The Babe and I

The Babe and I As he sales newspapers throughout his neighboorhood a little boy longs to help his mother and father make money They are experiencing a time in history known as the Great Depression With Babe Ruth he

  • Title: The Babe and I
  • Author: David A. Adler
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover
  • As he sales newspapers throughout his neighboorhood, a little boy longs to help his mother and father make money They are experiencing a time in history known as the Great Depression With Babe Ruth helping out, things for the little one could not get any better

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    One thought on “The Babe and I

    1. Jose Cazares

      I would have to give this story four stars because it really touched my heart. It talked about a real issue like the great depression and showed you what a father will do to keep their family stable. The characters were obviously fictional although it is possible this has happened before. My only criticism would be the title "The Babe and I". It really made me think Babe Ruth was going to be a bigger character in this story then he actually was. There was little Babe Ruth interaction with the ma [...]

    2. The Book Maven

      It’s not often I read a picture book that gives me goosebumps, but boy howdy, this was one of those times! The Babe and I, if you will pardon the pun, just hit the spot with me. Slightly abstracted illustrations accompany the text of this frankly, rather poignant picture book about a young boy whose birthday in 1932 falls in the midst of the Great Depression. He’s disappointed with his gift (a dime, and not a bicycle), but he knows his dad is lucky to have a job.He and his friend Jacob go of [...]

    3. A_Olga

      The Babe and I takes place during The Great Depression in American History. It is a heartfelt story about the hardships families faced during that time period and how they pulled together. This picture book can be used in first through fourth grade. It is appropriate for teaching students about job loss, baseball, The Great Depression, and working hard. It can also be used to compare and contrast American history then and now. And of course, to learn about Babe Ruth!The pictures are beautifully [...]

    4. Tang's Class 17/18

      The Babe and I BY Avaneesh MuralidharanIn this period of time people give excuses to help other people. Those excuses would be like, “I have to go there or, I had to do that’’. In the story The Babe and I, by David A.Adler, people help each other no matter what. This is shown through the boy, Babe Ruth and Mrs Johnson.In Babe and I people help each other no matter what. This is shown through the boy. For example, the boy helps the woman selling apples by giving her his birthday dime, which [...]

    5. Darlene Pasquale

      1) no awards 2) appropriate grade levels - 2nd-3rd grade 3) Summary - The story of a young boy living in the Bronx, during the great depression who discovers the real struggles of his family. He helps his friend sell newspapers, and together they help contribute money to their families. He ends up selling to a very famous baseball player! 4) Review - I love that this book is set in the past, but has illustrations that are colorful and not too outdated. I also think that although it is speaking a [...]

    6. Abby

      An entitled kid is mad he only gets ten cents for his birthday during the Great Depression only to find out his father is essentially jobless and selling apples on the street. The kid quickly learns he should help out, so he joins his friend in selling newspapers. News of Babe Ruth's successes and falls helps newspaper sales and, when he's off from the game due to injury, Ruth purchases a paper from the kid which enables the kid and his friend to buy tickets to the baseball game.The prose of thi [...]

    7. Caroline

      An enjoyable story about the Depression and baseball and family. Not the economics lesson I was truly looking for, although there is money involved.

    8. Teeny

      Summary: The Babe and I is a children’s book about a young boy, who is helping his family make ends meet during the Great Depression by selling newspapers. The boy was successful in selling the newspapers by stressing to the city’s people that the newpaper he was selling contained articles that focused on Babe Ruth, who was part of the 1932 Yankees and grew to become the greatest baseball player of all time. During one of his typical workdays, he sold a newspaper to Babe Ruth himself and spe [...]

    9. Taylor Ray

      Summary: This book was about a boy who realized that his dad didn’t have a very supportable or real job. One day when he was with his friend, he saw his dad selling apples on the street and no one was buying them. So he and his friend Jacob decided to sell newspapers. They shouted about Babe Ruth hitting a home run, being out of the game for 3 weeks, etc. People bought them and sure enough, one day Babe Ruth himself bought one. They had collected enough money to go to the game and see him pla [...]

