A Season to Be Sinful

A Season to Be Sinful Alexander Grantham Viscount Sheridan is stunned to find three young boys at his door demanding he right the wrongs of an incident that occurred earlier that evening when he thwarted a determined th

  • Title: A Season to Be Sinful
  • Author: Jo Goodman
  • ISBN: 9780821777756
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alexander Grantham, Viscount Sheridan, is stunned to find three young boys at his door, demanding he right the wrongs of an incident that occurred earlier that evening when he thwarted a determined thief When he discovers his wily pickpocket is a woman, now gravely injured, he takes his flame haired attacker under his wing Clearly, Sheridan s new guest is a lady of quaAlexander Grantham, Viscount Sheridan, is stunned to find three young boys at his door, demanding he right the wrongs of an incident that occurred earlier that evening when he thwarted a determined thief When he discovers his wily pickpocket is a woman, now gravely injured, he takes his flame haired attacker under his wing Clearly, Sheridan s new guest is a lady of quality So how did she become a common street thief He finds himself irresistibly drawn to the clever, cheeky Lily, and determined to unlock her mysteries.The five years since she left the care of the French convent have been a nightmare for Lily Her secrets are dangerous as is the powerful man determined to find her The handsome Viscount is clearly a gentleman with secrets of his own, but staying with him could mean the difference between life and death for Lily With each passing day, her handsome host turns Lily s convalescence into an increasingly sensual escape Now her greatest challenge may be imagining anything less than a future in his arms.

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    One thought on “A Season to Be Sinful

    1. BJ Rose

      Wow! What a great read!! A wonderful story, and so beautifully told that I read it a little more slowly at times so I could savor it, rather than rushing to the ending as I often do. For some reason, the title led me to think that this would be a lighthearted read, but it was anything but.The prologue has Lily growing up in a French abbey to age 16, when a man comes to request her services as governess to his daughters. Both Lily & Sr. Mary Joseph are convinced he is a very bad man, so the n [...]

    2. Hannah

      The title of this book is one of the most misleading titles in this genre. What might you imagine when you look at the cover and read the title? I brought this on vacation with me because I thought it would be lighthearted and flirtatious, but you should know that it's definitely not.The way that Jo Goodman writes this story is that she divulges small amounts of story bit by bit, so we slowly get to know the secrets of our main characters. I won't ruin the story and tell you what happens, other [...]

    3. Katyana

      Maybe it was a case of right thing at the right time, but I really really enjoyed this book. I found the characters to be complex and interesting, and I enjoyed the story of them coming together. I loved the scoundrels, and Sherry's family. All around, it was a fun time.I would only criticize that things came together too neatly in the end. I thought it was a little too perfect when we found out that (view spoiler)[the same guy was responsible not just for Lily's past but also for the assassinat [...]

    4. Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)

      I liked this regency romance. I'm a fan of Jo Goodman's historical romance so I suppose it's not too much of a surprise that I find I like her regency. She writes good characters. And I also appreciate that (view spoiler)[ when she writes a horrific back story for her female lead, she doesn't machinate so that somehow, highly improbably, her "purity" is preserved (which just perpetuates the myth that she'd not be worthy to be loved if it hadn't). Not with Jo Goodman! Good for her.(hide spoiler)] [...]

    5. Sol Santamarina

      First thing, the title has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the book.I'm feeling positive there was some mistake in the printing presses, and the cover got swapped.You might feel inclined to think you're getting into a light, witty, steamy romantic comedy. Think again. And again.While there is hotness in those pages, there is nothing light about the theme.It is QUITE dark, and unsettling. Not bad, mind you. Just not what you're lead to expect.Setting aside the misleading title, it's a go [...]

    6. Hannah

      This book had surprising depth that I was not expecting. I do not think the title fits the book AT ALL. There were parts of the mystery that I didn't follow, and parts that I didn't find necessary to the plot of the story. So perhaps there are some plot changes, but the book still captured me. I loved Lily as a character and her desire to protect those around her. She seemed to love unconditionally, thus wanting the best for the scoundrels. It made me like her even more The book addresses a deep [...]

    7. Fangirl Musings

      I have always been fond of Goodman's books, so it is't too surprising I found "A Season to be Sinful" a rather interesting read. The female lead, Lilly, is a wily pickpocket who, through a rather entertaining set of circumstances, falls under the care of the very Viscount she had 'accousted.' The plot is very unique and the writing, of course, is exceptional.

    8. Ash

      more like 3.75 rounded up to 4. It would have been a solid 4 if were it not for the fact that the book had the tendency to meander occasionally, also there were one or two plot points that were completely unnecessary and just served to stretch the story further.

