The Last Wilderness

The Last Wilderness Is this journey s end or just the beginning Toklo Kallik Lusa and Ujurak have finally reached the Last Great Wilderness the legendary bear paradise they ve been searching for But while his compani

Is this journey s end or just the beginning Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Ujurak have finally reached the Last Great Wilderness, the legendary bear paradise they ve been searching for But while his companions think they ve come to the end of their long journey, Ujurak feels a deep unrest Is this truly where they re meant to be In the Last Great Wilderness, one by one thIs this journey s end or just the beginning Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Ujurak have finally reached the Last Great Wilderness, the legendary bear paradise they ve been searching for But while his companions think they ve come to the end of their long journey, Ujurak feels a deep unrest Is this truly where they re meant to be In the Last Great Wilderness, one by one the bears begin to remember their true natures Toklo feels the urge to hunt caribou and mark his territory as a brown bear should, and Kallik feels the pull of the ice within her It s only Lusa, happy just to be in the wild, who fears the day when her friends will leave her to follow their own paths.As the bears adjust to this new life, disaster strikes The friends are forced to venture into the world of the flat faces to save the life of one of their own Once there, the end of their journey seems farther away than ever, as a new path spreads out before them.

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One thought on “The Last Wilderness

  1. Nicholas

    Toklo, Kallik, Lusa and their shape - shifter friend Ujurak have finally reach the Last Great Wilderness. Some of them go on their own and some stay. Until they come together to be strong again. But when disaster strikes they are forced to leave risking one of their own. The flat- faces forcing them to go so they don’t get capture. Is this journey coming to the end or is it just the beginning?People should read this if you like adventures books. Adventure’s books are full of actions and prob [...]

  2. Anacca Renner

    The Last Wilderness (Seekers #4)by Erin HunterFantasy288 pagesToklo, Kallik, Lusa and Ujurak have finally made it to the Last Great Wilderness, but has their journey endedor just begun? Ujurak thinks that this is not the last part of their journey. Is it?I think this book is a good sequel to Smoke Mountain and overall a good book for a few reasons. One is the bonding between Lusa and Toklo. They really care for each other and it adds to the story a lot. Another reason is Toklo becomes more of a [...]

  3. Kayla

    All in all this was a pretty good book, although I though the ending could have been warped up a little different. It seemed like it was lacking the important details and had to much unnecessary details. Though I might have to reread the ending because I was reading at school wale we were watching some dumb movie.In this book you will see what the four bear friends will decide to do will they continue there journey or will this be the end. Will Kallik go to the ice that has been calling her for [...]

  4. Desirée & Paul

    This series is an interesting read - fun for a different point of view on how humans don't treat the world as well as we probably should. It's funny to look at it all from the perspective of a bear because they don't know about "our world". I've warmed up to the series but it's still doesn't make the top of the list. I'm interested enough to want to know what happens next, but not enough that I'd pay full price for the next books and thankful enough that I got the first 5 of this series off the [...]

  5. ~Megan~

    I like Warriors a lot better than Seekers. Not that I have anything against bears, it's just that I think in Warriors the characters are developed much better, and the plot is more clear. I honestly didn't really know what they were trying to do in this series until I read this book. I heard that there's going to be a second six-book series for Seekers. It's kind of funny how Erin Hunter's series keep getting extendedt that I mind, for Warriors, at least. This Seekers book was a bit weird, espec [...]

  6. Ipodshuffle266 Meredith

    Wow, the books in this series seem to be getting worse as they go. This one was very dull and I had a hard time even getting through it. It was very boring and I found myself not caring at all.

  7. John

    Change in the direction, from the Bears perspective that is, as they discover that they need to Seek a way to save the wild. Kind of saw that coming. Curious to see how this challenge gets met as it is a daunting task.

  8. Jodi

    The story, plot, writing, characters, and action are pretty good. However, I only read it to pass time. The book wasn't one of my favourites, but it was fun to read

  9. A.R. Collins

    I'm really enjoying this series of books. This is the fourth, and so far they have been a consistent four stars. I'm going to start with what is keeping this instalment off the five-star mark, just to get it out of the way, but these things do not really spoil my enjoyment. Please be aware that this review contains spoilers for the first book, though not for this one.Firstly, I think the authors (a little disappointing they turn out to be more than one person!) could be a little more careful wit [...]

  10. Claire

    It has been established that once Ujurak transforms into an animal, he becomes that animal, body and soul, and sees the world through their eyes, rather than through the eyes of a bear. Once that became apparent to me, my first thought was, "What if Ujurak transformed into a human? What would he see differently that he wouldn't be able to see as a bear? How would he react to this sudden influx of knowledge and awareness and sentience? Would he be overwhelmed? Would he sympathize with humanity? W [...]

  11. Ben

    When I started reading this book, I couldn't think of what they'd be doing. They already got to the last great wilderness which really explains itself. After a few pages it became clear to me what was probably going to happen: The last great wilderness will go away. I think that this is a great way to keep the series going and makes me wonder how they're going to save it.The main part that sets off this book is when Ujarak gets hurt by swallowing a fishing hook while he was morphed into a bird. [...]

  12. Ashley

    Seekers: The Last Wilderness (Seeker Bears Book 4) Summary: Is this journey's end or just the beginning? Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Ujurak have finally reached the Last Great Wilderness, the legendary bear paradise they've been searching for. But while his companions think they've come to the end of their long journey, Ujurak feels a deep unrest. Is this truly where they're meant to be? In the Last Great Wilderness, one by one the bears begin to remember their true natures. Toklo feels the urge to [...]

