Ayala

      Ok. It usually takes alot for me to not like a book. The book is well written I just don't think the main characters were that believable. Tellie was just too much of a doormat. She let J.B walk all over her and she just takes it. J.b is a big jerk and treats Tellie horribly. I usually like this authors books but this one wasn't one of her best.

    21. GuisBell

      Es de aquellas historias que te dejan un mal sabor de boca al terminar de leerlo y es que son hombres que debieron sufrir muchísimo para reparar y enmendar sus acciones crueles que no merecían que se les pusiera las cosas fáciles

    22. Romance

      I was able to finish it, barely. JB was a serious asshat and Tillie was an immature doormat. JB treated her like something nasty he’d stepped in and said terrible things to her and like an old whipped dog, she stayed loyal, tucked her tail and forgave. One rainy night she runs to tell him his sister has had a heart attacks but he he throws her out not letting her tell him why she’s theree so upset and with the weather has an accident and loses her memory. She thinks she’s a teen. JB feels [...]

    23. Deanne

      It is a story about J.B. a Texan rancher who enjoyed life and women , he and his sister Marge took Tellie in when she was a teenager and cared for her and since then Tellie has been highly protective of J.B. and he the same towards her , When Tellie turned 18 and she was staying at his house during the summer they had one day of passion that changed his vision towards her , and saw Tellie as an annoying love struck teenager mooning over her than the grown woman he can be with and since then he h [...]

    24. Danielle

      I would consider myself a feminist but there is something about Diana Palmer stories that I cannot resist. Maybe its the fact that the heroes are these macho men that allow their lives to be completely changed for the better by these women. However, I found it very hard to like J.B. Hammock. I understand that J.B. was a sexually frustrated because he felt that Tellie was not "sexually awakened" and could not return his ardor for her. But he was extremely mean and I can't see a woman forgiving a [...]

    25. Kaycee ❤️

      I always enjoy reading Diana Palmer’s books. But on this one, I hardly enjoy it. I don’t like how mean, arrogant and damn conceited J.B was.Tellie worshiped J.B. Hammock for years before she realized that her feelings went beyond that. But J.B kept hurting her, walks all over her feelings and took her love for granted. . But she’s still willing to forgive him. I don’t know if she’s stupid or what. I mean she forgave him easily. She didn't even let him beg or grovel after berating her, [...]

    26. nurmawati

      bayangkan co gabungan antara judd dunn ama jordan powellmenangnya pasti JB hammock di buku iniwhy ?dia jahat banget ke si Telliedia tau telly dari umur 14 taon suka sama diatapi dia menolak dengan cara yang kasardahal itu buat nutupin perasaan nya kalo sebenernya jauh di lubuk harti nya dia care sama si Tellytapi bukan gitu cara nya dong yadia menuduh telly yang enggak2 dan meng hina dina dia.mpe telly pergi naik mobil hujan2 an dan kecelakaan.li amnesiaJB yang sangat ama menyesal mulai mendekat [...]

    27. Ashley B

      This is only the second book of Diana Palmer's that I've read. I gave it a two star rating because in fairness it was simply "ok." I think that might be because I read another book of hers and I was stacking it up against it and for me it fell flat. By a lot. The beginning wasn't bad, typical mooning by the heroine over a guy who doesn't want her. But the end it just seemed like so much that she was trying to force into it as if she was only allowed to write so many words. If this were a longer [...]

    28. Amanda Sheila

      Heavy angst! When she was 14 years old, Tellie met J. B. and she's been in love with him since. But when she turns 18, there are something different in J. B.'s eyes. He knew that Tellie liked him but he didn't want to accept it. Until one day when she finally reached an adulthood, J. B. couldn't stand his feeling toward her anymore. He sent Tellie away. Hurting and brokenhearted, she's having an accident and got an amnesia The angst is sooo heavy! I feel bad for Tellie, I mean, she's wearing her [...]

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