Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King

Love and Louis XIV The Women in the Life of the Sun King The book centres around the Sun King and his relationship with numerous and fascinating women Naturally dividing into five parts it will concentrate on the King s mother Anne of Austria to whom he wa

  • Title: Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King
  • Author: Antonia Fraser
  • ISBN: 9780297829973
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The book centres around the Sun King and his relationship with numerous and fascinating women Naturally dividing into five parts it will concentrate on the King s mother, Anne of Austria to whom he was devoted his first important mistress, Louise de la Valliere who bore him several illegitimate children Athenais Marquise de Montespan who acted as unofficial Queen of VerThe book centres around the Sun King and his relationship with numerous and fascinating women Naturally dividing into five parts it will concentrate on the King s mother, Anne of Austria to whom he was devoted his first important mistress, Louise de la Valliere who bore him several illegitimate children Athenais Marquise de Montespan who acted as unofficial Queen of Versailles until her involvement in the affair of poisons and of course Marie Therese, his wife and Madame de Maintenon, governess to the illegitimate royal children The fifth part concentrates on his relations in old age with his daughters, granddaughters and the wife of his grandson It will vividly bring to life the vast edifice of Louis XIV s court the magnificence, artistic splendour, elaborate ritual and in some cases, absurdity and misery.

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      165 Antonia Fraser
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    One thought on “Love and Louis XIV: The Women in the Life of the Sun King

    1. Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣

      Did you know that Louis the XIV used to be given an enema on a regular basis? Or that no matter one's suffering, they we're bled from their arms or their legs? Now that is some horror stuff right there. I can only appreciate the age I'm living in, with all its advances in medicine.This book is more than just a look at the women in the Sun King's life. It contains references to his military expeditions and the life quality of the common folk. I find Louis a very self-centered man (he had been rai [...]

    2. Warwick

      Busty young princess Marie-Adélaïde set tongues and codpieces wagging today as she made her first appearance in court looking dressed to kill in a daring figure-hugging gown. The saucy Savoyarde (34-20-34, after corset) was presented to future hubby the Dauphin – but onlookers said her Alpine attributes also had the King giving her the royal once-over. Official courtiers were unavailable for comment, but sources close to Versailles told us: ‘She may only be 11, but that's hardly likely to [...]

    3. Roman Clodia

      In my post-Versailles TV series hangover, I wanted to read this to get a sense of the historical reality behind the fiction - sadly, though, this is not Fraser at her best. The narrative feels unfocused in comparison with her Mary Queen of Scots and The Gunpowder Plot, and that seems to be because she changed the remit of the book mid-way. She originally planned to write about Louis' mistresses, then widened it to also cover his relationships with other women: his mother, Anne of Austria; his da [...]

    4. Anna

      I don't know that I am totally unbiased in my review of this book, as just from a glance it held many of my favorite things: history, courtly drama, France, clever women in high places, gorgeous color photo sections, and Antonia Fraser. I read her "Marie Antoinette: The Journey" at the beginning of 2016 and was extremely impressed, and I found my reaction to be the same here. I was thoroughly entertained throughout.

    5. Madeline

      A detailed look at the reign of Louis XIV and the various women in his life. The list begins with his mother, Anne of Austria, who acted as regent when Louis assumed the throne at age four; and then ends with his last mistress, Madame de Maintenon. In between we get details of his first love, a couple other maitresses-en-titres, his wife, daughters, and in-laws. My favorite of the bunch was Mary Beatrice d'Este, who was the wife of the exiled King James II. When the king had to leave his country [...]

    6. Wealhtheow

      Lady Antonia Fraser is an accomplished historian; her Tudor books have enthralled me for years. I chose her to introduce me to the French court--sadly, a disappointment. This book is focused on King Louis XIV and the women he loved in his life. It begins well, with a focus on Louis XIV's mother and regent Anne of Austria. Anne was a pious and effective ruler, and she left her son with a profound belief in the Catholic Church. Partly through her influence, Louis abandoned his love affair with Mar [...]

