Fuzzy Doodle

Fuzzy Doodle The metamorphosis of a caterpillar the metamorphosis of a creative idea the magic of creativity are all explored in this picture book Language and artwork combine harmoniously to provide a rich expe

  • Title: Fuzzy Doodle
  • Author: Melinda Szymanik Donovan Bixley
  • ISBN: 9781775432500
  • Page: 335
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The metamorphosis of a caterpillar, the metamorphosis of a creative idea, the magic of creativity are all explored in this picture book Language and artwork combine harmoniously to provide a rich experience for young readersA White Ravens Selection 2017.

    • [PDF] Ú Unlimited å Fuzzy Doodle : by Melinda Szymanik Donovan Bixley È
      335 Melinda Szymanik Donovan Bixley
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Ú Unlimited å Fuzzy Doodle : by Melinda Szymanik Donovan Bixley È
      Posted by:Melinda Szymanik Donovan Bixley
      Published :2018-04-07T12:45:30+00:00

    One thought on “Fuzzy Doodle

    1. Kathleen Dixon

      I read this book when it first came into the shop (about a month or so ago) and I've picked it up and read it again several times since. It delights me each time.One of the things that delights me, and which intrigued me when I first looked at the cover, is that the art is not what I usually expect from this illustrator. Donovan Bixley is a well-known New Zealand illustrator and author, and his work is usually bold and bright. I like bold and bright - don't get me wrong - and I really like the c [...]

    2. Miss Wilson

      A visual transformation that improves with each page turn, much like the content it discusses literally and metaphorically.

    3. Renee

      This is a poetical story, in concept, language, and illustration. It is about a little scribble that transforms itself into something vastly different. The doodle's journey was a pleasure to imbibe. In short, I love this story and recommend it to readers and gift givers alike.Age group: 0-8 years (but really anyone)

    4. Rayna

      This book was so much fun!Just a scribble on the page, Fuzzy eats his way through ink and words and grows and grows until he is transformed into something wonderful! A delightful book by New Zealand author Melinda Szymanik with amazing illustrations by Donovan Bixley. Highly recommend.

    5. Arielle Walker

      This one was so much fun - reminded me a little of the Hungry Caterpillar but even cuter, and the illustrations are lovely.

    6. Summer

      I was first captivated by the cover of this book—the blending watercolour, the shiny, tactile branch made from various cursive words, the sketched fuzzy thing that looks right at you with a smile. I was curious. What exactly is a Fuzzy Doodle? The kids had a few guesses… A fuzzy alien? A hairy caterpillar? The Wonderful Fluffy Squishy Itty Bitty’s best friend?Fuzzy Doodle "started as a scribble, just a scrawly little doodle, a smudge sort of ‘something’ at the bottom of the page.” Th [...]

    7. Bookrapt

      Fuzzy started as a scribble,just a scrawly little doodle,a smudgy sort of 'something'at the bottom of the page.From this simple beginning, aided and abetted by just such a smudgy black doodle on the grey double spread of high quality paper, Fuzzy comes to life. He eats and grows, from words to paragraphs to Once Upon a Time stories. As he grows, the illustrations become more complex, colour is introduced, and quickly becomes vivid:All the colours of the rainbow,in their tones and hues so varied, [...]

    8. Christine Hurst

      What a fabulous book! The illustrations are magical, with large swathes of inkness that are just so pleasant to touch. And the writing is lyrical and lovely. Altogether a magical and fantastic story that is suitable for all ages.

    9. Michelle

      4.5It's a book eating caterpillar, it's a butterfly-book, it's absolutely adorabled the illustrations (insert heart-eye emoji here) <3really wonderful picture book from New Zealand.

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