    10. Courtney Dyer

      The Babe and I is a nostalgic tale set during the Depression era in the Bronx of New York when everyone was poor. Jobs were scarce and money was hard to come by, but at least there was still baseball. In this book, Adler pitches us a heartwarming story about a boy who learns the importance of teamwork when he finds out that his father is secretly unemployed and becomes a newsie who sells papers at Yankee Stadium to help earn money for his family. The illustrations were created by Terry Widener w [...]

    11. Lisa Carroll

      This book was a very pleasant surprise. I think it was intended to be a historical fiction book for younger children, but I feel it is most appropriate for children in grades 2nd-5th grade. This book touches on the issues that many families went through during the time of the Great Depression. This actually was a beautifully told story of hard work, family and resilience told through the eyes of a young boy. The story brought tears to my eyes. My son who is five didn't quite understand the Depre [...]

    12. Kaleb Shively

      This was a good book to use for children in grades two through four. It depicts what life was like during the "Great Depression" and how one family made it through this unruly time. The main character of this story helps out his family by selling newspapers in the Bronx. Instead of using the front page headlines he uses the sports section which features Babe Ruth. This attracts many people and they buy his newspapers. This little business helps bring his family some extra money in this time of n [...]

    13. Josh Wagner

      This book is great story that sheds light on the hardships many faced during the Great Depression, but still has a very positive message. The story is about a young boy during the depression, and several of his experiences. First, it is his birthday, and he receives a dime from his father, who he says is one of the lucky ones because he still has a job. Later, while outside playing with a friend, he buys 2 apples from an unemployed man selling them on the street with his dime. As they continue t [...]

    14. Adriana Mendoza

      A young boy discovers that his dad is jobless and is selling apples to help support the family. Knowing and keeping his Dad’s secret he decides to help out the family by becoming a “newsie”. The story is set during the time of the Great Depression. Luckily, the young boy’s friend Jacob knows that they can sell more papers in front of Yankee Stadium and they venture out every day and use the latest news of the Babe to sell papers. The boy’s good intentions are rewarded at the end of the [...]

    15. Yael

      This book was written in the perspective of a little boy who realizes that his father had lost his job in the depression. The boy does what he can to help add money to the families money jar. Not only is it a nice story about responsibility, but it is a great book to help current students understand a little more about what the depression era was like in the United States. The illustrations take a slight cartoon view of an urban New York area, but all the while show historicl detail like older c [...]

    16. Lana Hoffman

      "By helping his family make ends meat during the Great depression by selling newspapers, a boy meets Babe Ruth."I really enjoyed this story about a boy who helped his family during a difficult time in history. The author did a wonderful job of explaining the living conditions of that time through the eyes of a young boy. The illustrations clearly showed the emotions of the characters and brought them to life. It also touched me when I saw all of the apple stands and how many people had lost thei [...]

    17. Cherina

      Summary: A young boy finds out that his father is unemployed during the Great Depression. In order to help out, the boy begins to sell newspapers at Yankee Stadium by announcing Babe Ruth's headlines. One day, while he is selling papers, the boy sold a newspaper to the Babe himself for five dollars. The boy realizes that Babe Ruth and he are on a team to sell papers while the boy and his dad are on a team to support their family. Uses: read-aloud in the primary grades, independent reading for ea [...]

    18. Lisa

      While helping his family make ends meet by selling newspapers during the Great Depression , a boy meets Babe Ruth.Lower Grades K-3Topic - Subtopic: Award Winners-Golden Kite Award/Honor Book; Award Winners-State Award; Award Winners-Smithsonian's Notable Book; Award Winners-ABA Kids' Pick of the Lists; Award Winners-Jefferson Cup Award/Honor; Community Life-Money; Family Life-Fathers; Family Life-Job Loss; Family Life-Money Crisis; Family Life-Sons; History-Depression Era America; Recommended Re [...]

