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One thought on “Под прикритие

  1. Julie

    Fade Away by Harlan Coben is a 1996 publicationI’m working my way through the Bolitar series in preparation for the new release due out in a few weeks. I know I have read a few of these prior to joining GR, but I have forgotten large portions of the older titles, and I couldn’t remember if I had read this one or not. As I started reading, bits and pieces began to come back to me, so apparently I have read it, but with a copyright date of 1996, it’s no wonder I didn’t remember all the min [...]

  2. Matthew

    Oh, Coben, you have done it again. With 20 pages left I was wondering if I was going to give this book more than 3 stars, or if it was going to end up being mediocre. The story is far fetched and highly unbelievable, but I am willing to suspend belief for a few hundred pages of Myron and Win antics. Then, as the story was winding down - WHAM! BANG! WHAT THE!? and, without giving anything away, this book earned its 4 star rating in the last 20 pages. You gotta read this series in order. You will [...]

  3. Suzanne

    I very much have missed Myron Bolitar, but feel I must have waited too long in between books (and I did skip this one and read number 4 first, I was not happy about this). I wasn't as excited about this book as I would have hoped, Win and Myron did have the same humour and bantering as always, but I was missing something. An easy read as always, and an added bonus to read about Myron's knee injury which crushed his career. Understanding the source of this left for a great segway into the next ti [...]

  4. Phrynne

    Another excellent book in this series. I am now a fully subscribed Harlan Coben fan and I will continue to read about Myron until he stops writing them. I enjoyed getting to know the characters better, I was totally engrossed in the story and I laughed out loud at some off the funny comments. There are a couple of lines right at the end about what Win does next which were great. Karma at its best. Loved it.

  5. ☮Karen

    Maybe 2.5. Not the best in this series. The plot was not bad, but the lame dialog was at times off-putting. I think I like Coben's newer stand alones so much that I expect the same quality in these older books. You can't ignore that fact--these books are old, 90's humor, and were probably hysterical back in the day. Now, not so much.

  6. Bonnie

    This book is just one of the books featuring main character Myron Bolitar. Being released soon: Long Lost, the most recent addition to Coben's list of Myron books. The others are: Promise Me, Drop Shot, Gone for Good, One False MoveGoing to the beach? Want to escape into an entertaining, well-written story? Choose any book by Harlan Coben, but those Myron Bolitar stories became contagious for me for quite a while -- and a while ago. That's why I have added Long Lost to my to-read shelf. I'll rea [...]

  7. Mahoghani 23

    Catchy name to a book. The storyline crisscrosses but makes sense throughout the book. The characters, some good, some bad are entertaining as well as devious. How does an aging sports agent get the opportunity to relieve his glory days? All in the book.Myron is hired to play on a professional basketball team to secretly locate one of the teams’ most valued players. He accosted by the police, news reporters, homeless people, mobsters and teammates but he’s still determined to find out what r [...]

  8. Corey

    The Myron Bolitar series just keeps getting better and better by each book! And Myron and Win's characters just seem to get funnier!In Fade Away, Myron is called on by a Basketball coach to track down Greg Downing, a professional Basketball player and former rival of Myron, who is the #1 suspect in a woman's murder. But as Myron get more and more involved, the plot thickens and parts of his past come back to haunt him.Towards the end of the book when I thought it was going in a certain direction [...]

  9. Amanda McGill

    Do you ever read a series, or even an author's novels, super slowly because you want to savour every novel and enjoy this adventure that they bring you on? This is how I feel about the Myron Bolitar series. I just can't get enough of it, but I want to enjoy this novels as long as I can. Myron is back in his old world of basketball. A famous all star basketball player, who also was Myron's rival back in the day, is missing and the owner has hired Myron to find him. Myron needs to work uncover by [...]

  10. Joyce Lagow

    Myron Bolitar's professional basketball careeer ended before it ever really began with a severe knee injury sustained during a pre-season game. He is therefore astonished when the owner of the New Jersey Dragons, a team headed for the playoffs, offers him a job as a player. But it turns out that this is to be a cover for the real job--finding the whereabouts of one of the team's star players, Greg Downing, who has disappeared on the eve of the playoffs. Myron and Greg have a history as rivals go [...]

  11. Shorty

    Fade Away is so far one of the best novels in this series, that I've read. Not only is Coben really hitting his stride with the characters in this novel, but the twisty-turny plot line kept me enthralled throughout. I listened to this entire audiobook in two sittings, late at night when almost the entire house was asleep, and I had no distractions. Boltar's character is so fleshed out, he seems more real than ever to me, and I adore his sarcastic asides and Bon mot's especially. (And the other c [...]

