Remember When

Remember When Judith McNaught s last enchanting bestseller Until You was hailed as brilliantly done and completely entertaining ripe plot twists a fine supporting cast Ocala Star Banner Now with than fourteen mi

Judith McNaught s last enchanting bestseller, Until You, was hailed as brilliantly done and completely entertaining ripe plot twists a fine supporting cast Ocala Star Banner.Now, with than fourteen million books in print and seven New York Times bestsellers, Judith McNaught brings us her latest, most enthralling novel Remember When When multinational tycoJudith McNaught s last enchanting bestseller, Until You, was hailed as brilliantly done and completely entertaining ripe plot twists a fine supporting cast Ocala Star Banner.Now, with than fourteen million books in print and seven New York Times bestsellers, Judith McNaught brings us her latest, most enthralling novelRemember WhenWhen multinational tycoon Cole Harrison approached her on a moonlit balcony at the White Orchid Charity Ball, Diana Foster had no idea how extraordinary the night ahead would be The most lavish social event of the Houston season had brought out American aristocracy, Texas style, in glittering array So, after losing her fianc to a blond Italian heiress and reading about it in a sleazy gossip paper, the lovely Diana felt obliged to make an appearance if only to save face and to bolster her company s image.Foster s Beautiful Living magazine was her family s success story, and Diana knew that, single, childless, and suddenly unengaged , she was not living up to its lucrative image of upscale domestic tranquility.A woman of gentle grace and kindness, Diana deeply valued her privacy and her dignity, both of which were at risk that night among certain rumor driven socialites And now the pride of Dallas billionaires, Cole Harrison, was closing in on her with two crystal flutes and a bottle of champagneThe tall, lithe former stableboy couldn t negotiate his way out of a contract with his crusty uncle, Cal he had to bring home a wife, and soon, or see Cal s share of the business Cole had created go to an undeserving relative A man as coolly analytical as he was arrestingly attractive, Cole decided that his bride to be should be rich in her own right, meltingly beautiful, and a woman of impeccable character Diana Foster It was the perfect to their respective dilemmas, and, after a lot of champagne for Diana and some skilled persuasion from Cole, their lips met in a long, slow, bargain sealing kiss Neither one dared imagine that a match made in logic s heaven might be headed straight for an unexpected, once in a lifetime love

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One thought on “Remember When

  1. Jo Guasque

    I have observed that a lot of people dislike this book. But I guess I can't help it. I really do love this book. Every page of it. Would you believe that I did finish this book in just two days. I am totally in love with its plot. It reminds me so much of Paradise. Well, I did notice that Matt Farrell was mentioned in this book.:) To be honest, I love romance books especially those that involves corporate CEO's. I don't know but I'm sure that I'm a sucker for those kind of stories. I especially [...]

  2. Barbara

    As you all know McNaught is one of; if not my number one author So with that said I have to give this book a low rating. I felt like "Remember When" was a lazy write and it mirrored (almost exactly) one of her other books. I will say it started out as a "could not put it down read", but somewhere around the middle it fell apart. I know she can bring more than this to the table and that's why this review is so negative. If you've never read McNaught DO NOT start with this one. Try "A Kingdom of D [...]

  3. Mo

    “There will be a few times in your life when all your instincts will tell you to do something, something that defies logic, upsets your plans, and may seem crazy to others. When that happens, you do it. Listen to your instincts and ignore everything else. Ignore logic, ignore the odds, ignore the complications, and just go for it.”A good read but not as gripping as other McNaught books I have read. Loved reading about their younger life.The stars came out, one by one Brooding, rich, self-mad [...]

  4. Ena Hasečić

    Prvi dio romana prati likove 80ih godina kao još jako mlade, a drugi 15 godina kasnije. U fokusu je svakako ljubavna priča sa par dramatičnih porodičnih događaja koji su često bili pokretači radnje i koji su odredili sudbine nekih likova. Ipak, neki od njih su loše obrađeni, o nekima bih voljela znati malo više, a posebno šta se sa njima događalo u godinama koje nisu date u romanu. Autorica nas je 15 godina kasnije dovela pred svršen čin ne objasnivši kako je sudbina likova krenul [...]

  5. Mai

    4.5*Kenapa ya suka kisah ini?Suka Cole lebih dari Matt *ngeeeeeSuka kisah Diana Foster mungkin sebab dah mula kenal dia dari buku sebelum ni,Simple Gifts: Just Curious / Miracles / Change of Heart / Double ExposureSuka ada kesinambungan kisah Corey dan Spencer,Yang kurang mungkin kisah ni lambat pick up Cole sangat misteri kesabaran diperlukan disini.P/S Saje je x nak genapkan bintang nanti tak adil untuk Royce.

