Saints for All Occasions

Saints for All Occasions A sweeping unforgettable novel from The New York Times best selling author of Maine about the hope sacrifice and love between two sisters and the secret that drives them apart Nora and Theresa Fly

  • Title: Saints for All Occasions
  • Author: J. Courtney Sullivan
  • ISBN: 9780307959577
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A sweeping, unforgettable novel from The New York Times best selling author of Maine, about the hope, sacrifice, and love between two sisters and the secret that drives them apart.Nora and Theresa Flynn are twenty one and seventeen when they leave their small village in Ireland and journey to America Nora is the responsible sister she s shy and serious and engaged to a mA sweeping, unforgettable novel from The New York Times best selling author of Maine, about the hope, sacrifice, and love between two sisters and the secret that drives them apart.Nora and Theresa Flynn are twenty one and seventeen when they leave their small village in Ireland and journey to America Nora is the responsible sister she s shy and serious and engaged to a man she isn t sure that she loves Theresa is gregarious she is thrilled by their new life in Boston and besotted with the fashionable dresses and dance halls on Dudley Street But when Theresa ends up pregnant, Nora is forced to come up with a plan a decision with repercussions they are both far too young to understand Fifty years later, Nora is the matriarch of a big Catholic family with four grown children John, a successful, if opportunistic, political consultant Bridget, privately preparing to have a baby with her girlfriend Brian, at loose ends after a failed baseball career and Patrick, Nora s favorite, the beautiful boy who gives her no end of heartache Estranged from her sister and cut off from the world, Theresa is a cloistered nun, living in an abbey in rural Vermont Until, after decades of silence, a sudden death forces Nora and Theresa to confront the choices they made so long ago A graceful, supremely moving novel from one of our most beloved writers, Saints for All Occasions explores the fascinating, funny, and sometimes achingly sad ways a secret at the heart of one family both breaks them and binds them together.

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    One thought on “Saints for All Occasions

    1. Pouting Always

      Nora is Theresa's older sister and constantly worries about Theresa, especially since their mother died. Nora feels like it is her responsibility to take care of Theresa and so when Nora's fiance moves to the US Nora asks him to send for both her and Theresa. Charlie, Nora's fiance, eventually saves up enough for both sisters to come over from Ireland and the two journey out together. Theresa is excited for all the opportunities available to her and begins to pursue her education, meanwhile Nora [...]

    2. Diane S ☔

      4.5. I has been quite a while since I have read a family generational novel, a family​ drama if you will, though in this the drama is kept to a minimum, at least in the telling. Two sisters, Nora 21 and Theresa arrive from Ireland, they have traveled alone so that Nora can marry her boyfriend who had arrived previously. Let's just say that things do not work out as planned and the two sisters will take different paths, but always connected by a secret.I loved the way this story was told, so na [...]

    3. Dem

      Every now and then a book comes along that is so good you think the author must have written it "with just ME in Mind" Well I think courtney Sullivan wrote this book just for me as I loved every moment spent with this novel and I am starting to miss the characters alreadyage: The Story of Irish Immigration is always close to my heart and I never tire of Non fiction accounts or Historical fiction done well and not too IRISHED up. I think Courtney Sullivan gets it right, this was Ireland of the 50 [...]

    4. Elyse

      Death reunites Irish Immigrants.d not without a complicated story! Since I’m Jewish - I had to work harder in trying to understand the title of this book. For one thing - I wasn’t sure what “Saints” were referring to. Seems to me - with so many disheartening unhappy characters - these Iris Catholics - might have wished personal visits from their holy-saints! DEATH of *Patrick*- first born child - was considered Nora’s FAVORITE child. We are told towards the start of this novel. Red fla [...]

    5. Karen

      4.5 for this Irish Catholic family drama. Nora and her sister Theresa are very young and are coming over to America from Ireland, Nora on the promise of marriage to a childhood friend and Theresa to hopefully become a teacher. Things don't go smoothly and we see such sacrifice, and learn about the unbreakable bonds of family.

    6. Cheri

      4.5 StarsLove, dreams, sacrifice and family are the themes at the core of Courtney Sullivan’s latest novel,” Saints for All Occasions,” a story of two families from the small village of Miltown Malbay in Ireland, whose children leave their village for the hopes and dreams associated with a new life in America. One family sends their son ahead to set his new life in motion, so that when his bride-to-be and her sister arrive, everything will be easier for them. Beginning in the year 1957, th [...]

    7. Margitte

      Somewhere between Brooklyn by Colm Tóibín and Did You Ever Have A Family by Bill Clegg,The Saints for All Occasions nestles comfortably into the family drama genre. Nora and Theresa Flynn left Miltown Malbay in Ireland for Boston, America. Nora, the serious, responsible, shy twenty-one year old girl, promised to marry Charles Rafferty upon her arrival, but insisted on taking her seventeen-year-old sister with her since she promised her mother to take care of her siblings when the latter passed [...]