    7. Louise

      "Love" as presumed by casual browsers of the title, and "Love" as meant by the author may differ. The book covers his friendships, flirtations, infatuations, in-law relations, marriage and (perhaps) pseudo marriage and his views of the female obligation to sacrifice for international diplomacy. By the standards of his cousin, Charles II of England, Louis XIV was the much more responsible adulterer.Fraser demonstrates how Louis' early bond with a loving mother- an exception for a time characteriz [...]

    8. Sara Giacalone

      Antonia Fraser is known for her impeccable research and ability to bring history to life. Love and Louis XIV is no different. I thoroughly enjoyed this review of the women who influenced the Sun King and recommend it.

    9. Levi

      Wella few historical inaccuracies . But aside from this I like the format of the novel many mentioned there was a lack of structure the further into the book - which is true , but I felt this just mirrored Louis life in love and with the women at court . In the beginning it was incredibly structured d as those who were mistresses and wife’s fell from favour his lovers and his ways became more erratic . I just felt that this structure followed the pace of his life so it didn’t bother me so mu [...]

    10. lia

      Maybe because i expect something more from this book, i finished it with disappointment.The Sun King's life is so grande and amazing but Antonia Fraser manage to make it tame and dull. I remember reading page after page and wanting it to end. I just keep reading because i promise myself that i would finish it. She divide the book into chapters of Louis XIV's life, that is Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter. And in every chapter, the woman who influenced him the most. Starting with his mother Anne [...]

    11. Carla

      Um livro interessante que nos permite entrever a personalidade de Luís XIV e a influência que as mulheres que o rodeavam tiveram na sua vida. Sendo o retrato de uma época em que as mulheres eram meros objectos de prazer ou moedas de troca entre nações, vislumbramos ainda assim assinaláveis indícios da férrea vontade e determinação de algumas destas mulheres em contrariar o inevitável destino a que estavam votadas Exemplo disso mesmo é a "mulher secreta" do Rei-Sol, Madame de Mainteno [...]

    12. Ruby

      I LOVE THIS BOOK. historical ladies are my favourite thing so a whole book about them is the best thing that could have happened to me. i got to read about amazing ladies like anne of austria, athénaïs de montespan or françoise de maintenon, and i also learned a lot about louis xiv himself without having to read a biography fully about himso yes, 5/5 for this book. read it if you come across it, you won't regret it!!

    13. Kam

      When one gets sick, it's always assumed that it's the perfect time to thin one's personal to-read pile. In some ways it is: after all, it's not as if one can get up and go to work, or have life in general cut into one's reading time when one is supposed to be lying down and recovering. Unfortunately, not all illnesses prove conducive to reading. It may be easy to read a book when one is sick with a cold, but when one is doubled-over with gastroenteritis, then it's a bit more difficult to muster [...]

    14. Em

      Honestly, I've always enjoyed history but my new found interest in Louise XIV is a result of loving the TV production of "Versailles" and wanting to know a bit more about the facts underpinning the entertainment! I opted for this Antonia Fraser book to begin because I find her style to be engaing and I enjoyed her biography of Marie Antoinette a few years back also, I liked the idea of her focussing on the women of this era and I was pleased to read about all the generations that touched upon th [...]

    15. Tiffany

      This book doesn't deserve the time of day from me but I have resolved to leave a little review.I hated everything about this book to the point that I wanted to burn it. It is clear from the get go that Antonia Fraser knows next to nothing about Louis XIV, but decided to write a book about him because he is an infamous historical figure that nearly everyone in the world has heard about. She doesn't bother to understand Louis or to give the story in his perspective. As a matter of fact, I don't th [...]

    16. Sara

      Antonia Fraser briefly profiles dozens and dozens of those women who however briefly captured the attention of Louis XIV. And there are A LOT of ladies. Which makes keeping all the of these ladies straight difficult, and the material would be better suited by several charts to establish the hierarchy and family tree of the French Court for reference. The print edition may have included such resources, but the audio book did not. Had Fraser focused her scope somewhat that may have not been necess [...]

    17. Claire M.

      Antonia Fraser rarely disappoints and this book is no exception. This is a nice compliment to the letters of Madame Sevigne, because until now I really could not understand quite the "fervor" of Madame' S's letters to her daughter regarding the rising stars and the fading has beens that were gracing or exiting Louis XIV's bed. All is now explained. And yes, we are absolutely indulging in some self-admitted wish fulfillment here, because in the end it is the bookworm, the studious one, the intell [...]