  6. Sophie ♥

    Rate: 4.5 stars (rounded to 5 just because it's Judith)Book OverviewSteam: 2/10 I'm not sure I even recall the sex scenes, definitely not memorableStyle: romantic suspense/contemporary romanceHero: 8/10 A very typical hero from Judith - successful, wealthy businessman (think Matt in Paradise)Heroine: 5/10 I loved Diana as a child but her adult character did not appeal to me)There's something about this book that I can't put my finger on. Going into it I had plenty of doubts about whether or not [...]

  7. Beatriz

    Creo que uno de los principales méritos de este libro, y de la autora por supuesto, es lograr que de un conflicto argumental muy simple, haya logrado una novela de más de 500 páginas en que el interés por su lectura no decae en ningún momento. Por el contrario, es casi imposible parar de leer y saber cómo seguirá la historia, la cual encanta precisamente por su simplicidad y sentido de la realidad. La autora recurre a una impecable descripción del mundo de los negocios y lazos familiares [...]

  8. Chasidy

    I was a little skeptical reading this book considering the low ratings but as soon as I finished the first chapter, I knew this was one I would not be able to put down. I was right! Judith McNaught's Remember When was simply amazing. Think of it as a modern Cinderella story with a twist. Actually, make that a huge twist with a round-a-bout and many U-turns.Cole Harrison is a stable boy turned multi-billionaire and after years of working to get on top, his world takes a wild surprise when his unc [...]

  9. Ana Fernandes

    3,5⭐️ para ser mais exacta.É uma leitura compulsiva lê-se c mta facilidade e c mt vontade de saber o k vai acontecer. Apesar de ser descritivo, n é maçante, mas peca por tem um final "a correr", contraditório c resto do livro.

  10. Aly is so frigging bored

    I loved reading this book! Ms McNaught has duch a way with words I think I could always guess when an extrapt is from one of her books.

  11. Rose Strong (Kljuc za knjigu Book Blog)

    Sjećate se Shreka, zelenog ogra? Ima jedna scena u tom filmu kad on i magare nekamo putuju, a magare dosađuje pitanjima Jesmo stigli? A sad? A sad? doslovno svake tri i pol sekunde. Sad mi je jasno što je jadni magarčić proživljavao jer sam se slično i sama osjećala kad sam čitala ovaj roman. Osim što se moja pitanja nisu odnosila na fizičku destinaciju, nego sam ja sa svakom novom stranicom čekala da napokon dođemo do dijela kad će se u ovom romanu nešto početi događati.Dočeka [...]

  12. Adeeba

    I wonder how people gave this novel less than 5 stars. 'Remember when' was my fourth book by Judith McNaught and I LOVED IT. Well even that wouldn't sum up how much I adored this novel. It was Perfect in all senses of the word. I had been thinking of reading it for a long time but tbh the beginning kind of kept putting me off because it was a little slow but then I was amazed. I finished this book in about 3 days and I was thinking about it all the damn time. Even read a lot of chapters more tha [...]

  13. Andreia Silva

    Esta autora nunca me desilude . Este foi o primeiro livro dela não época que li e simplesmente adorei. Desde famílias atribuladas , amores proibidos e destinos trocados , a história leva a que não queremos perder uma linha . Gostei particularmente da criação do pedido de casamento do cole a Diana , foi deveras extraordinário . Recomendo vivamente . 10**

  14. Lemon

    This was not so bad, it was just not memorable like JM's other books. Why? Because I think JM just got tired. Or bored by her own characters. So much so that more than half the story was concentrated on other characters, table settings, hand-painted knickknacks, homegrown organic vegetables and yadda yadda yadda that added nothing to the plot, character development or romance. It's like she was so fascinated with the emerging world of the Martha Stewart empire that she forgot she was writing wha [...]

  15. Tiffany PSquared

    A nicely written - albeit predictable - love story. As usual, I was disappointed by the abrupt ending - even the epilogue seemed a bit hasty and underdeveloped.That being said, this novel had likable characters and a good attempt at an original story.

