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One thought on “Andorra

  1. Jeffrey Keeten

    ”Andorra’s dramatic topography makes it unapproachable by air, so I arrived via train from Paris, having flown that far. As a general rule---and I am afraid I am the kind of person who believes in general rules---I like to arrive in new places by train. There is something about literally crossing borders, traversing frontiers, watching the countryside hurtle by the window and become exurban, and then the gradual diminution of speed as the train approaches a city, that allows one to arrive wi [...]

  2. Kittaroo

    Premetto: amo Cameron. Temo di non essere obiettiva quando ne parlo.Amo il suo manierismo, amo il modo in cui riesce a tratteggiare caratteri in modo semplice e rapido, amo le sue descrizioni geografiche. Nulla è, però, mai lineare come appare all'inizio. I personaggi sono mascherati e si mostrano totalmente diversi con l'andare delle pagine, la trama, lieve e leggera si tinge anche di giallo, ma la svolta è totalmente inaspettata. Caratteri che si ballano intorno, si sfiorano e si svelano, s [...]

  3. Kasa Cotugno

    Every time I read something by Peter Cameron, I wonder why I don't seek him out more. This compulsively readable thriller told by Alex Fox, an unreliable narrator if there ever was one, holds surprises around every turn. There is a languid pace that matches the climate as Andorra is not the mountain community of the Pyranees, but a fictitious seaside country located between France and Spain. I was reminded of other stories I referenced in an earlier review featuring visitors from cooler climates [...]

  4. Roberto

    "Aprii il taccuino alla prima bellissima pagina bianca, sfilai la penna stilografica, tolsi il cappuccio e scrissi con l’inchiostro scintillante, denso e permeabile come sangue: Tanti anni fa lessi un libro…"Alexander Fox è un uomo solitario, disincantato, scostante, misterioso, che ha condotto una vita ricca di avvenimenti che però non vuole rivelare e questo lo fa diventare, agli occhi di chi lo incontra per la prima volta, una persona interessante da conoscere e magari da conquistare. [...]

  5. Marcello S

    Lui è Alexander Fox. Del suo passato ci dice poco e niente, tranne qualcosa di molto poco piacevole cambiando anche versione un paio di volte.Andorra è un paese dove tutti sanno tutto. Un luogo particolare dove scappare e ricominciare. Una fuga della mente.La scrittura è diretta, semplice, raffinata. Ci sono una manciata di personaggi, la teatralità dei loro movimenti e dei dialoghi che si incastra con ambientazioni di interni ed esterni che sembrano sceneggiature di film. Quando ci si mette [...]

  6. Thomas

    In my real life I rate my books on a ten-point scale with 10 being an all-time favorite. When I use a five here on it really means anything that rates an 8 (really liked it) 9 (loved it) and 10 (all time favorite). On that scale Andorra gets an 8. I liked the setting, the details, the prose, and the plot. Was it a masterpiece? No. But I really enjoyed reading it and am interested in seeing what else Peter Cameron has written.

  7. Terry

    Firstoff, this book isn't for everyone. If you like suspense, the novel Rebecca, the films The Usual Suspects and Identity, you'll probably really enjoy it. But, if you're not a suspense fan who's up for some author trickery, you might feel a) bored (by some of the long sections of dialogue) or b) cheated (oh those last lines). With that disclaimer, I have to say I loved this novel! Yes, 5-star loved. Cameron's dialogue is truly realistic and brings his characters to life; his description is tho [...]

  8. Jessica

    Another wonderful novel by Cameron, loved it almost as much as 'The City of Your Final Destination.'

  9. Szplug

    The Andorra of Peter Cameron's self-same titled book is out-of-synch in many ways: unlike the landlocked principality in the Pyrenees, Cameron's is an oceanside realm; its inhabitants are all variations of the same lovesick prototype that is drawn towards the shadowy narrator; its tourist-friendly streets and shops, its baroque architecture and cobbled lanes harbour secrets and intrigues out of a fifties noir novel; and the narrator himself, a cipher, the unlikely object of so much attention and [...]

  10. Mrfishscales

    I've always been intrigued by Andorra, a tiny county in the middle of the Pyrennes. Peter Cameron uses the fact that most people wonder about the country but few know anything about it to create an Andorra that is basically an expatriate colony without overbearing native culture. The narrator seems amiable enough to begin with , but as the novel progresses your doubts pile up. Not only does his account of himself to others begin to seem a little fishy, but the very character of the setting in wh [...]

  11. Carolee Wheeler

    I was puzzled by the people who found this book puzzling, or confusing.Peter Cameron writes beautifully, and this novel had a wonderful way of drawing me along, as though I were wandering the winding streets of an old city.It doesn't matter to me that the Andorra Cameron uses for his story does not reflect the real Andorra.It doesn't matter to me that the ending is abrupt, and strange. The way I understood it is that the protagonist's Andorra is invented because he is telling his story from pris [...]

  12. Jenny Lee

    READING CHALLENGE #PASSPORTLISTY Book 01/10I hate to start the year off with a 1 star read, but here we are. Alexander Fox read a novel once about the wonders and romantic world of Andorra. When his life in America takes a turn for the worst, he packs up his bags and starts a new in the country that won his heart over through the novel. Upon his arrival in Andorra, everything is picture perfect and what he came to expect from his fantasized notions provided by his book.And after the introduction [...]

