Aloysha the Pot

Aloysha the Pot A short story from the Classic Shorts collection Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy

  • Title: Aloysha the Pot
  • Author: Leo Tolstoy
  • ISBN: 9780061920677
  • Page: 138
  • Format: ebook
  • A short story from the Classic Shorts collection Family Happiness by Leo Tolstoy

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      138 Leo Tolstoy
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    One thought on “Aloysha the Pot

    1. Issa Deerbany

      اليوشا حمار الشغل.هكذا يجب تسمية هذه القصة التي تعبر عن سذاجة الانسان البسيط الذي لا يكل ولا يمل من العمل ومهمته ارضاء الناس.حتى عندما كان يموت كان همه ارضاء الناس بان لا يتعبهم ولا يغضبهم.وكان موته راحة له

    2. Mitchell Hailstone

      Once you finish it, you will carry the story with you for the rest of your life. Read cautiously.

    3. Mahmoud Rasheed

      عندما تسرق كل الحقوقفالموت في تلك الحالة اسمى الغايات

    4. Candy

      Clearly Tolstoy supported the worker and the peasant, and this short story written in his waning years was likely a rallying cry for the revolutionaries. "The Pot." What was a pot good for? Eating from, and at that time, using as a toilet (which no doubt Aloysha was forced to clean in the houses he served). The would-be wife he loved was a cook, would have filled his pot with love and food, had the marriage been permitted. We have to remember that to this day, some children and adults in every c [...]

    5. Andy

      A short but ultimately unsatisfactory story by Tolstoy. It has a beginning, a middle, and then a ending that comes out of nowhere and left me wanting more. Well, wanting anything, really than what was presented. Maybe ol' Leo started writing this and then decided he was bored by it and ended it in the fastest manner possible. I'm glad I got this for free; I'd have been upset if I'd paid for this on its own. Maybe if it's bundled with a collection of other Tolstoy short stories it would be more a [...]

    6. Sevgi

      It looks like a very plain story, leaving you after you finish it. But it's not. Alyosha is so much us. -This part can be a spoiler for you - I am not sure -Being happy -sorry, pretending like to be happy-, nodding to the ones who are elder or stronger, loving one but being unable to fulfil others' dreams rather than hers, then dying alone out of sight Alyosha is so much us.

    7. Rynnie Son

      Kinda invite me to reflect on my life - if I have lived just according to what is expected yet not desired by myself, at the same time, not being courageous enough of my convictions. It is somehow also about cause and effect, say Aloysha does marry Ustinja, he might not die falling off the roof. Isn't life like this, full of the question "what if"?

    8. Daniel

      Alyosha Pot is barely a story - I quite like Tolstoy's short stories - they are descriptive, give you a sense of what life in Russia must have been like - and they generally all carry meaning and message. In this story, there's none if that - a young man does whatever is asked of him, carries every burden, never talks back, always smiles and then he dies - the end.

    9. Val

      Aloysha is a peasant lad. He is hard-working, obedient, cheerful and never puts his own wishes above his duty. I think we are supposed to see him as a model for life, but it is difficult not to find him rather stupid.

    10. Amanda Sastri

      Iseng baca cerpen tentang Alyosha yang jarang ngeluh dan senengnya kerja and even in his deathbed yang dia khawatirkan adalah ngecewain ayah dan masternya. Simple.

    11. Lexi

      Sad, sad story about a young Russian boy who lives for others and receives no reward in this life. Raises questions about social obedience.

    12. رشيد هروس

      Aloysha is the embodiment of the mundane existance. His voice is taken from him by the very being who made him come to the world: his father. Even the wages are taken away; therefore, he can't choose or improve financialy. The poor Aloysha just felt the very early stages of love, then he dies because of the eccentric middle class. They used him to their heart satisfaction, but never did they compliment his pure soul. Aloysha is a pot, a pot of purity, a pot which contains what humanity lacks: ge [...]

    13. Zahra

      اليوشا الإناء القصة من ضمن كتاب باسم موت ايفان ايليتش ترجمة مها جمالعن ذلك القتى الساذج الذي يعمل بكد ولا يكل و لا يمل وبرغم ان لا يحصل على مرتبه شهري و والده هو الذي بستلمه نيابة عنه الا انه مبتهج ومبتسم

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