  16. Carla Marques

    É o segundo livro desta escritora que leio e gostei bastante, é um livro grande mas que se lê bastante depressa.Opinião completa em:aviciadadoslivros/

  17. Susanna Herrero

    Demasiado lento al principio y demasiado rápido al final. La puesta en escena de los personajes nos sitúa en el 40% del libro más o menos. Para ese momento ya estaba algo aburrida así que no he podido disfrutar de la historia. Que por otra parte, tampoco me la he creido. Al estar ya casi en la mitad del libro no ha habido precalentamiento digamos Me sobran palabras y me faltan palabras.

  18. Célia Loureiro

    Não posso acreditar que não cheguei a fazer review deste livro!Enfim, nunca é tarde. Vou tentar separar este livro do Segredos do Passado da Deborah Smith, porque os dois misturam-se um pouco na minha cabeça.Amei este livro, sobretudo o tecido familiar da Diana Foster, a personagem principal, e a delicadeza das expectativas e das suas acções dentro desse círculo. Não me é fácil simpatizar com uma protagonista, mas isso geralmente acontece com a mesma é uma mistura de força e fragilid [...]

  19. Tania Martins

    Estava à espera de algo mais arrebatador, gostei mais dos anteriores da autora não sei se pelo facto de serem romances históricos, esta história mais contemporânea entre a Diana e o Cole faltou-me mais chama, gostei mais do passado dos dois do que do romance da atualidade, achei tudo muito abrupto e aquele final? Wtf? Leu-se bem e rapidamente mascaram alguns ses!!!

  20. Azuram

    Judíth McNaught es una de mis escritoras contemporáneas predilectas, pero esta historia se quedó super corta, todo fue tan rápido, de un segundo a otro ya todo mundo se quería eran felices y comían perdices :/ tenía una base excelente para lograr algo más y solo en eso se quedó

  21. Mary

    El primer libro de Judith McNaught que leo. Creo que lo primero que hay que considerar es que este libro se publicó en 1996, al leerlo y después leer libros de romance contemporáneo de hoy, la diferencia es abismal. No es una mala historia, es interesante pero hasta ahí llega. Me gusta que Cole y Diana se conocieran cuando fueran adolescentes y establecieran una conexión en ese momento que a pesar de todo lo que pasa y del tiempo sigue imperdurable. La familia de Diana es espectacular, un g [...]

  22. Ash

    This is the first contemporary book by McNaught that I have read. It was "so so", but almost not even that if I were to compare it to her other books. I like that she took a different approach to the plot, having the characters know each other when they are younger and only admit their feelings to one another when they meet again (years later). The problem I had with the book is that the main female character is TOO perfect, literally. She is a perfectionist in everything she does, she has model [...]

  23. Mayu

    Hace ya varios años que leí esta novela, pero todavía recuerdo lo aburrida y decepcionante que fue. No es que no fuera lo que yo esperaba, es que no fue lo que prometía. La sinopsis hablaba de una preciosa historia de amor, de dos amantes que en su adolescencia se amaron y que en el presente, en su madurez se reencuentran. Pues bien, nada fue como se prometía. Para empezar, esta historia es muy aburrida. Es sosa, sin chispa, insustancial, decepcionante. No hay nada en ella que la haga brill [...]

  24. Jacqueline

    Good but not one of this author's greatest. I liked the extended scenes of the hero and heroine when they were young. Forward 17 years and the emotional level wasn't as intense as it could have been. Still I appreciated that the heroine stood by the hero instead of having one of those forced breakups that authors sometimes throw in to add tension. I did wish that the situation with the wife of his enemy had been explained a bit better (view spoiler)[Had he actually slept with the other guy's wif [...]

  25. Tânia Agostinho

    2,5 ⭐Para estreia com a autora não posso dizer que tenha sido particularmente positiva. O que salvou este livro foi mesmo as personagens porque de resto achei que a história tinha muita palha para a história que tinha, umas 300 páginas teriam chegado para contar esta história se a autora não se tivesse preocupado tanto em aplicar detalhes desnecessários e pouco relevantes para o desenrolar do livro.Sinceramente não sei se voltarei a ler algo da autora, porque quase de certeza que esta [...]

  26. Margarida

    Na minha estreia com esta autora não posso dizer que a experiência tenha sido muito positiva. Achei a sua escrita algo desorganizada e com demasiado recurso a "palha", coisa que nunca me agrada. A história nada tem de inovador, pelo que já li coisas muito semelhantes e bastante mais cativantes. Achei certas partes mesmo bastante aborrecidas e outras muito fracas. Para já não fiquei com vontade de ler mais da autora. Primeira desilusão literária do ano.

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