Blood on the Tongue

Blood on the Tongue The weather is cold and the clues no warmer as Peak District detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry tackle a medley of mysteries each one knottier than the last in English author Stephen Booth s haunting

The weather is cold and the clues no warmer as Peak District detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry tackle a medley of mysteries each one knottier than the last in English author Stephen Booth s haunting third novel, Blood on the Tongue The unidentified body of a dead man has turned up on a frosty roadside An abused woman is found curled in the snow on nearby Irontongue HThe weather is cold and the clues no warmer as Peak District detectives Ben Cooper and Diane Fry tackle a medley of mysteries each one knottier than the last in English author Stephen Booth s haunting third novel, Blood on the Tongue The unidentified body of a dead man has turned up on a frosty roadside An abused woman is found curled in the snow on nearby Irontongue Hill, an apparent suicide And there s the lingering puzzle of a Royal Air Force bomber that crashed into Irontongue back in 1945, killing everyone on board except for the pilot, who reportedly walked away from the wreckage and was never heard from again With leave and sickness decimating the ranks of the Edendale police force, all hands are needed to solve the modern deaths But constable Cooper finds himself distracted by the World War II tragedy, in large part because of a beguiling young Canadian, the granddaughter of that missing pilot, who s come to Edendale determined to clear her ancestor s name Not surprisingly, these various cases eventually intertwine But how they re linked by time and tragedy provides the intrigue here Equally involving is the prickly alliance between Cooper, the too bloody nice local lad, and his superior, the emotionally guarded outsider, Fry Plotted for maximum psychological suspense, teeming with singular secondary characters, and capitalizing on Britain s still poignant memories of the last world war, Blood on the Tongue is an ambitious and remarkably mature work that delivers on the promise Booth showed in his first novel, Black Dog J Kingston Pierce

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One thought on “Blood on the Tongue

  1. Brenda

    A major player in this book is the setting. The moors, a mountain, narrow roads, cobblestones, cottages, quaint shops give a cozy feel, but the cold, snowy landscape, slushy sidewalks, hills too steep and icy to drive up, homes too drafty and cold to even take a coat off hint at the dark mood behind the cozy facade. Seemingly unrelated deaths are investigated by Ben Cooper, all-around nice guy, and Diane Fry, who is now Ben's boss. A plane crash 57 years ago is the backdrop to current events. Th [...]

  2. Joe

    This is the third Cooper/Fry mystery and although not as good as Black Dog,(the 1st in the series), it is better than Dancing with Virgins,(the 2nd). Right out of the gate the reader is greeted with an apparent suicide, a missing infant, an unidentified body dug up by a snowplow and the mysterious disappearance of a WWII pilot 60 years ago when the bomber he was flying crashed into a near-by hill. One would think this would be enough to fill 500 + pages, but alas for me, not so. For whatever rea [...]

  3. Kim

    I kind of read all these books in a row because my volleyball coach lent them to me all at once, and it's not working out for me to be honest.So tip: do not read them one after the other because little or nothing changes (which can be a good thing in some series, but here there is just too little change to make it interesting) I still think that reading one or two of these a year shouldn't be a problem because then enough time has lapsed to make it more "new" and "suprising" when you read the ne [...]

  4. Quillracer

    This third novel in the Cooper and Fry series is a long book at 512 pages. But they’re 512 pages packed with several complex yet engaging stories that slowly mesh into one tale tied to the crash of an RAF bomber in 1945. It's definitely a step up from the prior book in the series.However, this book could have been shortened by probably close to a hundred pages by cutting some overly long descriptive passages and some of Ben Cooper’s internal monologs. This novel would have been much faster p [...]

  5. Keri

    Booth is such a talented writer. He brings in such emotions into his characters that you actually feel like you are standing right there, ready to give a hug. Ben Cooper is a Detective in the Peak District in England. He is well thought of guy, who is easy person for people to talk to. Diana Fry is now Ben's boss and they have history. I shall not say anymore about that, you will have to read the first two books for that history. Diana is not so well likedok I hate her at timesbut I try to tempe [...]