    19. Adhali Frayre

      The Babel and I is such a great book both text and illustration wise. The book takes place during the great depression in America. Times were tough on families and finding good paying jobs was tougher. The young boy finds out his father sells apples on the streets for a living and decides to help out by selling newspapers with his friend Jacob. One day he sells a newspaper to the one and only Babe Ruth. The boy later realizes that him and his father needed each other to prosper. The theme of thi [...]

    20. Jessica Minnoia

      This is a historical picture book that takes place during the era of the Great Depression. A boy realizes his dad is out of typical work so he sells newspapers with a friend to help make ends meet. This is the time period in which Babe Ruth is excelling in baseball and by him doing well, it helps the boy sell more newspapers. I would use this book as a read-aloud to a 2-5th grade class perhaps as an introduction to the time period of the Great Depression. This book is great because it encorporat [...]

    21. Gabriellaconceicao

      Awards: None Appropriate Grade Level: K-2Summary: This story takes place in 1932 and shows the hard times that are going on in that time period. During this time America still loved baseball, and Babe Ruth was the man everyone looked up to. Two boys find out that with some creativity, hard work, and a little help from the Babe Ruth, they can do their part to help their own team.Review: This book is very informational in a fun way. It teaches students that times were not always as easy as they ma [...]

    22. Amie Sergio

      Loved this book!Children who love baseball, the Yankees, or Babe Ruth will definately enjoy this story. Story takes place during the Great Depression where jobs are to find and money is hard to come by. Two boys sell newspapers to help their families and call out headlines related to Babe Ruth. The boys do very well selling newspapers because people are interested in Babe Ruth and his success. One day the boys have a special customer that will make their day unforgettable. Colorful illustrations [...]

    23. Michelle Marcano

      This is a story about a boy and his family who live in Bronx New York during the great depression. This book depicts the hardships of the great depression and the families that lived through it. The boy decides he wants to help his family out so he starts selling newspapers outside the Yankee Stadium. During this time he meets Babe Ruth without even realizing it until after he'd walked away! This is a positive book about a negative time in our history. This is a great book for teaching about the [...]

    24. Amanda Andrews

      This is a story about a boy living during the Great Depression. He and his friend start selling news papers to help their families out. One day Babe Ruth buys a paper for much more than they are selling them for. The boys earn enough money to go to a game and watch him play! This book would be great to use when teaching about the Great Depression. It gives students an insight to what life could have been like for someone their age.

    25. Brian Cave

      This is one of the better picture books in which I have read. It has a couple of themes in which I think would be good for the classroom. It would give the students some insight about the great depression, and one of the most historical people in baseball history. It shows how younger children would sell the newspaper on the corner, and how baseball is an American pastime. A nice book in which it displays one of the most troubling times in American history.

    26. Jenny

      This story takes place during the great depression of 1932. It focuses on a young boy and how he secretly earns extra money to help out his family. One day he comes on a magnificent sale of one of the newspapers he is selling to a very famous baseball player.It is because of that player that he is able to make such great sales!!I really liked this story.It's a feel good story at the end.

    27. Eugene

      I think this book is a very great picture book. It's sort of sad that they are very poor and that the dad has to lie to his family that he has a job but he is just an apple seller. Once the main character knows that his father was lying, a did something, I can't tell you that,because It's a top secret.

    28. Sarah

      This historical fiction picture book captures the spirit of the great depression, and how excitement over baseball could take one's mind off of more dire things, and how even children could help their families. The babe only makes a token appearence, much how many celebrities feature in our daily lives, more influencial in their absence.

    29. Dorian

      This is a great book for teaching the Great Depression. I'm using it in my lesson plan on the Great Depression. Unfortunately, it's for Kindergarten so I'm "reading" the book based on the pictures so that they can understand it, but it's such a good book for this topic that I can't imagine doing it without this book.

    30. Krista

      I like how this book portrays how life was during the Great Depression for some families. It has a nice message of helping out and working hard built within it also that i think is great. The illustrations are clear and colorful for readers to enjoy as they flip through the pages.

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