Henry James and Lamb House (East Sussex)

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Satan's Lambs

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Bad Apples 2: Six Slices of Halloween Horror

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Toto veut la pomme

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One thought on “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft

  1. Tempest

    This book seems to hit 50/50 with most people I know. It's simple, a lot of people say too simple, and the bottom line for me is that if someone picked it up to understand what I believe in, I would be ok with that. It has some good basics in it and the best advice it gives is to read more on Wicca. There isn't anything in it that I hate, and it has a lot of safety advice. I'm not sure exactly why so many people dislike this book, I wouldn't call it the be all end all of Wicca information, but i [...]

  2. Colby Rice

    This is a really awesome and basic introduction to the world of Wicca and Witchcraft. It provided a very solid foundation for the assassin-witch series I'm currently writing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  3. Bladestryke

    average at best. it does have a lot of good points but can be long and drawn out especially in the section of astrology. a good source for finding info in other books of the same kind.

  4. Polly

    A great introduction for the beginner even though I don't agree with all of the representations - such as Wicca and Witchcraft being the same thing, etc. As always, I would suggest using several sources and your own intuition when trying to sort out your personal path - especially as it relates to "origins", "definitions" and things like - what certain months of the year are "called" and why.Still, I would recommend this as a starting point for anyone interested in learning about the Craft (eith [...]

  5. Abraxas Abrasaxtes

    I may have to add or take away stars from this book at some point as I read it Way back when it was originally published but I remember it being pretty surprising for an "Idiots Guide." Though I must admit I really WISH the author didn't have to go with that format as I've always been turned off by the idea of "Idiot's Guides." Having derailed my review I now return to the tracks to say that (again from memory) this book had some info in it that I hadn't considered/read elsewhere which does bump [...]

  6. V Dixon

    My policy is it is always good to be open and learn new things. I am not saying I am going to began practing Witchcraft but I hate to be anti something because popular convention says we should not like it. I rated the book ok because this is a topic that definitely could have benefitted from having illustrations as well as resources to acquire materials as well as more training. Reading this I wanted to know if it is "illegal" to to practice Wicca and Christianity. If it is it is sad because ba [...]

  7. Sandie

    I know some people don't like these books, I guess the name is a turn off for some. I personally love them, lots of information thats accurate in a single place, neatly organized and easy to find and understand. There are many books and authors that could be recommended for someone who is Pagan or wants to learn. But this book is really great, packed full of all kinds of information. It was recommended to me by a dear friend and I have since recommended it to others just starting on the path.

  8. Sb

    This book was amazingly informative, well-written, inspirational, and interesting. A MUST-READ for anyone who is Wiccan or who wants to be, who wants to study Witchcraft, or who wants to have more knowledge in general under their belt. This book will forever stay in my possession and be my go-to manual for any questions I have along my path. It gives you all the basics without being overwhelming and boring. It is the perfect all the way around. I will probably even reread it again someday, which [...]

  9. kristine

    as someone who has always found Wicca very interesting but didn't always know where to read about it, this book was very helpful. for someone more interested in practicing Wicca (rather than just learning about it) this book was also a very helpful guide.longer review here.

  10. Nathan Burgoine

    I'd say this one is a bit of a misnomer: it's not for the complete idiot. I enjoyed it, found the layout interesting, and the little fact-bubbles were greatly appreciated. It's not great, but neither is it bad. It's what it says it is: an introduction. It lacks slightly on the topic of ethics, but not overmuch. The basics of all varieties of wicca are given at least lip-service, and the solid amount of research shows through. I really enjoyed this book.

  11. Donna Whitley

    This book was perfect for me. Being a new pagan I am still trying to find my path. This book has given me the right start to progress into other reading materials, giving enough information on lots of subjects to whet the appetite, leaving me wanting to find out more on the subjects that interested me. As a beginner this is a great book to start you on your pagan/Wicca journey. Bright Blessings

  12. Heather

    Although I always recommend a book written by Scott Cunningham be your introduction into Wicca, this book is a good way to start also. It has fun activities to get you to think about your own thoughts and to gain new perspectives. This is book in any edition is a well rounded, approachable, easy to understand introduction into Wicca. The authors personalities are great and comforting also.

  13. Kimber Hansen

    So much has been misinterpreted about this ancient religion. Reading the history and the true meaning of Wicca was most interesting. Everybody should read this if not to only to dispel the falsehoods and bad rap a truly beautiful belief system it is. Simple, perhaps a little far-fetched, but the movies have it wrong and so did King James.

  14. Holly

    A great book for anyone interested in easily learning about what wicca is all about. It is not some demonic evil cult, but moreso a nature-based religion about respect for all living things and the energy they give out and how to use this energy to benefit life. An easy read, simple to understand book.

  15. Emma

    This book might apply more to people who are hoping to convert or have more than a passing interest in the craft. I was just looking for more basic information so it felt frustrating that it was trying to convert me the whole time. It was an okay start to get to know some basics, but I really thought that it would have more detailed information about their history / doctrines things like that.

  16. Cheyenne

    Kind of an outdated book. Leans more towards someone who is in a coven or wants to be in a coven rather than a solitary. Just wasn't for me. I will say, however, that the poppet magic in the back of the book was very interesting.

  17. Mandy McRae

    Even though alot of the information in this book is for people new to the craft and I already knew the basics when I read it, it was still a very informative book. It explained things very clearly. It is an excellent book for beginners. I LOVED IT!

  18. John Jonzzman

    I read this one early on, and the thing I'm impressed with the most is the variety of information. From tools, to various types of spells, to a variety of magickal alphabetsjust too many to list here, and it's a fun read.

  19. Christopher B.

    This is a great introduction to Wicca and Witchcraft. It will answer many basic questions but leave you asking many more. I recommend it to anyone interested in Wicca or Witchcraft at all to get started on their journey.

  20. Tracy

    This is one of my favorite Wicca and Witchcraft books. It isn't a how to but a history and background of the religion and its origin. It also has a decent amount of "how to" information in it. I love the candle, crystal, and herb guides in it and still use it for that alone.

  21. Cathy

    After taking a quiz and learning that my beliefs most closely match those of a neo-pagan, I decided to investigate Wicca. While I do seem to have some beliefs in common, "magic" and "spells" just don't cut it with me at my age. It's all very silly.

  22. Penelope

    This was the first ever book I picked up on Paganism and Wicca. It's a fun read filled with lots of useful information. Perfect for beginners, but not to be used as a sole source on Witchcraft as a whole.

  23. Kimberley

    Was given this as a gift, unsure if it was meant as a joke.I found the contact to be very poor and somewhat condescending. I may be more suitable to someone how is just doing a little research so to say but there are far better books out there for beginners on this path.

  24. Koren Lester

    Great Book for the beginner Pagan. I gift it to anyone who is serious about the path as a launch point. I use it as reference and as compass to send me in the right direction to find things related to all things pagan.

  25. Mysticpaganwitch

    Lots of information, not a bad book but I can't seem to be able to take 'The Complete Idiots Guide' series seriously really. Especially about Witchcraft although I'm sure everything in it is correct. May be better off with Kate West.

  26. Tonya

    This book is one of my favorites on the subject of Wicca. It is simple and easy to read, very through and concise. I reccomend it for any beginner