    9. Amy

      3.5 Stars. Wow, never have I ever read a book where the first quarter (possibly third) of the book just didn't quite engage me, felt clunky, and sort of discombobulated -- only to turn it all around and come together to make a good back half, and a sweet, entertaining story! Goodman trips herself up sometimes, but she certainly has *some* tricks up her sleeves. The young scrappy orphans in the story, the 'scoundrels' as they're often called are written perfectly. Sherry winds up being a really s [...]

    10. Tory Ferrera

      As with other Jo Goodman books I've read, this romance is more a mix of mystery/espionage thriller with a love story thrown in. Beautifully written, if paced a bit slowly, with secondary characters that really leap off the page, it was a good read. The heroine, Lily Rose, is in hiding in a tough London neighborhood, where she's taken three young boys under her wing. It's while the boys - who are thieves - are trying to rob the hero, Lord Sheridan, that she comes to save his life by taking a knif [...]

    11. Elisa Vangelisti

      Il titolo di questo romanzo inganna. Anche quello originale (A season to be sinful), perché all’incirca è la stessa cosa. Non mi convinceva sin da subito, poiché la quarta prometteva la storia di una ragazza vestita da uomo che salva la vita a un visconte. Fino a qui, ci siamo. Ma in seguito niente prosegue come previsto (e può essere questo anche un merito, non so…). Le due personalità sono irriverenti l’una con l’altra e provano a trovare un punto di contatto, perdendolo continuam [...]

    12. SidneyKay

      Yeah, I've been searchin'A-a searchin'Oh, yeah, searchin' every which a-wayYeah, yeahOh, yeah, searchin'I'm searchin'Searchin' every which a-wayYeah, yeah"Hard to believe, but I ran out of books to read. Well, let me rephrase that. I ran out of books I wanted to read. Started some, but them down - not in the mood for others - some are tooooo emotional, tooooo tortured, I just have to be in the right mood to pick some of them up (can you say Mary Balogh?) So, I've been looking for some which I mi [...]

    13. Jessica

      This book was my debut to Jo Goodman and it wasn't half bad.I was particularly charmed by the cast of characters (although they had their faults) but we shall get to that.Viscount Sheridan, or better known as Sherry, is lucky to be alive. He doesn't know who he should thank or blame for the matter since the stabbing incident that occurred in Covent Garden left him mysteriously without a lead. However, Sherry learns all you must do is ask and you shall receive because it doesn't take long for thr [...]

    14. D.W. Nichols

      Me encantan los personajes con pasados duros porque son los que dan mas juego en una historia, siempre y cuando el autor o autora sea lo suficientemente habilidoso para sacarles partido. Y en esta novela los tenemos por partida doble.Por un lado Lily. Me encanta el hecho que vayamos adivinando poco a poco su pasado, a medida que lo hace el mismo Sherry, porque así, cada vez que ella hace algo que él no comprende, nos podemos poner fácilmente en su lugar y sorprendernos o cabrearnos con ella i [...]

    15. Caroline

      Another author listed the third of Ms Goodman's "Grantham" series in her best-ten list so, not being acquainted with Ms Goodman's work, I decided to start at the beginning, with the first book in this series.My initial reaction to A Season to Be Sinful was enthusiastic, even though this must be the third or fourth book I've read that uses the aristocrat-captures-female-thief motif. Despite the lack of originality, the development of the story was exemplary. I was particularly struck by the qual [...]

    16. Blackjack

      A Season to be SinfulA Season to be Sinful was published not long after the Compass Club series and there are so many similarities and patterns here that I hesitate to give this an "A" rating just on the basis of standardization alone. If I had read this book first though, I would have completely loved it. Some of the standby Goodman elements are here and luckily the ones I tend to like. Sherry is a fitting hero in that he's handsome, wealthy, smart, and compassionate to children and women, all [...]

    17. kreekree

      I don't knowI guess I'm the minority here. I thought the premise of the book intriguing, especially the way that Lily was living in poverty protecting and watching over three boys that grew up on the mean streets of London. There was also a lot of amusing, dry wit as well. However, as a romance novel, I don't think that this really touched me emotionally as much as others have before. Like I said, there was a lot of dry, witty humor, especially between the main protagonists, but I don't know if [...]

    18. Cruth

      Author: Jo GoodmanFirst published: 2005Length: 4870 locationsSetting: London and rural England, 1815Sex: Sex is a big part of this book. He has a mistress. She was abused. They do get together and it's explicit, but not overly frequent. Sex as both right and wrong, good and bad.Almost Cheating: He has a mistress.Heroine: has been abused. (view spoiler)[Has an uncomfortable sexual past including prostitute for survival and sex slave. Some sexual acts combine her past in a convent with abuse. (hid [...]