    18. Tatiana

      so, definitely not a book i would have picked up on my own. but my roommate was right when she said it was oddly fascinating. basically an in depth look at the french court of louis XIV, concentrating on the women, it's almost like reading us weekly in the 17th century. you get all the affairs and scandals, plus the gossip of the times, who's talking shit about whom, etc. and frasier does an amazing job of keeping every straight and easily accessible. the dramatis personae in the beginning threw [...]

    19. Destiny

      This was my first foray into biographies about the members of the French monarchy. I've long been a fan of Marie Antoinette, but it wasn't until I was searching for other books on different monarchy, that I chose to buy this one. I want to start off by saying that before reading this book I didn't know a lot about Louis XIV. I was more familiar with Louis XVI and his wife, of course, but even then I didn't know as much as I should have.The book starts off with Louis's miraculous birth. Anne of A [...]

    20. Maren

      I really enjoyed this book alot, though it definitely wanes a bit after the first 1/2 or so. It's basically a straight forward biography of exactly what the title describes: The loves of The Sun King, Louis XIV. Antonia Fraser is definitely informed about her subject and her writing is far more accessible than that of most other historians/biographers; on the flipside, at times it felt too simplistic to remain interesting. She gives some really interesting information about the women in the sun [...]

    21. Mark Gaulding

      I just finished this book. I am fairly well-read on this Louis' maitresse-en-titres, but I found this book to be a bit messy, although it is a good book some ways and one I would recommend. The author establishes a remarkable portrayal of the the king's relationship with his mother and manages to draw parallels and connections from that maternal relationship that throughout Louis' other relationships that are covered in the book. At some point, though, the author seems to have decided to cover a [...]

    22. Juliet-Camille

      Absolutely fascinating but a little too short for my liking in a biography like this. In fact, the only thing holding this book back from a 5 star rating is the length. Antonia Fraser never disappoints.

    23. SlushTurtle

      An easy, enjoyable read, as I find most of Fraser's works. I didn't know much about the Sun King, so it was most educational.

    24. Kelly

      King Louis was the long awaited child and the future King of France. His birth was unexpected but very welcomed. He was a very mature baby at birth - he was born with 2 teeth already to go. Queen Anne adored her son and quite a devoted mother to her son, for a Queen during that time period was highly unusual. He benefited greatly from her love and devotion. When it came for him to marry his Queen, Marie-Therese, it was his mother that closed the curtains on the bridegroom on their first night. T [...]

    25. Joan

      A chance remark online piqued my interest in this book (something about envying the lives of 17th century princesses), which was unusual for me, as I'm not typically interested in the lives of royalty of yore. But it was easily available at my local library so I decided to give it a try. I found it very interesting, very readable, only occasionally confusing near the end with regard to the different grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Louis XIV, born to his wife and several mistresses. It w [...]

    26. Jessica

      This is actually my first time reading Antonia Fraser's work, and I had a lot of fun reading this bio on Louis XIV's life and the lives of the women involved with him, from his mother to his wives to his mistresses. I became more interested in seeking this book out from having spotted it in the library as well as having recently binge rewatched the first season of Versailles on Netflix (admittedly). And, from Fraser's rich, vivid descriptions of court life and relationship dynamics, there was a [...]

    27. Ashley

      I wonder how Louis life would have gone if he'd stuck to his guns and married Marie?Sometimes the author makes vague references to seedy things different ones were doing, but I don't know these people. Your allusions aren't helping me. A few times I tried to look up the person and didn't find any reason for the shade. The author at one point says, "In other ways Adelaide was shrewd as the children of troubled marriages are shrewd." What does that even mean? Is that a thing? I wish there was more [...]

    28. Robert Barto

      I was inspired to read this due to the Netflix series, "Versailles." After reading this biography, I came away with the impression that much of that show is fiction. The true story, as written by noted biographer, Antoinia Fraser, is much richer and fascinating. True confession, I have been to Versailles in France and toured the palace with a tour guide who spoke too softly for the din of the multi-national tours. I wish I had read a biography like this prior to that trip and I would have had a [...]

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