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One thought on “Queen and Country: The Definitive Edition, Vol. 1

  1. Sean Gibson

    Sometimes I like to put on my big boy pants and read a grown-up comic that doesn’t feature people in codpieces laser eyeing each other in the gravity-defying bosoms. Queen & Country is one of those books that people who used to read superhero books but don’t anymore and want to feel superior to their infantile funnybook-reading brethren like to tout, so I figured, snobbery of those few detestable individuals aside (*sniff*), I’d give it a shot.Turns out it’s solid. More than solid, i [...]

  2. Courtney

    This book compiled into graphic novel form the first 12 comics from Greg Rucka's "Queen & Country" series. As you might guess from the title, the book -- though written by an American living in the U.S. -- centers on a very British view of the world. We follow several high-level intelligence operatives based in London who are sent out around the globe to protect their country's interests when things get messy. It's a James Bond/Borne Identity type of world, with lots of intrigue, shooting, c [...]

  3. Miriam

    I'm giving the 3 stars for the first two books in this omnibus. I hated the last book - more for the drawing then anything. I have no patience for the two inch waist and watermelon breasts. I also didn't enjoy how the men were drawn. I might enjoy Fernandez's drawing in a different context - I admired the technique - but in this one.

  4. Matt Smith

    The weirdest thing about Greg Rucka is I always forget how good he is. Usually when a good writer slips into "I always forget" territory he's quite good. But Rucka isn't. Rucka is insanely good. It's nuts that this came out 15 years ago (ish) and holds up like made crazy. Rucka is a fantastic thriller writer and a fantastic spy-story teller. I can't wait to read the rest of these this year.If you haven't read Rucka I'd recommend starting here. Or with Alpha. Because Alpha was dope.

  5. Tony

    I like graphic storytelling and I like a lot of espionage stories (be they fiction, film, nonfiction), so when the four-volume collection came out, I figured it was high time I sample this series. This first volume collects three stories about the British SIS (Special Intelligence Service, aka MI6). In "Operation: Broken Ground" (illustrated by Steve Rolston) an agent is sent to Kosovo to assassinate a Russian arms dealer. In "Operation: Morningstar" (illustrated by several artists) an agent is [...]

  6. Andrew

    A nuts-and-bolts espionage comic that has the strange distinction of starting just months before 9/11. Reading it now, after 15 years of war in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc it's hard not to be distracted and irritated by Rucka's political naivete. He implicitly makes cases for Western intervention in both Afghanistan and Iraq, while showing a lack of interest in context or consequences. This comic is dated in another way that has nothing to do with global geopolitics. When it debuted, the comic [...]

  7. Chris

    Really enjoyed this series. I will be picking up the rest of the Definitive Editions later. It was more serious spy stuff, post 9/11, from the British perspective, but not over the top like James Bond stuff (which is enjoyable in it's own right). The artwork was interesting, usually more cartoon like initially, but each book within the book had a different artist so it changed as it went. That was an interesting twist, which was nice and not at the same time, since I had to get to know the new v [...]

  8. Andrew

    The writing on this series is top notch, early in Greg Rucka's career, but the change in art styles is jarring: the main character (Tara Chace) goes from average and possibly dowdy in the first couple of story lines, and positively ragged in the second arc, to wasp-waisted, stacked, and sexy in the last arc. It was actually distracting, considering it seemed that the intent was to show average people in the job of spy-craft, which then becomes a Hollywood-ized story without the nuance. This coll [...]

  9. Josh

    3.5. I took off half a star for Leandro Fernandez's art. I wish Steve Rolston could have pencilled more of the book instead. As far as story goes, it kept me entertained though.

  10. Felicia

    I enjoyed this a lot. It's pretty standard spy-agency fare, but the drawings really made the journey enjoyable.

  11. David Dalton

    I am a Greg Rucka fan and a fan of the Queen and Country novels (all 3 of them). I decided to give this Definitive Edition a shot. Glad I did. They remind me a bit of the Strikeback cable series. A woman minder (assassin) is a tad different type of character from over 17 years ago. The art seemed all over the place, from cartoon like to big noses and big breasts later on. Still the stories were all realistic. Already have the Def Edition Vol 2 on hand, and will order Vols 3 & 4 soon.

  12. Caitlin Elizabeth

    Really enjoyed the story, as I always do when Rucka is writing. However, I did find the change in art slightly jarring. Especially Tara, I can't say I enjoyed her 'enhancements' in the last arc very much.

  13. Rmichno

    Started off interesting but it really suffered when the artist changed about 1/2 way through. The new art style was more realistic but they changed the main character into a ridiculously looking bimbo. The missions were also not that interesting to me, but maybe they were more relevant when the comics were first published in the early 2000's. In 2017 I feel like I've seen better versions of these subjects covered in other books/movies.

  14. Stef

    As I venture more into the comic / graphic novel the world, it continually surprises me to see how the form can tell such a wide variety of stories across genres. Greg Rucka's STUMPTOWN series is one of my newer favorites, and here he has another strong, smart, break-the-mold heroine in a layered, plot-driven story. I'm also starting to enjoy comparing artists and how their work impacts the way stories are told, and this volume features several different artists working on the same narrative.