  6. Kirsty Darbyshire

    Stephen Booth, who wasn't at all bad to start with, is going from strength to strength. This is one of the best mysteries that I've read for quite some time.It's the dead of winter in Derbyshire's E-Division and DS Fry and DC Cooper have more than enough to deal with on top of the snow and ice without a Canadian girl investigating a second world war air crash on their patch too. Fry is dismissive but Cooper gets drawn into the historical mystery. I've got a definite penchant for mysteries that a [...]

  7. Mary Gilligan-Nolan

    Continuing with the Cooper/Fry series, this was another great read from Stephen Booth. I would highly recommend this series to crime/mystery readers out there and say, start with book 1 and read them in order. That way, you can get to grips with the relationship between Ben Cooper and Diane Fry and also, their backgrounds and how they effect and impact on their lives and work. This one was centered on an incident in WW2 and a plane that crashed into the Peak District back nearing the end of the [...]

  8. Elaine

    This is probably one of the most atmospheric of the Cooper/Fry novels. The whole winter/snow scenes are beautifully described and fit extremely well into the plot.I find the character of Ben highly likeable and Diane not so. However, the contrast between their personalities and relationship in general is enthralling throughout the series as a whole.The minor characters such as the Canadian woman and the book shop owner did annoy me somewhat! Also in my opinion, having read other books in this se [...]

  9. Monika

    Efter att av en slump ha upptäckt den här serien för drygt tre år sedan och efter idogt och lyckosamt arbete lyckats hitta alla de gamla delarna på ett antikvariat, så har den ändå blivit stående, i stort sett, oläst. Men i år har jag satt upp den på min avsluta-serier-utmaning och jag har tänkt läsa en bok i månaden. Läs mer på min blogg

  10. Carol Jean

    Very very engrossing, with great atmosphere and fascinating characters. Frankly, if I were Cooper I'd have backhanded Fry and given her my resignation, but apparently the sole of her shoe fits the dent in his a**. This is one of those instances where you learn more about a character from what he DOESN'T do!

  11. Sandie

    Winter is always a challenging time for the police in Edendale, Derbyshire. The blizzards and chilling winds make the bleak landscapes and twisting roads even more difficult to traverse and investigate in. But crime always goes on, regardless of the weather and the Edendale police have several cases in play.A young woman is found buried in the snow. At first it appears she just got tired and lay down and was killed by exposure but the post mortem reveals bruises that are evidence of a beating. T [...]

  12. Ian Wingrove

    If you love soaking up the atmosphere, the people and the countryside, then this is a great book - especially if that countryside is the peak district. If you love a bit of local history and character, then this is a really good book. If you love a slowly paced detective story that walks you through the complexities of apparently unrelated events and weaves them all together - then you will have a good journey in the hands of a wonderful writer. You get a real sense of the victims, their lives a [...]

  13. Karin Jenkins

    A satisfying detective story blending old and new mysteries with an atmospheric background in the Peak District.

  14. Okidoki

    Inte är den så särskilt spännande. Men miljö- och personskildringen fångar mig. På något sätt är det väldigt trevligt att vara där i Edendale, trots kylan. Rekommenderas med tvekan.

  15. Salla Erho

    Paras Cooper & Fry -sarjan kirjoista tähän saakka. Alan tykästyä Boothin hiljaiseen huumoriin.

  16. Nicola

    Enjoyable crime thriller. kept me engaged all way through as no obvious suspect and red herrings were done well. Will now read more of DC Ben Cooper series.