  13. Jenaka Fontes

    Seekers: The Last Wilderness is the 4th book ina series of 6. It is about 4 bears named Toklo, Kallik, Lusa and Ujarak (he can turn into any animal).They have came a long way from the forest to the "flat-face" town (what they call humans). Ujarak swallows a fish hook while a goose and it gets lodged in his throat. His friends get him to change into a flat-face cub. They take him to a doctor in the woods. The doctor gets the hook out and while he is leaving, the government comes in and want to di [...]

  14. Grace Cuenca

    I thought that this book was great because it was very adventurous and had some exciting twists and turns. Sometimes the things that happend surprised me and I always couldn't wait to see what would happen next. At the Last Great Wilderness, the bears start to remember their true natures. Toklo the grizzly bear longs to hunt caribou and make scratch marks on the trees to mark his territory. Kallik the polar bear is still not comepletely fond of the ground and wishes she could go back to the ice. [...]

  15. Cathy

    Book 4. My teen loves these animal stories and I am reading them afterwards.People with animal-spirits inside them. The reduction of the bears' habitat vs. the oil industry. This is still primarily a story of environmental responsibility.The escape from the hospital was funny. I liked that Lusa was "knowing she didn't have any hope of winning but enjoying the sensation of strength in her muscles," because she didn't have to compare herself to others to enjoy herself and her strength and her prog [...]

  16. Sherlock 221

    I love Erin Hunter but the plots are predictable so I'm reading this right and I'm like EPIC FACEPALM!!!! I like the warriors a lot better the twists and drama and combat. I am not sure if I will finish it or just take a break I usually thoroughly enjoy her books but this one did not have its usual flare I give it three stars because it's well described and I do love all of her other work and one bad rating can lead to thousands more spooah you get the picture.Plz do better in the future bye

  17. Isaac Bertke

    I really like this book because after a long travel and search the 4 bears finally come to the place of the Last Great Wilderness.Along the way they encountered thing like hunters who try to kill them. One of the bears were eating an got a hook caught in his esophagus and had to get help from some villagers. But as they are at the village some rich people came to by the land the village is on and when they see the bear hurt they take him to a real hospital. After the bear is found by his other f [...]

  18. Michael G

    This is a really good book. It is about a group of bears that will have to leave their sanctuary due to all the bear attacks that are happening. The hunters don't want the bears to leave their sanctuary because then they won't have anything to hunt when they go hunting. The bears don't want to leave the sancuary because then they won't have no where to live and that is where they were born to live and probably the only place were they can find food easily.

  19. Samantha

    I just really love this series, and I keep waiting for a book to be not as good as the previous ones but it just isn't happening. This one had more interaction and explanation of the flat faces and the journey the bears are on. This is just a great story, anyone who is an animal lover or a nature lover should read these. There is a great story about friends with this underlying "humans are destroying the world we need to fix it" theme.

  20. Kia Johnson

    I really enjoyed this book. It included lots of adventure and suspense. It taught a great lesson in the importance of sticking together. It also showed us that we as humans and animals all have to live in this world together and that it is possible if we just take time to understand each other and not immediately think the worse.

  21. Deb

    The book became WAY WAY WAY to preachy about the evils of oil dwelling. This is a children's book, not an adult book! We own the next book, so I will read it, but I will not be buying any more books in this series. I felt that the authors spent too much time on their own views. The point could have been given in a condensed manner. Just my opinion.

  22. Jacob Delgadillo

    I thought the book was very good.It had lots of great scenes,and the characters were great.Even though I didn't start at the first book,it was still a great experience to read.This book mostly had me on the edge of my seat to find out what happens next.I love how the author put the perspective of each character.If your a person who like action and suspense,this is the book for you.

  23. Meghan M.

    I live this book! It's full of adventure, many details that you would have never thought about in your whole inter life. If you like animals or enjoy adventure books about nature and its wonders, I highly recommend this book for you. Each character in the book has their own personalities and a special special character in this book has an ability that's very unique

  24. Darren

    Good nature conservation lessons. I was afraid the bears were going to split up. I was thinking that Ujurak was just a figment of Toklo's imagination, sort of a guiding force but now I think he's real. It's still kind of bizarre to have a "magical" creature in with all the realism of the books. But I like this series a lot. It has a good message but I fear that not enough people are listening.

  25. Ash

    Well, in this book the four bears's adventures stopped to explore the last great wilderness and also realise that it's not the end of their journey. Yeah that's it nothing happens in the book only a missing friend trouble and rescuing him. I didn't like it but I think it's a needed bok in the series. it's fine. can't wait for the 5th.

  26. Alex

    This book is no different from all the other books. All the author is trying to tell us is that we are destroying the habitats and also our survival. The author is trying to convey this message into words by using the children. I bet the author is hoping that the children will be able to notice the messages and that they will try their best to protect our habitats.

  27. Adinda

    De Laatste Wildernis misschien, maar zeker niet het laatste berenboek. Sterker nog: de gebeurtenissen die er na dit deel nog aan lijken te komen, maken de eerste delen tot een peulenschilletje. Gelukkig gebeurt er wel eindelijk weer wat in dit boek en komt er ook meer magie bij kijken. Meer actie, minder animal planet.

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