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One thought on “The Dartmouth Cobras Box Set

  1. Avon Gale

    This book series is SO ADDICTIVE. I see that mentioned a lot and I'm totally on board. It's pure fun and naughty entertainment. (I should really go and review each story separately and I will, but for now, suffice it to say that when you read one of these you need to read more.) My favorite thing is the varying and different -- and positive -- portrayals of sexuality and sexual preferences. You get the feeling that anything goes in Ms. Sommerland's works, and I can't even express how much I love [...]

  2. Crazy for Books (Stephanie)

    ARC provided through NetGalley by publisher for an honest review.Game Misconduct (Dartmouth Cobras, #1)3.5 SPANK ME STARSOkay, it was tough getting into the book. I was very confused by many of the characters. They go by either a first name or last name, which makes it much more confusing. Since there are many team member who are a major part of this story, that's what causes the confusion. There are names being thrown all over the place.Also, there are varying points of view that happen from pa [...]

  3. Nikki Sex

    OMG I LOVED this series! This series has it all - so be prepared! It is the ultimate in BDSM smorgasbord. Menage, multiples- but the sex is SUPER hot it is not just sex but making luuuuvvvvvv. A number of characters fall in love during this box set. This series has M/M/F,F/F, female and three hot men, bondage, whips, various toys,super hot hockey player Dom's and subs. Knife playgood lord. Did the author miss out on anything? Not that I could see! There is also an unexpected and entertaining plo [...]

  4. Casey

    Thank you to the author and Netgalley for providing a copy for an honest review.I enjoy reading erotic books. I do not consider myself a prude so when I could not bring myself to finish reading this series I was surprised. I have attempted to pick back up a few times and I just cannot get into this series. There are more multiple partner scenes than Carters got pills and I did not even get 50% through book one. These are not short erotic stories, for a book of this length, I needed more than the [...]

  5. Shaly

    1) Game Misconduct10.31.17-11.01.173 StarsWell this was a huge mind fuck! I'm not sure how I feel about everything that happened in this. Oriana was just so fucked up, she was a smart woman but had huge 'daddy issues'. At her age that shit just made her look pathetic. Its not like her dad ever showed that he even remotely cared about her so why the obsession with becoming the perfect daughter is beyond me. The man was an asshole in every sense of the word and she still sought his approval. Her r [...]

  6. Tawnya Ward

    So close to perfect, it surpasses perfectIt's not pretty or neat, this box set is so darn close to being real. Love is messy and dirty, Bianca writes it like it's truth from Gods' lips. You developed attachments to the characters and fall into their lives. The way each story ties into each other, is pure magic! The dept of soul Bianca gives each and every single character, leaves this reader breathless.

  7. Rose Nickol

    Great bookI'm not a hockey fan, but the life Ms. Summerland breathes into her characters makes the book very enjoyable. I can't wait to read the next one.

  8. January Apted

    OMG this author was new to me and when I started reading this super steamy series about Hot hockey players I could not put it down! I can't wait to read more from this series and from this author.

  9. Karinosa

    #1 I enjoyed this book and it was not what I expected at all. The synopsis did not relate to this story as much as it should. Oriana Delgado is a nice girl with low self esteem and Being the daughter of a millionaire has not helped. Daddy has some issues and the fact that things happen in this book to help further his team just pissed me off. Paul has some nerve to treat her the way he does and think she will take it. The fact that she is in love with Max helps her out in her time of need.Now,I [...]

  10. Steph

    4.5 hot and steamy starsThese are the stories of three women, Oriana, Silver and Jami and the men who love them.Book one is Oriana's story. After finding fiancé that she didn't really love in bed with another woman, she runs to the man her heart really desires. But Max has some serious kinks and if she wants to be a part of his world,she will have to be open to things she never even considered before in her life.Book two is Silvers story. The "bad" sister, Silver has been thrust into a life she [...]

  11. Liz F

    Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley.**This review is a DNF review**Alright, I've tried over and over to finish this book and I just can't do it. It started off badly for me when I couldn't keep up with all of the characters I was supposed to know and care about. In addition to Oriana, the heroine, there were nine characters that I could count. That's nine main male characters. I can't believe how anyone could figure out who was who. I literally had to go back to the start of the [...]

  12. Jessica Alcazar

    I've read and review Book 1 and Book 2 on their own. This box set I received complementary from NetGalley & Fido Publishing for an honest review. My review will be concentrated on Book 3, Breakaway!Another outstanding menage story from Bianca Sommerland. As Ive mentioned before, her story telling is fiction but not fantasy land. she doesn't tell a 'menage' story like it's all hearts and whistles. because it isn't. it isn't the norm in society so therefor it should not be written as such. tha [...]

  13. Beth

    I finished the first book in this bundle, but I can't make myself read the rest of it. The level of WTFery in this book is incredible. There's just too much going on to make any of it coherent. (view spoiler)[ Cheating, a break-up, bdsm, edge play, multiple partners, daddy issues, a game-fixing scandal, a player knocked unconscious with skull fractures who is mysteriously fine the same dayI mean seriously, WTF?????(hide spoiler)] I'm a hockey fan, so I thought this would be right up my alley, bu [...]

  14. Rhiannon Overby

    I just couldn't get enough of this series, it took me about 4 days to get through all 3 books and I'm sad that it has come to an end but glad to see that there is still plenty more story to be read. These books contain an onslaught of melt your panties kinky sex and Ms. Sommer has added so much variation that you'll never find yourself bored from the same ol' scenes. These books build upon each other and the characters are so widely different that the story seems so dramatically different from o [...]

