Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice In Paradise

Zelda Fitzgerald Her Voice In Paradise A complex and controversial portrait both of Zelda and of the Fitzgeralds marriage

  • Title: Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice In Paradise
  • Author: Sally Cline
  • ISBN: 9780719554667
  • Page: 341
  • Format: None
  • A complex and controversial portrait both of Zelda and of the Fitzgeralds marriage.

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      341 Sally Cline
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    One thought on “Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice In Paradise

    1. Kim

      My experience of reading F Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender Is the Night, my ongoing fascination with Lost Generation writers and my experience of reading Therese Anne Fowler’s Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald led me to this biography. Although I knew relatively little about Zelda Fitzgerald, prior to reading Fowler’s novel I wasn’t convinced by her portrayal in that work. The Zelda in Fowler’s novel was altogether too dreary, sedate and contemporary for a woman whose exploits made her an icon [...]

    2. Sarah

      If you are a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald, you should not read this book. For many years I have heard people say that Zelda was a creative soul and great talent on her own but that her mental illness destroyed her ability to become an artist in her own right. However, it was not just her mental illness that held her back, it was also her husband who saw her as a rival and as his own intellectual property.According to Cline, Fitzgerald published his wife's stories unde rhis name without ant credit [...]

    3. Marisa

      I just finished Sally Cline's "Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice in Paradise." I would ignore all of the reviews that said this read like a text book or report on the life of Zelda. If you are used to reading biographies, it reads like a biography.I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it was well researched and even handed. I think that she portrayed F.Scott in a way that his biographers never write about Zelda. They were both two troubled people who were toxic to one another. They both died well bef [...]

    4. Sondra

      Having read Nancy Milford's trailblazing biography, 'Zelda' and several on F. Scott, I was pleased to find Cline's book. It could not have been more finely researched, yet was imminently readable for the layman. The most important thing I found however, is that the book approaches Zelda as what she aspired to be : an artist, a dancer and a writer. I was shocked to find - and Cline has proof - that Zelda was such an accomplished author that many of her stories were published nearly verbatim under [...]

    5. Carol Storm

      Things I loved about this book:The glamour and excitement of the Twenties. Reliving the legendary romantic courtship that inspired THE GREAT GATSBY, my all-time favorite novel.Watching Scott and Zelda break all the rules as the most celebrated couple in America. Learning all about Zelda's Southern roots and the many, many, insane relatives in her family tree. Things I hated about this book:The author trying to turn spoiled, selfish, party-girl Zelda into some kind of feminist Joan of Arc.The aut [...]

    6. Feisty Harriet

      Not an easy book to read, the legendary Zelda Fitzgerald--American flapper, high priestess of the Jazz Age, blonde Southern bombshell in Paris--is only a very small part of her very sad life. Most of her adult life she spent alone, controlled by doctors and her husband, receiving truly horrific treatments that would put her into a coma for weeks at a time. She died in a psychiatric hospital when it caught on fire and she was chained into her room on the top floor. In writing this biography Cline [...]

    7. Kris Bueche

      The cover of the book says "Succeeds in breathing new life into this jazz-age icon." It does not. This book is chock full of facts and the interesting ones are found mixed in with an annual list of how much money Scott made and how much they paid in rent. This book reads like a textbook. You learn everything there is to learn about the couple but there is no life in this book. Reading this qualified me to write a book report that my middle school teacher would love.Zelda's life was very interest [...]

    8. Nicole G.

      Very detailed and fairly recent autobiography of Zelda Fitzgerald, detailing her life and supposed madness. She was diagnosed as schizophrenic, but I think that she was just very ahead of her time and said some things that were just unusual and not crazy. If she was in any way "crazy," at most, Scott made her neurotic with his drinking and philandering.

    9. Pat

      Took me forever to read this book as I picked it up, read a chapter, put it down for another lighter "read", but so happy I stuck with it. The problem I had with it was her tortured marriage to the narcissistic Scott how would never recognize her talents or allow her to accept the recognition she deserved. Everything she wrote had to have his name listed as the author or with both of their names listed! GRRR! She was so talented as a painter, writer, dancer, etc and Sally Cline did a beautiful j [...]

    10. Hope R

      I found this book tedious and frustrating. I wanted to know more about Zelda Fitzgerald, who the author clearly found fascinating. Unfortunately Sally Cline hid Zelda in the details. There were so many redundant references to both Fitzgeralds' writings, and theories given endless source citations, the book seemed more like a scholarly thesis than a biography. I did appreciate that the book was well researched (thus two stars rather than one). The book would have benefitted from a better appendix [...]