    19. CJ - It's only a Paper Moon

      2.9-3.1The POV changing with paragraphs was, in the beginning annoying, as the story progressed it just became distracting.Lily has lived a real shitty life and the abuse she suffered . sheesh. goodman does like to abuse her characters so I should've expected it but.nesh.Sherry is a patient, rational and intelligent man. He has also led a surprisingly dangerous life that was hinted at and really should have been explained earlier in some fashion. However, I didn't mind learning at the same time [...]

    20. Linds

      This is the best historical romance I've read in awhile, I loved it.Sherri is such an interesting hero. Regency heroes definitely have types among them. There's the uptight, tightly wound Mr. Darcy ones with the secret hearts of gold. There's the physically or mentally tortured ones despite their money and titles. There's the self made men fighting for their place in a classist society. Sherri is none of these things. He's spoiled, factitious, sarcastic, uptight. He's not a bad man, but he's a p [...]

    21. Maura

      Viscount Sheridan, or Sherry is saved from being stabbed when a ruffian takes the blade for him. When 3 younger ruffians show up on his doorstep demanding he take care of him, he agrees. Turns out he's a she and she's no street rat - she's clearly a well-bred lady. She is in fact Lily Sterling, with a tragic past involving sexual slavery and rape. But she escaped and has managed to stay hidden thus far - but her association with and eventual love for Sherry may bring her to the notice of the man [...]

    22. Wendy Tavenner

      Wonderful Story!!Lily who was raised in a an Abbey in France is made to run for her life. Years later she is following her 3 little scoundrels so they won't get into trouble or caught. She spies a man with a shiv going towards a Lord, she intercedes and is stabbed in the process. Several days later the 3 scoundrels end up on Lord Sheridan's (Sherry) door begging help that Lily is dying and its because of him. He goes and helps save Lily and brings her and the 3 (Pinch, Midge & Dash) back to [...]

    23. Ivonne

      el principio fue tan lentoooooo que tenia ganas de abandonarlo, se que deben explicar las cosas pero senti como que no avanzabamos durante la mitad del libro, era lo mismo y lo mismo despues de ahi se puso un poco mas interesante.Lily es una chica que sufrio mucho, paso por tantas cosas, que muchas personas hubieran buscado otra solucion y seria un poco mas reservada a pesar de tener su actitud, sigue siendo una chica que lucha por los que quiere y no se deja convencer muy facilmente, le da la p [...]

    24. Sierra

      This is the second book by this author I have read. It is, like the other, a very fun, light read. The plot is complex enough to engage you for the entire book, with some light mystery added to the usual scandal found in romance novels. The characters are not quite "deep," but not 2 dimensional either. If you're looking for an escape between more serious reading, this would be a good choice. It is, of course, a romance novel, and does contain some non-PG scenes, but beyond that, there are some d [...]

    25. Lauren

      Lily has been running from secrets from her past and has ended up on the streets for her trouble. Now in an unexpected encounter with Alexander Grantham, Viscount Sheridan, she has to rely on him to save her life from a stab wound. Thanks in part to her three little scoundrels they learn just what the encounter was really about.I think I liked this book so much because of the three little scoundrels. They really made the book and contributed in helping both Lily and Sheridan's characters grow.

    26. Kiki Rizky Agustina

      3.5 stars.I'm surprised this book didn't get much ratings and reviews here on . The past few months I'm really into historical romance, and A Season to Be Sinful is one of the better ones I've read so far. The story was bittersweet and overall it's very enjoyable - albeit a little slowly-paced for my liking. I also really liked the way Jo Goodman put the element of surprise in the plot and hero's and heroine's backgrounds.

    27. Amy

      3.5First 80% of the book was 5 stars: great character development, gradual reveal of backstory, slow burn romance. Nothing felt rushed or unnatural.Final 20% of book: 1 star. The character acted OOC, there was too much sex, hero acted like an idiot, among other issues I don't have time to list right now Overall, it was a good read.Trigger warning : rape survivor recounts what she went through for almost a year, talks of pedophilia

    28. Gypsie Holley

      4.5 STARS I didn't cry, but this is one of the most sweetest, best written books I've read in a while! Of course, there is background horrors but it doesn't negate the relationship between the couple. Intellectually written. You have to be on your toes and know the language to get all the innuendos and amusing quips! I loved it! The boys are a wonderful bonus and you fall in love with them just as much as Sherry & Lily!

    29. Michelle

      I liked this book. It took a while for me to warm up to Lily (the heroine). I understand why she was so filled with mistrust and couldn't really warm up to anyone, but it made her hard to like at first. I really liked the hero but hated his name (Sherry, for Viscount Sheriden). He was a typical English hero - stuffy and sarcastic and proper. He was also warm-hearted and so, so romantic. I ended up liking the book a lot more than I thought I would.

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