    8. Brandice

      Like J. Courtney Sullivan's other three novels, I really, really liked Saints for All Occasions. The story is focused around two sisters, Nora and Theresa, and the decisions they make that shape the rest of their lives, including other family members as they get older and the family grows. The story alternates between the past and the present and this is executed very well. It was easy to imagine and sympathize with the conflicting feelings from both sisters and their alternative points of view [...]

    9. Britany

      4.5 StarsTechnically, I finished this book in 3 days. BUT, I had already started it and didn't want to bring a halfway finished book on my 2 week vacation (booknerd problems?).I do not remember this author's writing holding this much clout, but man was I wrong. I was hesitant to add this one to my list, as when I read Maine I wasn't overly impressed. This book brings us to the shores of Ireland when sisters- Theresa & Nora Flynn grow up, make mistakes, and decide to immigrate over to Massach [...]

    10. Lori

      Enjoyed! I loved both Nora and Theresa. Their rocky relationship was heartbreaking, but understandable given the circumstances. I do sympathize greatly with both women’s positions. This novel is most importantly about family and the sacrifices made that are sometimes never realized. It is funny how no matter how old you are, when you’re back with the people & places from your youth you are immediately transported back to the person you felt you were then. I’m not sure that I’m comple [...]

    11. KC

      I would like to thank Edelweiss, Knopf Publishing, and J. Courtney Sullivan for the advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. 1950's Ireland where teenagers Nora and her sister Theresa, embark on a journey to Boston, seeking a better life. Nora reluctantly accepts her boyfriends marriage proposal only after she discovers her younger sister pregnant, with the intention of adopting Theresa's baby. This tale spans multiple decades, covering the life choices that each of these women ma [...]

    12. Jessica

      On paper, this book is about a group of people whose lives are phenomenally different from my own. And maybe it was just because of some conversations I’ve had recently, but their experiences and psychological development so weirdly mirrored by own that I often thought I was reading about my own family. J. Courtney Sullivan burrowed into a very tiny place in my heart with this book. Reading it had a profound effect on me and reminded me why I love reading so effing much. There are many element [...]

    13. Susan Johnson

      A family saga novel about two Irish sisters who travel to America to make a new life. Nora's fiancé is already there and pays for them to come and join him. Her sister, Theresa, joyfully starts a new life but Nora is homesick and hesitant. Nora and Charlie go on to have four children and Theresa surprisingly becomes a cloistered nun. They go their separate ways.At 50, Nora's oldest son, Patrick is killed and the family reunites for his wake and funeral. It is this gathering that the book center [...]

    14. Petra

      I listened to the audio version of this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Family drama, secrets, relationships. they all form us, especially the secrets we don't even know.I like an immigration story. Within the family story, is the story of making a new life in a strange & new land. The difficulties and joys of this are blended with the difficulties and joys of raising a family, finding a source of contentment, finding a purpose in Life. This family is full of interesting, delighful people wh [...]

    15. switterbug (Betsey)

      The first seventy or so pages of this Irish family saga is concise, droll, tough, and tender, and introduces us to immigrants Nora Flynn and younger sister Theresa, who moved from Ireland to Boston (Dorchester) in the mid-1950s. Nora, 21 and four years older than Theresa, has been very protective of her younger sister since their mother died. They leave their widowed father and brother behind, promising to return to the country they love once they find jobs and raise enough money. But over fifty [...]

    16. Kristy

      Nora and Theresa Flynn are only twenty-one and seventeen when they leave their native Ireland and immigrate to the U.S. For her entire life, Nora has been the quintessential older sister, raising Theresa and their younger brother after the death of their mother. Now she's headed to Boston to be married to their former Irish neighbor, Charlie, whom Nora doesn't really even love. Theresa, meanwhile, is outgoing, beautiful, and intelligent. She loves the dances and social atmosphere in Boston, but [...]

    17. Ron Charles

      “Saints for All Occasions,” the new novel by J. Courtney Sullivan, is so unassuming that its artistry looks practically invisible. In fact, from the outside, nothing about this story seems noteworthy: Irish Catholics settle in Boston; they drink too much; they struggle with the church; they gather for a loved one’s wake.That sounds as fresh as a pint of last week’s Guinness.Which makes this quiet masterpiece all the more impressive. In a simple style that never commits a flutter of extra [...]

    18. Claudia Silk

      The best book J Courtney Sullivan has written and I really liked her previous books. It's the story of 2 sisters who come over from Ireland and settle in Boston. Such a great story and I didn't want it to end. Not coming out until the end of June but well worth the wait!