  15. Chelsey

    I'm usually hesitant to start a new erotic romance author. I have a few go to favorites when I'm in the mood for a little more spice with my romance and I don't tend to add to that short list. That being said, I'm glad I read Ms. Sommerland's series even if I did originally only start it to get it off my Netgalley shelf.Sommerland's bdsm is nothing unusual that I've read but I found I like the hockey combination. She did a great job of giving her male characters fully developed personalities in [...]

  16. Bonita M Clarke

    Read the first book of this series over a year ago. I loved the book and wanted more. Did not realize at that time there was more. Then it showed up as a bookbub feature and got the 3 book set. I enjoyed the read and will be getting the others too. The story took you in depth with all the characters, you got to see into their lives. show the tender side . The humor was right on the mark for me and the scenes were hot.As you got going with the series you found you liked characters you did not thi [...]

  17. Carrie Stevens

    ~*~My Thoughts~*~A 4 Star ReadI really enjoyed these three books. I'm a huge fan of reading BDSM themed books and these were quite awesome if i do say so. Plus all three full length novels in one set isn't a bad way to keep yourself entertained for a week lol. The only reason i gave this a four star was because there was something in the first two books that put me off just a tad. The first book I loved it Just took me a while to realize who was who. Their First names could have been last names [...]

  18. Amy (My Husband Calls This An Obsession)

    First three of the Dartmouth series.I grabbed this boxed collection after reading Bianca Sommerland's Deadly Captive books. Holy smokesFIRE!!!If you are looking for a series of books that offer a little harder BDSM, you've found it. Unlike the Deadly Captive books, no one in this series is being forced into anything. Don't think that it by any means lessens anything. It doesn't. All of the Dartmouth books revolve around the hockey association. There is a lot more than just sex in the series as w [...]

  19. Karen

    Game Misconduct, the first book in the Dartmouth Cobra series, was a Kindle freebie, and I liked it enough to buy the box set and read the next two books, too. It stretches my credulity a bit that one hockey team could have so many stable poly BDSM relationships, but the author did make a stab at explaining so I went with it. In the second book, Defensive Zone, I was disappointed in how the heroine handled a birth control failure. Sure, it all worked out, but there was an opportunity lost to dem [...]

  20. XxTainaxX

    This was one of the most raw glimpses into bdsm I've seen so far. The sensual energy leaps off the pages. The characters and relationships grow and develop beautifully throughout the story. I was enthralled. It's definitely not for the faint of heart or with delicate sensibilities. The last story was particularly of note to me. There's some serious internal conflict. I have personally avoided M/M scenarios thinking it was a bit more than I could handle but the author eased me into it seamlessly. [...]

  21. Heather

    This is the first time I have read anything by Bianca Sommerland. I thought that the first book started off a little slow but I am so happy that I stuck with the series as each one improved in my estimation. I definitely want to read more of the series. These three books were surprisingly long and each one contained plenty of kink, (BDSM, ménage, M/M, knife play, and way more). I especially liked that while each book featured a new romantic interest, there were still updates from previous relat [...]

  22. Gina

    Holy Hot Hockey!! I am still flushed and hot and wet and don't know how to describe the the women and men of the Dartmouth Cobras! From Oriana and her 3 Dom's to Silver and Jami and their Dom's! These people were real and their feelings and desires were real and Bianca told their amazing stories with such feeling and emotion that I felt like I was right there in the rooms with them through all 3 stories! Can't wait to read the rest of the series now!

  23. Caryn Watson Watz Books and Teasers

    i'm friggen hooked on these guys and girls not your typical BDSM book but still leaves you feel hot an bothered and like your actually there and watching as it all happens. ice hockey, nice girls, bad girls and guys to suit all your needs welcome to the Dartmouth Cobra's where will will introduce you to things you would have never dreamed off but want and that its ok to blur the lines their is no right or wrong there is just them.

  24. Amy Barber

    Hot alpha males (and a few alpha females, too) and hockey? What more could you want! These are just great stories to get lost in. It's a strong story with strong characters that is centered around a Canadian hockey team. I like when a story has many elements and this one does; romance, bdsm, menage, sports, and more. Definitely worth checking out if you like erotic romance with a sports theme.

  25. Tammy

    First of all, I love a good deal and this is one, this three book bundle gets better with each book. My kindle was burning up as I stayed up far too late reading about these sexy hockey players. I do want to warn you if you are not into ménage reads these books are not for you. I loved how these individuals came together to form a hockey team and found something wonderful. Jaw dropping, sexy, kinky and oh so HOT read. Enjoy!

  26. Jennifer

    I love this series, my suggestion is pay attention to the characters from the start. This book is a series that follows much of the team. The men, (and women) in this series become a part of your lives that leaves you wanting to know what is going to happen to them, or I should say who is going to happen to them, next. This series is definitely and eye opener to the world of BSDM and menage scenes.

  27. loves 2 read romance

    I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. This is one seriously hot and kinky series. I absolutely loved the hockey players in these books and the women could definitely hold their own. They all had a storyline that went right along with the steamy fog up your glasses sex scenes. Be sure to have a cold shower on standby for these stories.

  28. Celeste

    Wow what an amazing series. Again I must say I am not a bdsm fan and this book did not change that, but the stories were so captivating that I easily was able to cringe past the uncomfortable parts. At this point I couldn't say whose story is my favorite, they all have such an appealing story, damn sexy HOT men and feisty beautiful women.I am very anxious to read the rest of the series.