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One thought on “Um Muro de Silêncio

  1. Matthew

    This is a two part review. The first part is my review in words, the second part is my review in gifs. I know not everyone likes gifs in reviews, and this part is for you. But, if you like a tale told through gifs, check out part two!Part OneThis was a my second Karin Slaughter book and the second in the Grant County series. I will say that Slaughter does compose an enthralling story that kept me interested throughout. However, she is all about shock value. If you like crime thrillers and don't [...]

  2. Mary Beth

    Kisscut is not for the fainthearted, graphic repulsive subject matter, very horrifying scenes of intense evil, and layer upon layer of deception. Be warned!!Kisscut is the second book in the Grant County Series. The book opens explosively. Jenny, a high school student, confronts a teenage boy outside a roller skating rink, threatening him with a gun. Sara witnesses the event and Jeffrey is on the scene shortly after it startsand is forced to do the unthinkable.The confrontation sets into motion [...]

  3. Jonetta

    The story begins at a skating rink where a young girl pulls a gun on another teen and a standoff involving the police ensues. It sets off a chain of events that goes into a direction I didn't expect. It's an awful, uncomfortable story that Slaughter tells masterfully. My emotions were all over the place, especially where Lena is concerned. By the end, I couldn't believe my feelings of sympathy for her, an amazing feat. Her soliloquy near the end was extraordinary. There were a number of themes r [...]

  4. Mo

    "How could this happen?"This one was more disturbing than the previous one.We have Sara and Jeffrey divorced but sort of "in a relationship". I don't get them.Lena is another enigma. Do I like her? Not really. What happened to her was dreadful.Three stars really doesn't have me running to start the next book but I will. I want to read Sara's story before I meet her in the Will Trent novels by the same author.The moon was high above the trees, and a breeze was coming in off the lake.

  5. Debra

    I have a feeling that Slaughter is just getting warmed up with this series. I continue to root for Sara and Jeffery as they work towards solving yet more horrific murders.This book begins in a skating rink and ends with a shooting that will haunt Jeffrey the entire book. Teenagers in a quarrel or is this a much bigger problem. In true Slaughter fashion, this is the beginning of a very HUGE problem that will get much worse before it gets better. Yet again Sara is at the heart of the issue. Once a [...]

  6. Chris

    Well what can I say about this book. I really enjoyed it but it made me sick to my stomach. Now let me explain, the subject matter of this book was painful and at time sickening to read. Most of this dealt with violence towards children and I couldn't really handle it much before, and now that I am a father it is even harder to read and know that people like this really do exist. I have also thought that I had read and seen some of the most grisly crime scenes ever, but the one at the beginning [...]

  7. Phrynne

    I have to admit I have not read the first book in this series. I tried it years ago and gave up because I did not like the characters and thought the story line was silly. I will have to try it again now I have read #2. I still don't like the characters but this time the story dragged me in and I raced through the book. I'm giving it three stars because there are some definite weaknesses for example the dialogue. I hope the interactions between Jeffrey and Sara at least do improve in future book [...]

  8. Sean Peters

    Sara Linton, pediatrician and medical examiner in Heartsdale, Georgia, knows only too well the horrors that can hide behind closed doors in a small community. But when a Saturday night argument between teenagers at the local skating rink leads to death—and a subsequent autopsy reveals evidence of ritualistic self-mutilation and long-term abuse—she realizes that true evil is closer than she imagined. Aided by her ex-husband, police chief Jeffrey Tolliver, and Detective Lena Adams, still traum [...]

  9. aPriL does feral sometimes

    I think this novel generally is realistic and true to life. It's about child sexual abuse, using the vehicle of a mystery series genre story. If you are sensitive or triggered, I wouldn't recommend reading this novel. However, if you are curious or want to be aware of how sometimes sexual abuse works invisibly in our society, and how it affects victims, I highly recommend this novel. The main hero characters are from a small town and a small county with the pressures of a close community, but th [...]