    11. Lisa Van Oosterum

      Utterly devastating. The life of Zelda Fitzgerald is wonderfully fascinating and makes for a great read. The author has created a through line of illustrating the injustices done to Zelda who was a true artist who did not fit in to the typical housewife mold and was basically locked up because of it. It is very well researched and at times the authors tone can be a bit too over the top with her grievance with Zelda's husband Scott. Reading about how she was hospitalized and misdiagnosed with sch [...]

    12. Michelle

      Having read and loved Therese Anne Fowler's novel Z, I found myself wanting to learn more about Zelda. While I didn't love this author's style of writing, the material was fascinating. These poor, tragic characters had it alld summarily lost it all. I have to say that Scott was horrible to Zelda, although he supported and loved her until the end. Such a strange, tortured relationship.

    13. Lisa Mcbroom

      Overly wordy and poorly researched biography of Zelda Fitzgerald. A glaring mistake was when Cline wrote that famous poet Sylvia Plath suffered mental anguish during Zelda Fitzgerald's lifetime. Hello Fitzgerald died in the 1940's when Plath was a child! Try Nancy Mitford's far superior Zelda instead!

    14. Lauren

      If you are looking for a juicy read into Zelda Fitzgerald's life this is not it. That being said, I did learn a lot about her and her tragic life. It was truly tragic. However, this biography of her reads like a research paper and by the time you are through with all of the footnotes and tedious detail, you simply no longer care about her--and this is a shame.

    15. GigiSmith

      This book is okay. She presents a few rumors about Zelda as fact (the abortions, etc). It makes me not trust the author when they do that, of course. I like Zelda: a biography, by Nancy Mitford much better. It's more well written.

    16. Tammie

      I enjoyed this book very much. It definitely told Zelda's side. She was a talented artist,and dedicated her life to the ballet. She also could write. She helped and inspired her husband to write his stories. Sad that she spent so much time in institutions. Tragic ending.

    17. Carolyn Hill

      Such a fascinating and tragic story. Really changes my views of Scott. I appreciate how the author made Zelda's southern-ness (sp?) central to understanding her character.

    18. Melissa Maley

      I loved reading about Zelda's life. I read the kindle version and it was filled with typos, poor punctuation, and misspelled words. I gave the book only two stars for that reason only.

    19. christy

      i love love love love zelda. she was so nutty nut and not at all the uninhibited flapper girl i had always thought. she got obsessions in her head and took them over the edge - total OCD girl.

    20. Gerri Bauer

      This bio gets 5 stars for story/scholarship and 1 star for the poor quality of the online library version I read via the usually excellent Hoopla. They averaged out to 3. First, the good: Biographies don't usually make me feel sad over the tragedy of a life. Yet that's how I felt reading this. (I picked it up after starting to watch Z on .) So much internal and external destruction. I plan to seek out Zelda's writings and have already looked up her artwork online. I can't help but wonder what sh [...]

    21. Beth

      I've read most everything by and about Zelda over decade's time. This was so refreshing as it finally got at the heart of the matter and the abuse of her person and her art. It was hard to read, not only because of the exhaustive level of detail, but because it was painful, even moreso in our current political era -- not escapism by any means.

    22. Jay Wright

      The only reason I would give this book a bad review would be because of how furious I became on Zelda's behalf. On the whole, ZF:HViP gives you an excellent glimpse into the person Zelda was, as well as shattering many of the myths regarding both Zelda and her relationship with Scott. Well-written and fascinating.

    23. Natalie

      This was my second biography about Zelda Fitzgerald and, though this was a shorter read, this was a much more salacious account of her life and conflicts. Some of it -- especially when beginning this account -- struck me as exaggerations. By the end, though, I suppose I had been won over and am grateful for Sally Cline's perspective (whether entirely accurate or not). I was shocked to learn that, initially, it had been her artistic ambitions and possible lesbian tendencies that were used as defi [...]

    24. Seka

      A thoroughly investigated, detailed account of the infamous Roaring Twenties icons. The heartbreaking, tragic tale steeped in codependency, manipulation and control sheds a new light on the Fitzgerald Dynasty.

    25. Elle

      A fascinating look at the other, and infinitely more interesting half of Fitzgerald. Sally Cline's book is my first glimpse into Zelda's life, having been a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald's works. I was surprised to learn that she was more than just an icon of the 1920s, which in itself was one glamorous, never-ending, champagne-flowing party. Clearly Zelda was an intelligent, witty, observant, complex woman whose chemistry with her husband was as smooth as the flow of scotch against crystal-cool ic [...]

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