Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

Relationships A Mess Worth Making With penetrating insight and practical applications Relationships A Mess Worth Making identifies how to work through the most stubborn problems that plague any contemporary relationship be it marriag

With penetrating insight and practical applications, Relationships A Mess Worth Making identifies how to work through the most stubborn problems that plague any contemporary relationship be it marriage, parent child, or friendship.

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One thought on “Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

  1. Allison Anderson Armstrong

    This was such a great book! Down-to-earth advice on what happens in any kind of relationship - If I have the right attitude, it will always be worth it. Introverts and extroverts alike can learn how to contribute rightly to relationships and also how to deal with the issues that can come up. Very realistic book.

  2. Peter Krol

    This book was incredibly challenging and incredibly comforting at the same time. It is so easy for me to view my relationships with other people in terms of what I can get out of them. Or, we can fall into thinking of relationships as God's gift to make us happy.Rather, the authors point out that God has given us relationships with others in order to make us holy and more like Him. If we believed this as we approached other people, it would radically transform our petty, insipid relating into so [...]

  3. Rebecca

    I would never have read this book if it hadn't been chosen for a women's group I'm in at church.Sadly, this means that I lost several dozen brain cells that committed suicide rather than try to sort through all of this nonsense.Before I go into this, I want to make it clear that I don't know who selected this book for the group, and I don't mean anything personal in my criticism to anyone who enjoyed the book. My work causes me to see the really ugly side of people's lives, and it might have mad [...]

  4. Cornell

    On this side of heaven, you are guaranteed that all your relationships will be messy. It does not matter if it is your relationship with your children, your parents, your siblings, your colleagues or your spouse. As long as we are living in a world tarnished by sin, the mess is part of the package (dare I say, a "necessary" part of it?)But there is hope. If you are in Christ, you may rest assured that the mess is for your good. You need the mess. Because every crisis will be the crucible God use [...]

  5. Rafael Salazar

    I believe it to be one of the best modern books out there on the subject. I profited greatly from most of the advice given and the analyses made. The chapters on forgiveness, conflict, mercy are some of the best! There is gold in the book. But it ends with disappointing copper. It concludes with recurrent references from The Message and Eugene Peterson that are at least dubious and unclear. It could have been a perfect 5-stars. But it's overall content is still absolutely necessary for godly rel [...]

  6. Amanda Burke

    Great!In a world of self help books, this one takes it to a biblical and practical level. The author obviously has a grip on real life. It’s helped me think and recalibrate my heart and mind regarding what I bring to relationships. My greatest need at every moment is Christ.

  7. Emilie Hendryx

    It truly fantastic book! I would highly recommend this to anyone who finds themselves interested in learning more about healthy relationships of all kinds. A great reference book, as well as something that will cause you to look more deeply at your own interactions with others.

  8. Hope

    Because of the semi-fluffy title, my expectations for this book were low. As I worked my way through the book, however, I was pleasantly surprised by the solid, biblical advice for strengthening relationships.Healthy friendships are costly. They require much more than we can humanly give if they are to flourish. And that is why Tripp and Lane emphasize the need for God's grace to pervade our lives in order for it to pervade our difficult relationships. And they are not talking about the flimsy i [...]

  9. Richard Van den broek

    Brilliant book, coming up for second favourite. It will become a fairly regular read for me now. So much really useful advice on relationships in general, relationships with parents, sibling, people at work, friends, husband and wife, etc. He explains that relationships are one of the chief ways God sanctifies us, the deeper the relationship, the more likely conflict is, and the greater the chance of sanctification. Well worth a read!!! I am aiming to read it at least 3 times a year, lots to tak [...]

  10. Jerry

    Sometimes you read a book that just fits the moment God has put you in. This was recently that book for me. Sort of a 'greatest hits' of Biblical relationship principles, the authors move quickly through essential ideas such as sin, forgiveness, mercy, communication, and servanthood, each covered in their own respective chapters. Because of this, the book is dense with profound insights from the authors and from scripture. My only gripe is the book could have really used a 'suggested readings' s [...]

  11. Matt Kottman

    Tripp and Lane did an excellent job of showing how relationships are what God has designed us for as he is a relational God (living within a triune relationship). Part of the image of God is our relational nature, but not just with people who are easy to spend time with, but also those who are difficult, those who have sinned against us. The authors provide a necessary biblical backdrop for why we must all engage in meaningful relationships in redemptive ways. I would love everyone in my church [...]

  12. Jennifer Grisham

    This book approaches relationships of all kinds from the simple perspective that our relationships with others are outpourings of our relationship with God. In realizing how our relationship with God is our primary and ultimate relationship, we are free to give and receive the love and happiness of relationships even as we learn to bear with each other through the suffering and messiness of life. This is the perspective missing from Boundaries (and its spinoffs).