    19. Robert Blumenthal

      This is a lovely, lovely novel. It is an Irish American tale, in the spirit of Coim Toiban or Alice McDermott. It involves two sisters from Ireland, Nora and Theresa, who were 21 and 17 respectively when they came to the US in the 1950s. They were very close and lived in Boston, until Theresa got pregnant, and their relationship was never the same again.Nora is the practical and worldly one, Theresa is the dreamer. The story shifts back between 2009, where Nora's oldest and most beloved son Patr [...]

    20. Jenny

      I loved this book. Great family drama! I liked how the author referenced the title throughout the book, which gave me a greater understanding of the meaning behind the title. The Catholic girl in me enjoyed the depiction of life within a convent and how that life has changed and evolved with the church. I'm not sure if I loved or disliked the ending. I think the only reason I may have disliked it is that I didn't want the book to end. Great read!

    21. nomadreader (Carrie D-L)

      It's only May, but this is my favorite novel of the year, and I won't be surprised if it still is by the end of December.

    22. Dale Harcombe

      The story opens in 2009 with Nora Rafferty on her way to the hospital where Patrick, viewed by his siblings as the favoured son, is in hospital. It then jumps back in time to 1957- 1958. Nora and Theresa leave their small village in Ireland for America. When she arrives, Nora is set to marry Charlie who had previously moved there. It is what everyone expects, though she is not sure love is involved, at least on her part. She is also trying to do the best for her younger sister. But not everythin [...]

    23. Kelly

      3.5 *'s. This one started out great but then got really slow for me. I was left at the end thinking, "That's it?" It's a story about a family secret, hidden for many years. This is definitely my type of book and I enjoyed Sullivan's writing style as usual. It was just a little too quiet for me and I did not develop an attachment to the characters like I usually do.

    24. Suzy

      I really enjoyed this family saga of two young Irish women who immigrated to Boston in the 1950's. Nora, 21, is going to join and marry Charlie, a young man from her hometown in Ireland. Theresa, 17 . . . well, Theresa has always been in the care of Nora since their mother died when they were young children so it didn't seem like an option for her to stay in Ireland with her father and brother. Sullivan has written a touching (but never sappy) story of the fates of these sisters and their childr [...]

    25. Ferdy

      Not really a review, just a bitch session about the main character:Oh wow, how I loathed Nora, she was seriously unlikable, which would have been okay if she had been even slightly interesting. She was a boring, cold hearted, hard faced, self pitying, obnoxious cow. The way she treated her family pissed me off so much, the blatant favouritism she showed her children was irritating, and she had a constantly bitchy attitude with almost everyone she came in contact with. Worst of all was how everyo [...]

    26. Rebecca Foster

      Having enjoyed Sullivan’s The Engagements, I was keen to try her new novel. It opens in 2009 with Nora Rafferty, a mother of four, rushing to the hospital after being informed of a death in the family. She reluctantly accepts that her next task will be to contact the abbey where her estranged sister Theresa, now known as Mother Cecilia, lives. From County Clare, the girls moved to Boston together in the late 1950s: Nora to join Charlie, the fiancé she didn’t really love, and Theresa to have [...]

    27. Celia

      "How could you be this close, be a family, and yet be so unknown to one another?"This quote sums up the reason for this book the whole theme of this book: We can be a family, yet not know each other. Undoubtedly, this is because we do not let ourselves BE known. Nora and Theresa are sisters. They are born in Ireland but travel together to America so that Nora can be married to her betrothed, Charlie. She is not sure she loves Charlie. She is the serious one; Theresa is the fun loving one who loo [...]

    28. Eileen

      A sprawling, delicious family saga that was surprisingly addictive from start! I had abandoned an earlier work by this author, and she was finished as far as I was concerned. Fortunately however, the number of glowing reviews by friends (for this one) convinced me otherwise. The Irish element is hypnotic, because that’s somewhat in my background, and the siren song is real. As Courtney Sullivan spins this tale, different time frames are used, combining an irresistible mix of family dynamics, [...]

    29. Bonnie Brody

      This is a big, juicy, family saga about two Irish American sisters who immigrate to the United States in the 1950's. Nora Flynn is 21 years old when she leaves her farm in Western Ireland with her 17 year old sister Theresa in hand and gets on a boat to Massachusetts. Nora is the shy and responsible one while Theresa is the beauty who loves to flirt at dances and have fun. While Nora marries and raises four children, Theresa becomes a cloistered nun in a rural Vermont abbey.Something has driven [...]

    30. Marialyce

      3.5 tragic stars"We all have secrets we keep locked away from the rest of the world. Friendship we pretend. Relationships we hide. But worst of all is the love we never let show; the most dangerous secret a person can bury are those we keep for ourselves." (Kevin McCarthy)This was a tragic story of two sisters who travel from Ireland in the 1950's, as young girls and come to America. Nora, the oldest sister is one who is totally responsible, serious, and often quite severe. She is engaged to a m [...]

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