  10. Sandy *The world could end while I was reading and I would never notice*

    EXCERPT: At twenty-eight weeks old, Jenny Weaver's child might have been viable outside the womb had its mother not tried to flush it down the toilet. The foetus was well developed and well nourished. The brain stem was intact and, with medical intervention, the lungs would have matured over time. The hands would have learned to grasp, the feet to flex, the eyes to blink. Eventually, the mouth would have learned to speak of something other than the horrors it spoke to Sara of now. The lungs had [...]

  11. ✨Susan✨

    Okay, maybe it's just me but this book was a little over the top with twisted and not enough meat and potatoes to offset it. I love Karin Slaughters writing but this one had some female characters that I found indecisive and feeble, not at all what I am used to from her. The last quarter of the book really picked up and I can't wait to get to the next in this series. Warning: this story is not for anyone that can not handle revolting, despicable people that commit horrific crimes against childre [...]

  12. Tammy Walton Grant

    2.5 stars. I'm not sure what I think of this series. On the one hand, I started the book yesterday, stayed up too late reading it, and finished it this morning. So it must have kept me interested, right? The main thrust of the story involved a child pornography ring and a couple of really bad people running it. I didn't see the bad guy coming until Jeff Tolliver did - and it gave me the creeps, as was surely intended. She chose her villians wisely -- people you would never expect, which makes it [...]

  13. Ann Girdharry

    At first, I felt this story had too much of a drama/almost chick-lit feel to the style of writing – Slaughter is great at character development and intricacies between her characters but it went a bit too far for me in the first part of the book. Then, the story started to kick in and the more I read, the more I enjoyed it. Jeffrey Tolliver was interesting, haunted, dark and broody, and driven. Sara Linton felt like a real woman with a career that takes her into the morgue, guilt about her chi [...]

  14. Janet

    Kisscut is the second novel in the Grant County series. Bearing in mind that this is indeed Slaughter, it is not for the faint hearted. If you're of a nervous disposition then steer away!Jenny is a young high school student, who one nights confronts a fellow student. It's a violent and dangerous clash that does not end well. Sara Linton, County's paediatrician and medical examiner is there to witness the whole thing. What initially appears to be a case of shooting reveals itself to be something [...]

  15. Alex is The Romance Fox

    Kisscut, the 2nd novel in Karin Slaughter's Grant County Series opens with a shocking and horrific scene. The fatal shooting of a teenage girl by the local police chief, Jeffrey Tolliver leads to the gruesome discovery of pedophilia, incest and children's porn right in the small town.This was a really shocking and unsettling story of child abuse, secrets and depravity with some really disturbing scenes. The author created such a feeling of menace and evil in the town that had me on the edge of m [...]

  16. Jean

    Difficult subject, without a doubt, and perhaps frustrating that there is no final resolution. I don't know if fiction thrillers can always be compared to "real life," but in life there are not always happy endings. So I guess I felt that it was not unrealistic to have loose ends in Kisscut. I have read some reviewers who have said that none of the main characters are "likeable." They are definitely flawed, but I do like watching their relationships unfold and develop, warts and all. I was able [...]

  17. Robert Beveridge

    Karin Slaughter, Kisscut (Harper Collins, 2002)I was wandering along in the middle of Kisscut half enjoying the novel and half wondering if this thing was really as obvious as it had seemed since chapter two, thinking that I was really, really going to hate this book if it was. And then I got to the end of chapter seventeen. And I immediately hated this novel so much that I actually considered abandoning a novel with only sixty pages left to read for the first time ever. I did end up finishing i [...]

  18. Donna

    I liked this one, but I didn't fall in love with it. I liked the first half so much better than the last half. I don't like it when there is such a huge difference like that. I think the last half was too over the top for me. This author seems to do "over the top"well. While I usually like that when it is firmly tied to the reality the author is painting, this one seemed like a runaway train. It kept hopping, skipping and jumping. I began to lose interest. I really like Sara though. I wish we fo [...]