  12. Jeanette

    Missed this one, way back there.Bolitar is good in any age. Coben can write.It was absolutely beyond refreshing to read a novel that had nuance, entertained, and did NOT hold a bunch of whining snowflakes.Anywhere.

  13. Olivermagnus

    Fade Away is the third book in the Myron Bolitar series. Myron is a sports agent and former FBI agent, but ten years ago was a a top NBA draft choice until an serious injury sidelined him in his first preseason game. Myron's former rival, Greg Downing, is now a superstar for the New Jersey Dragons. He's also missing and the owner of the team wants Myron to find him. To do that he gives Myron a place as a substitute on the team. When the trail leads to the bludgeoned corpse of a woman last seen w [...]

  14. Dorothy

    I have to admit this series is actually growing on me. After reading the second book in the series, I was ready to swear off it forever, but a year and a half later I finally read number four (out of sequence) and liked it. So, I decided to go back and pick up number three, Fade Away and once again I found the book was not awful. In fact, I quite enjoyed it as a diverting read.This time, the sport is basketball, which was Myron Bolitar's game before his knee was injured in a terrible smash-up wi [...]

  15. Tony

    Harlan Coben- Fade Away (Dell Publishing 1998) 4.75 StarsThe life of a famous basketball star should be wonderful, lots of money and a big home, but when Greg Downing disappears blood is discovered in his basement and it appears that his life may not have been so perfect after all. Myron Bolitar is a sports agent and former college ball player who competed against his rival Greg Downing and suspicions are out that Downing set up Myron’s career-ending injury, yet he has just been hired to locat [...]

  16. Harry

    Beginning to exhaust my hunt for the loner, the hunter as a singular and main heroa new trend seems to be emerging, the disassociation of the hunter and conscientious hero into two separate characters: the main character and his loner side-kick. Several authors embrace this genre motif: Robert Crais's Elvis Cole and his side-kick Joe Pike and of course Harlan Coben's Mylor Bolitar and his elitist side-kick Win.Of this genre, Coben is probably the most adept at creating complex and winning charac [...]

  17. Lacy

    This book kept me guessing at every turn. I was totally surprised with the "who done it"! I love the two main characters in this series. They crack me up with their sarcasm and one liners. The book flowed even through the twists and turns. Once you think it is done, you find out that there is more.

  18. Jan

    Fade Away was quite enjoyable, multi-layered and fun. The ending was delightful as it involved Win, my own personal favorite.

  19. Dee

    Two-haiku review:Myron hired by teamMissing basketball playerCan Myron find him?Guilt for past mistakesLeads us to do stupid thingsPretty angsty end4-1/2 stars

  20. Jonetta

    Myron Bolitar is back in this third installment in the series, this time to help investigate the disappearance of Greg Downing, a star basketball player that was his competition during Myron's playing days. Myron has to join the team in order to gain the trust of the people surrounding Greg, bringing him back to what might have been and into the world he thought would have been his destiny.I really liked this story as we learned more about the circumstances that ended Myron's basketball career. [...]

  21. Rolyn

    As of the moment, I am still reading this book. But I just feel like quoting Calvin."Dreams never die. Sometimes you think they're dead, but they're just hibernating like some big old bear. And if the dream has been hibernating for a long time, that bear is going to wake up grumpy and hungry."Still reading the book since I need to stop reading it once in a while because of work. But the book is really entertaining. I really like Win. Everything with him seems simple. I don't know but I feel that [...]

  22. Eadie

    I thoroughly enjoyed this 3rd book in the Myron Bolitar series. Interesting characters and a exciting plot keeps the pages turning until the end. Coben also gives us some back history about Myron's college years and how his basketball career injury happened. The witty dialogue between Win and Myron adds much humor to the book. There's also that great twist at the end where the character you least suspect is the bad guy. I can't wait to read the next book in the series as Harlan Coben does not di [...]

  23. Kellie

    This series is good. I like the sports angle and the characters are great. Myron is a retired basketball turned sports agent. But he dabbled in some investigating work with his pal Win . Win is like Hawk is to Spenser. It’s almost too familiar. And the humor and banter between Win and Myron is like reading a modern day Spenser mystery. This particular book puts Myron in the middle of everything but you don’t really know that till the very end. And when you get to the end, a piece of Myron’ [...]

  24. Kathie

    4.5 StarsAnother excellent Myron Bolitar murder mystery. I don’t want to post a spoiler, so I’ll simply say the big reveal was something I had suspected for awhile as I read other books in this series and was sad to see that I was right. Love me some Myron - he just makes my heart full. He’s witty, self-deprecating, and loyal but imperfect. Is it weird that I wish he was my friend in real life?

  25. Susannah Carleton

    Interesting book, but a very convoluted plot with links to Myron’s past. He gets another chance to play in the NBA, but the reasons for it are neither believable nor realistic.