The Serpent

The Serpent In the lost world of prehistory a girl is born Is she a Goddess Cija herself believes that she is For years her mother the Dictatress has kept her imprisoned in a tower She releases her with on

  • Title: The Serpent
  • Author: Jane Gaskell
  • ISBN: 9780671820497
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the lost world of prehistory, a girl is born Is she a Goddess Cija herself believes that she is For 17 years her mother, the Dictatress, has kept her imprisoned in a tower She releases her, with one object in view to seduce Zerd, the snake scaled Dragon General of an occupying army, then stab him to death Thru the forests of the sling using Fouls, among the reptIn the lost world of prehistory, a girl is born Is she a Goddess Cija herself believes that she is For 17 years her mother, the Dictatress, has kept her imprisoned in a tower She releases her, with one object in view to seduce Zerd, the snake scaled Dragon General of an occupying army, then stab him to death Thru the forests of the sling using Fouls, among the reptile birds, in lands where half human hybrids are kept as pets, Cija travels with the Northern Army In the great vicious City of the South, Zerd makes plans with the Southerners to attack the fabulous Continent of Atlan, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean Cija escapes is pursued She finds a lover there is fighting between the Northern Southern armies she suffers rape at the hands of two very different men This fantastic story of love, jealousy sudden death is unlike anything you have ever read It grips the imagination from start to finish.

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    One thought on “The Serpent

    1. Amy

      This is one of those books that I first read when I was, like, sixteen. It's stuck with me. I know it's, I don't know, overblown, maybe? But it has a strongly written heroine and some great adventures. I still go back and reread it. BTW, do NOT read this book without also reading the second one, "The Dragon." These two books were originally published as one, and they really don't make sense as two separate books.

    2. Darrell

      When we first meet Cija, she is a teenager trapped in a tower like Rapunzel, albeit with many servants to complain to. She doesn't know about the existence of men. Like the Biblical Judith, she is then given the task of seducing the leader of an invading army and killing him once his guard is down. The man she is sent to kill is actually a reptile who appears human for the most part, except he has a snake's tongue and scaly skin which changes color. Oh, and he sparkles in the sun.Cija finds it d [...]

    3. Kaila

      Strangely anti-woman. Cija hates every woman she comes across, but thinks she herself is pretty awesome. Somehow, this became endearing as she was painted quite well as both ignorant and innocent. Basically everyone in the novel, women included, are constantly telling her she needs to wise up, and she blissfully ignores them.For some unknown reason, somewhere along the line, this first book was divided into two volumes. It's easy to come across the entire book as it was originally published, or [...]

    4. Deb

      Want to make certain a teenager reads a book? Put it on a list of titles removed from public school library shelves. Thanks to a group of small minded folk years ago, the Atlan books have been favorites for a long time.

    5. Arlene Allen

      These were a little strange, and a bit ahead of their time, with its fiesty, independent and sexual heroine. There is an edge to these that most fantasy of the time did not have. If you like Sheri Tepper's feminist science fiction, these are worth tracking down and reading.

    6. Victoria Sadler

      When I was a teenager, I thought this was wonderful. A strange, emotional fantasy sci-fi epic that just gripped me.

    7. Aaron Meyer

      A pretty good book. Going in to this I really didn't know what to expect from it so I was pleasantly surprised with it. Cija's situation is definitely an interesting one, and seeing how she grows throughout all the stuff that happens to her is cool. It is obvious that the author definitely intended this to be a much longer work considering the cliff hanging and abrupt ending.

    8. Julie Long gallegos

      I read this series as a young teenager - perfect YA reading and adult reading. Swinging 60s filtered through a most vivid realization of Atlantis and pre-history - and told in diary first-person. What could possibly not be to love? Style to burn, and wickedly great characters, lust, humor, adventure.

    9. Rebecca Ives

      I spent most of the time while reading this book hoping that the heroine would die, thus fulfilling the "survival of the fittest" concept. The character's behavior largely ran from stupid to self-centered oblivion. Bleh - I rooted for the antagonist.

    10. Deb Southerland

      I loved this book at the time I read it. I must dig it up and read it again, and if I like it as much now, give it a better rating.

    11. Scoper

      Hmm. So far I'm not really enjoying this. The protag is a young girl, who's clueless and rather annoying - although it's the first book in the series, so she may improve. There aren't any other likable characters so far, and quite a bit of unpleasant and violent sex. But the world, although somewhat obfuscated at this point, is just interesting enough to be intriguing me and I am curious about Atlan. So I might trudge through a bit more of it to see where it goes.

    12. Matthew Pennell

      An interesting read, this 1963 fantasy novel (the first in a series of five loosely written about the lost continent of Atlantis) has a handful of fun ideas and engaging characters, but is let down by some occasional leaps in logic and clumsy phrasing.

    13. Chris Duval

      This review covers the original 'The Serpent,' separated in this printing into two volumes, the second called 'The Dragon.'This is a fantasy* adventure told by a woman, Cija, in the first person** that has five-star aspects (particularly when one considers it was first published in 1963) and three-star flaws. Instead of talking about either of these, I'm going to talk first about what I found most uncomfortable: Cija's mixed reactions to being raped.All of the directly described first sexual int [...]

    14. Lisa (Harmonybites)

      This is the first book in the Atlan Saga. If your book seems to end abruptly there's a reason for that not the fault of the author. First published in 1963, in later editions it was split in half with the second half published as The Dragon. I first read this--and loved this--in my teens. I'm rather afraid to reread them and find my memory of them doesn't hold. I do remember them as even then striking me as beyond weird yet irresistible. Just from what I remember, let alone what I've been remind [...]

    15. Myridian

      I really wanted to like this book. We follow Cija as she leaves a confined girlhood and is instead given as a hostage to an occupying general as he leaves for a new campaign. She is given the task of killing the general to negate a horrible prophecy at her birth. The setting was imaginative, but there is little more to say about this work that is positive. Cija embodies everything that is annoying about petulant teenagers and has the added justification that she is supposedly the descendant of h [...]

    16. Scheherazade

      The Serpent was first published in 1963. It is the first part of the Atlan series, a set of four (or five*) fantasy novels set in prehistoric times. The following novels are Atlan , The City and Some Summer Lands . The stories are set in Atlantis and South America. * The Serpent was also published split into two books, titled The Serpent and The Dragon , hence the confusion over the numbering of the volumes. I read this series in my teens and have just recently reread them. Great plot and execut [...]

    17. Dina

      i liked the serpent but i didn't love it. i admit that jane gaskell is a great writer, and the world and characetrs she created are fascinating and believeable. but the plot was all over the place, with too many events and characters that were not really necessary. other than that very enjoyable read

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