  17. Marika Charalambous

    Reviewed also on my blog: mysterysequels/blood-on-thBlood on the Tongue is the first book I've read by the British mystery author Stephen Booth. I received a review copy to read and review on my blog. As it is not the first in the series, I was a bit hesitant to commit at first – it’s actually the 3rd book – however as the name Stephen Booth is well known among the crime mystery book lovers, I found myself being excited to read it.First let me tell you that this is not a fast paced story l [...]

  18. Maddy

    RATING: 4.5The snow is falling heavily on the hills of the Peak District. The beauty of the scene is deceptive, as the area is truly a killing field. During World War II, at least 30 airplanes crashed here, and their remains have been left to this day as a silent memorial. And now, suffering and alone, Marie Tennant is lying in the hills, her body not to be discovered until the drifts begin to melt. However, the timetable is moved up when a group of air cadets come across a dead baby underneath [...]

  19. Priya

    The characters, the wonderfully fleshed out characters, were the highlights of the book for me. I could once again instantly picture the nice, perceptive (albeit slightly awkward and generally confused, around Diane Fry, anyway) Cooper and the (still) sort of cold outsider Fry. But they are the main characters of the book, you'd expect them to stand out. But - I loved the many officers in the police department, the Polish community of Edendale, the survivors of the war and the avid collectors of [...]

  20. Kathleen Hagen

    Blood on the Tongue, by Stephen Booth, A-minus. Produced by clipper Audio and distributed in the U.S. by Recorded Books, narrated by Christopher Kay. Another welcome visit with Diane Frye and Ben Cooper. I can only read these in the order that Recorded Books chooses to produce them here in the U.S. They have a deal with Clipper to distribute some of their books, including Booth’s. The problem is they do it in their own time and in their own speed. This means “Blind to the Bones” was produc [...]

  21. Cathy Cole

    It took me a while to pick up this third book in the Cooper and Fry series, and I'm glad I finally did. Blood on the Tongue is an excellent blend of old crime and new. Many threads in the story go all the way back to World War II when a bomber crashed on Irontongue Hill, and-- rumor has it-- the Canadian pilot walked away with a very large shipment of money they were transporting to another airbase. It's a complex and very gratifying plot that Booth has created, and I certainly enjoyed trying to [...]

  22. Yves Lefevre

    Very good plot. A convincing description of the Peak District.Not so sure about the characters though.

  23. Steve

    In England's Peak District, a snowplow finds a body. The victim's identity cannot be promptly determined, but local police officers, particularly Ben Cooper, are in pursuit of that and the cause. Cooper is a local, raised in Edendale and with the knowledge of how to work with members of the community in caring ways. By contrast, fellow officer Diane Fry is an outsider who doesn't understand the community, and still functions as a hard-nosed officer. The weather in the area makes things harder as [...]

  24. Jamie

    Bloodhound Ben Cooper is on the case of the "Snowman" murder with the constant interference of his annoying and intruding boss Dianne Fry. She acts likes his mother and I was starting to think she has a thing for Ben. So there is this boring little town in England called Edendale. But, due to Irontongue Hill and local weather conditions many a plane has crashed outside the sleepy little hamlet including a WWII Lancaster bomber with secrets of its own. The Canadian pilot walked away from the cras [...]

  25. Stephen Hayes

    An above-average whodunit. Set in the Peak District of Derbyshire in England (which I have never been to), I kept thinking of the setting as similar to that of the detective novels of Peter Robinson with his detective Alan Banks, set just a bit further north in Yorkshire. But unlike the Alan Manks series, and most other crimy mystery novels nowadays, the protagonis in this one is a junior officer, a mere Detective Constable, and not an inspector or chief inspector. He also is peculiar in not hav [...]

  26. Joan

    This was an excellent read in many ways - the characters were well-developed although there were almost too many of them. The plot was well-conceived and complex - perhaps too complex. I spent a fair amount of my reading time having to review to keep characters placed and in line. The author has a very interesting writing style (the 4th star of my rating is based on the author's style.) Consider these lines: "If you had no present and no future, where was there to live but the past?" "His stomac [...]

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