  13. Todd De Rooy

    Great help for relationships I read this book not because I struggle with relationships, but discovered that I do! An excellent and practical book to help each of us learn how to have godly relationships because of His relationship with us.

  14. Adam

    Maybe it's because I can be somewhat ignorant when it comes to navigating the complexities of human relationships, but I found this to be insightful and helpful. I can see myself returning to it in the future; either for personal help, for counselling others, or for a potential sermon series.

  15. Hannah

    This is one of the most convicting, challenging books I've read in a long time, cutting through surface layers of "good relationships" and challenging the deepest levels of how I, as a Christian, relate to others.

  16. Hannah C.

    challenging and encouraging and much needed. will need to re-read periodically, since there are so many gems and truths that i need to remember!

  17. Scott Thomas

    Will use this book as a secondary resource for series in September. Excellent book that clearly defines the biblical foundation and value of relationships.

  18. Dan Morgan

    Ignore any reviews less than 3 stars. The content makes it 3.5/5 at the very least. What does the Gospel say about relationships? This book uses God's practical Word to answer that question.

  19. Stephanie Huish

    Perceptive thoughts. I probably underlined more quotes in this book than I have for a devotional book in a while. Biblical and helpful advice.

  20. Frode

    This is an important book. There are 15 chapters, each with a short title such as Mercy, Burdens, Hope, Time and Money, Talk, Obstacles, and so forth. I liked the way it was organized, a personal story, some theology, and practical outworkings which were used to rectify the situation or at least get things going in the right direction.The thesis is that no one is perfect, so relationships with others will also be imperfect. That means friction and stress and so forth, but it is all a part of the [...]

  21. Karen Cogdill

    “We reach points in our relationships when we wonder if they are even worth it.” Wow! This statement packs a punch as all of us have been involved in a relationship where we have either thought, verbalized, or taken action that shows that it is simply not worth the time, drama, or heartache involved.The authors, Mr. Lane and Mr. Tripp, do a wonderful job breaking apart the various components of relationships and providing illustrations that make you wonder if they have been peeking into your [...]

  22. Aaron Downs

    Paul Tripp and Timothy Lane tackle the confusing and and complicated topic of relationships. Though many people pick up this book primarily out of a desire to understand and cultivate romantic relationships, that is not what this book is all about; although the book includes romantic relationships. This book is intended to reach all people in all relationships: family, husband-wife, brother-sister, mother-daughter, father-son, friend-friend, coworkers, employer-employee, and any other relationsh [...]

  23. Becket

    This book has some really good insight on our relationships. The authors, Lane & Tripp, provide many scenarios of various types of relationships (between husband & wife, parent & child, between siblings, friends, etc) in order to give practical teaching on how to maneuver through the different hurts and struggles that will be encountered along the way. I appreciate how frequently the authors used Scripture to illustrate the lessons being taught. I would say this book was well written [...]

  24. Jason Harris

    I absolutely love the concept of this book. And there's a lot of helpful stuff in it.I was disappointed that it took a very "nouthetic" approach to the "mess." The book tends to treat the mess as mostly about personal sin and fails to cast a vision of the world groaning beneath the curse awaiting the redemption (Romans 8) and the role that relationships have in bringing about that redemption. Again, I say "tends to" because it does contain this concept. It's just very nouthetic in the way it doe [...]

  25. Catherine

    Lots of solid basics, and certainly the kind of book I'd pull off the shelf to reground myself. The title had me expecting a book that would give a lot more insight on really messy relationships; while it alluded to a few extremes (e.g. physical abuse), it otherwise didn't delve into relationships that need limits. There just wasn't much nuance to this book's perspective. It also left me feeling like I needed to pursue everyone, like my relationships should all be fabulous, cookie-cutter success [...]

  26. Charles U.

    Love God, love othersThis was an amazing book. A must read and put into practice. Counsel that I really needed at the time of this reading, because of messy relationships I have made in the past. God's timing is perfect. I learned so much. It helped me to realize that I was more immature in the faith than where I thought I was. It helped me realize that relationships are important and the time given to them is not wasted in any way. They need to be cultivated with love and genuine caring, not ju [...]

  27. Lindsay Bowley

    This is an incredible book with Biblically sound reasons why it is always good to move toward relationships. The authors state that the only perfect relationship that ever existed was the one between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, so every other relationship will take work. That work, however, is not in vain. God lovingly uses conflict and tension between others for His purposes to conform is more into the image of Christ.

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