  15. Mary Shyne

    Loved the first two stories, but the last was ruined by Leandro Fernandez’s characters designs. It was heartbreaking to see Tara Chace, a character I admired and empathized with, become so out-of-character sexualized. From an artistic standpoint, I did really dig Fernandez’s page design and spot blacks, but the way he depicted Chace (and honestly, many of the male characters too) made my stomach lurch whenever she was on the page.

  16. Mark

    One of the best spy books I've read for a very long time, and please don't be put off by the sometimes "cartoony" art, as the lines are clean and the character models all fit the story. This is a modern take on classic British spy fiction like Callan, Le Carré or The Sandbaggers. Great stuff, and I can't wait to read volume 2

  17. Eric Mikols

    I liked most of this, the earlier stories more than the later ones. The art on the last volume was such a turn off, though and I doubt I'll be following the series further.

  18. Javi

    No las tenía todas conmigo pero Greg Rucka se ha marcado un cómic de género negro muy sólido. De ese tipo de historias de espías que te zampas del tirón.

  19. Simon

    Recent Reads: Queen & Country Definitive Edition 1. The first three arcs of Greg Rucka's modern spy comic; the world unravelled is raw anger

  20. Adam Šilhan

    Vcelku slušné a věřím v potenciál do budoucna. Střídání kreslířů mně celkem štvalo (resp. vadil mi po úvodním stylu ten třetí - Leandro Fernandez).

  21. Larry C

    I really enjoy Greg Rucka’s writing, but not on this series. I’m sure the setting and situations are realistic, but do the characters have to be so uninteresting?

  22. Koen Claeys

    Very, very exciting spy stories. (In the third chapter Fernandez portrays Tara Chase as a sex doll that would make Lara Croft look like a prude, that's why I'm not giving it the full five star rating.) Strongly recommended!

  23. Alex

    Wow. This was incredibly good. I'm kind of mad at myself for not coming across this sooner. Every time I go to my favorite local used book shop, I'd thumb through this series. I love Greg Rucka, but the B&W art was a bit of a turn off. So I'd just put the book back on the shelf. It's just simply difficult for me to digest a story with such simple art.That was before I read Whiteout, another B&W Greg Rucka graphic novel. When it comes to comic books and graphic novels, as long as the seri [...]

  24. Candace

    I really struggled to write this review, and it took me a while to pinpoint why. Here's the crux of it: this book was disappointing. Not bad, mind you -- just disappointing. And, I think that what made it difficult for me to review is that I couldn't pinpoint*why* it was disappointing.Queen and Country, Vol. 1: Broken Ground didn't really feel groundbreaking, but it was a good read. Perhaps more importantly, it was a good read with promise. The glimpses into the characters' lives made me want to [...]

  25. The_Mad_Swede

    Queen & Country is spy / secret agent type of thriller action with members of the British SIS at the centre penned by Greg Rucka early-ish in his career. This volume collects the first 12 issues of the title plus material from the Oni Press Color Special 2001, which translates as the first three arcs of the series plus extras. The volume opens with Operation: Broken Ground, an four-parter drawn by Steve Rolston, with a short additional interlude drawn by Stan Sakai. The arc immediately prove [...]

  26. Amy!

    I really liked this series. The main character is so kick ass, and there's quite a lot of diversity here, which is great. The stories are exciting and suspenseful and were a total pleasure to read. My complaint is with the art. The art for "Operation: Broken Ground" is a little cartoony, and what you tend to see in YA/juvenile graphic novels, and just really different from the cover art, which is very gritty noir-esque. But once I got past that dissonance, I didn't mind it, and I really apprecia [...]

  27. Tomás

    No soy demasiado fan del género de espionaje. Leí un par de cosas pero no es el tipo de literatura que elijo para disfrutar y pasar el rato.De todas maneras, a este comic había querido empezarlo desde hacía bastante tiempo, asi que cuando vi esta edición (muy bella a decir verdad) me compré los dos primeros tomos a un precio muy accesible.Greg Rucka nos presenta una organización que se encarga, claramente, de eso: espionaje. De salvar las papas en lugares donde otros no pueden llegar o de [...]

  28. Jarrah

    The first volume of Queen and Country collects three stories with the same characters but very different artwork. Rucka's spy stories are so gripping that it's sometimes hard to make yourself slow down and look at the art; you just want to find out what happens next. Compared to some of Rucka's other protagonists, Tara Chace isn't as much of an open book, but we can tell she's tough, smart, deeply committed to her job, and struggling to process the emotions that come with her work.The big swings [...]

  29. East Bay J

    My buddy, Erik, occasionally gives me stacks of comics (graphic novels, trade paperbacks, whatever you and your little pals calls ‘em these days) and I have to thank him for restoring my faith in comics and for turning me on to a lot of great stories. Queen & Country is on par with some of the best stuff Erik’s loaned me. Books that have become favorites, like Walking Dead, The Chronicles Of Wormwood, Rex Mundi, and Ex Machina.Erik doesn’t like The Goon, though. He doesn’t much care [...]