  13. Eleonora A

    Amazing little book. Read in one breath. The power of a new beginning, the power of landscape, the power of imagination. hypnotic, daydreaming.

  14. Mitrix

    It's not his best but I was very much connected to it. I like his inner not said but transmitted thinking.

  15. Peter

    An intriguing and subtly eerie story. Simple, and descriptive, in a minimalist way, but with touches of humor, poignant passages, and spot on observations about life, and everything. It will have you wondering, what is going on, and why, but at the same time there is a frustrating quality within the story. Cameron's dialogue at times is quite formal (hence people referring to it the book as a comedy of manners) and makes it difficult to pinpoint what era the novel is set in, though there is a re [...]

  16. Rachelfm

    I picked this title in my quest for "50 books in 50 countries" this year and had just read something set in Lichtenstein, so I thought I'd continue my tour de microstates. However, the Andorra that Peter Cameron writes about is one you can't find on any map; Cameron's rich imagination has given the landlocked nation a sumptuous Mediterranean coastline, cosmopolitan population and cities and histories that exist solely in this novel.The deliberate and well-contstructed "world building" of Cameron [...]

  17. Ian

    An American, Alexander Fox, following the death of his wife and daughter moves to Andorra to start his life anew. He quickly falls under the spell of this tiny isolated country that moves at its own pace, its ancient stone buildings and people who come from everywhere and nowhere. In Andorra's capital, La Plata, he meets an Australian couple, Mr. and Mrs. Dent, who have moved to this strange place seeking a fresh start for reasons of their own. He also becomes involved with the Quays, a family o [...]

  18. Pasquale Musicco

    Un racconto a tratti splendido e per tre quarti pressochè perfetto. Un finale frettoloso e sostanzialmente irrisolto. In sintesi, un'opera asimmetrica se ne volessimo considerare l'appartenenza al genere noir. Ma forse nemmeno Peter Cameron è completamente convinto di farne un racconto noir e, appena si creano le premesse del trilling, è lui stesso a provvedere a smorzarne i toni con bellissime digressioni di carattere descrittivo (quando parla dei luoghi) o di carattere psicologico (allorch [...]

  19. Stefano P

    Peter Cameron is one of my favourite authors. I was spurred to read this novel by next year's release of the film taken from it, featuring some of my favourite actors, including Toni Colette and Gillian Anderson. I wasn't disappointed. Cameron's style is impeccable, the prose terse and minimalistic.But what really stands out is the author's absolute mastery of conjuring an 'atmosphere'. Andorra is more than a place, it's a character in itself, that is alive and permeates the whole narration. Onc [...]

  20. Filippo Bossolino

    Per me è il primo romanzo di Peter Cameron. Fin dalle prime poche pagine sono rimasto affascinato dalla scrittura, lenta e semplice ma altamente evocativa, che mi ha trasmesso una sensazione positiva, riflettendo pienamente l'emozioni del protagonista, appena giunto in un minuscolo staterello, Andorra, per fuggire dagli Stati Uniti e da un passato troppo ingombrante.Col trascorrere dei giorni e delle pagine, questa sensazione positiva si sposta pian piano su un livello opposto, con il protagoni [...]

  21. Karen

    Alexander Fox is an American who decided that he wanted to start his life over in another country. He had read a book that described Andorra, and it became a dream of his. When he arrives in Andorra by train, he is convinced that he could live there. Then he finds that in this tiny country, everyone knows everyone and they take a great deal of interest in the foreigner. As the story unfolds, you begin to understand why the main character wanted a new life.

  22. DoctorM

    Beautifully written, polished, witty, though a bit light. Still--- a mannered and very civilised mystery-of-a-sort. Make note, now: Cameron's Andorra isn't the tiny principality in the Pyrenees--- it has a seacoast, much like Shakespeare's Bohemia ---but it is wonderful stage set for a dream of 1950s expat-noir life. I'm very much a fan of Cameron's prose, and while the mystery here never quite gels, this is a lovely novel to read on a spring evening.

  23. Tess

    I read this entirely because Gillian Anderson, Essie Davis, Joanna Lumley and Toni Colette are going to be playing the female characters in the film version. I found the book really interesting so I hope that it comes together well on screen.

  24. Miriam

    I enjoyed the scenic descriptions more than the actual story. It made me want to visit Andorra, but didn't make me want to read more Cameron.

  25. Ele Dalmonte

    Mi piace lo stile di Cameron: una scrittura molto sobria e accurata, decisamente di mio gusto.Quanto alla trama, l'ambientazione è suggestiva - un'Andorra trasfigurata che accoglie "profughi della vita" da ogni parte del mondo, ognuno variamente in fuga dal proprio passato - e descritta con efficacia; Cameron padroneggia senz'altro la tecnica che nel risvolto di copertina è chiamata "del disvelamento progressivo", facendo sì che la curiosità e il dubbio rimangano ben desti, la tensione somme [...]

  26. Michele Benson

    Andorra. The tiny principality of Andorra is located in the high mountains of the Pyrenees between France and Spain. To be honest, I had never heard of this country and only read this book because it was the only novel available from this country at the library. The writing was incredibly stilted, but maybe that was due to translation. A strange plot, odd characters and a disturbing ending made it a hard read for me.

  27. Mrs. Danvers

    I'll definitely be reading more Peter Cameron. I feel like he writes the way Geoff Dyer would if Dyer stopped being screamingly funny.