  19. Lisa - (Aussie Girl)

    Karin Slaughter likes to shock the reader whether it be graphic forensic details or heinous crimes and vile people. But it's the characters solving these crimes that keep me coming back to this series trying to cope with everyday life in the midst of all this brutality. And this is where Karen Slaughter excels and makes this more than just a murder mystery. 3.5 stars

  20. Lara

    I'm a little torn about this bookoverall I liked the story but if I linger a little more on its parts there are a lot of things that didn't convince me.One of the biggest problems, I'm sad to say, is the main characters: Sara, Jeffrey and Lena. They're not very likeable and it's very difficult for me to sympathize with them and theirs problems; also theirs attitude are often quite erratic which doesn't facilitate any understanding between them and the reader (or me in this case). Jeffrey, for ex [...]

  21. Floor Flawless

    Pas naarmate het einde begon te naderen werd het spannend. Ik vond dit boek minder indrukwekkend dan Nachtschade.

  22. Asheley

    This is the second book in the Grant County series, following Blindsighted. I thought that one was WHOA intense, but this one is intense in a different way entirely. Again, very gritty. And again, tough to read in several parts. But this one has crimes involving children and young people and I felt some serious loathing toward the bad-guy characters while I was reading, way down deep in my core. The crimes in this case and the situations surrounding the crimes in this case were jaw-dropping. My [...]

  23. Janie Johnson

    This book was not a planned read at all for this month, but I was struggling with the last book for my WHINRTB 3.0 challenge, so I picked this one up. This is book 2 of the Grant county series and wow I am glad I did pick it up. However it is a very tough subject matter that a lot of people can't tolerate, relating to children, so keep that in mind when determining if you want to read this.SynopsisSaturday night dates at the skating rink have been a tradition in the small southern town of Hearts [...]

  24. Amanda Patterson

    Kisscut reminded me of the heady first novels written by Patricia Cornwell. I hate to tear down my idols but I believe that Slaughter may be better than all the rest. As I’m writing this review, I’ve ordered a copy of her first novel, Blindsighted.Sara Linton, small town paediatrician and coroner, is a worthy serial heroine. Sara is out on a date with her ex-husband, Jeffrey Tolliver. He is also the local police chief. On his way to meet Sara, he is forced to kill a girl who is threatening o [...]

  25. Wanda Hartzenberg

    The disturbing subject matter of this book adds to the shock value of the reality of sex rings via children.The fact that this is not biased to one gender or the other, instead describing what being raped is like for boys and girls is extremely disturbing and also extremely well done and also done with insight that send a chill down my spine. The question --How did you feel? Is basically the theme of this book. The monsters who perpetrate these crimes feel as if they are being victimized. The ch [...]

  26. Freda Malone

    I swear, when I think of Karin Slaughter I am visualizing her sitting in the middle of a police station or FBI headquarters, plowing through tons of crime folders that give her these ideas for her next book. It gets bigger and better than the last! I can also imagine all the work that goes into each and every one. Her creativeness and imagination is just phenomenal when it comes to putting together a murder masterpiece.Sara, I am so sorry but this novel fell flat with you in it for some reason. [...]

  27. Brenda H

    In this second installment of the Grant County mystery series by Karin Slaughter we discover a disturbing story. A shoot-out at the local skating rink initially seems to be an emotionally charged lovers’ spat between two teenagers. However, the autopsy reveals evidence of long-term abuse and self-mutilation, leading pediatrician/ME Sara Linton and Police Chief Jeffrey Tolliver down a long, twisted path of perversion.While definitely not for the faint of heart as the storyline is very high on t [...]

  28. MarnieKrüger

    Another amazing addition to the Grant Country series! Karin Slaughter truly knows how to pice together a story both horrific enough and captivating enough to keep you guessing the whole time! Just to throw you a sucker punch, leaving you so disgusted with some characters that you feel you don't want to even finish the book. But you must! That's the drug! You need to know! This is a brilliant author doing her brilliant work!Just be warned: Kisscut is not for the faint at heart, there is pretty di [...]